19 September 2007

A Blissful Five Months: My Acknowledgements for Everyone I've Known at Ahead

So this is it, I am leaving. I am ecstatic that I finally found a job but sad at the same time about having to leave Ahead. It is bittersweet indeed.

So I've decided to give tribute and show my gratitude to all those who have made my short stint with Ahead meaningful and happy.

For my students...
My students made me believe in myself, that maybe I can truly do something good. I've had many but I am guilty of having favorites.

For Bea, Alexis, Janny, Drixon, Jeff, Lisa, Raf, JM: Thank you so much for sharing your time with me.

For Rhica: You were the first kid who made me realize that teaching is enjoyable. Thank you for being sweet and adorable. Hope to get to see you again some time.

For Gabby: You were just so effortlessly cute! Thanks for making me laugh and for the Toblerones

For Kiko: I sure was sad when you left. You were like my baby and you relieved my stress every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You were proof that gifted kids really do exist. I hope you are doing well in California.

For Noel: You never answered my question as to how many plaid shorts you have. When you become a senator one day, make sure to give me special privileges

For Jeff: I can't believe that I am saying this (haha!) but you are a handsome young man. Naks! Huwag ka lang magpapaiyak ng babae pag tumanda ka na. I have learned to be very patient because of you and thank you for sharing your stories with me. Ma-mimiss ko rin yang kakulitan mo.

For Christian: Salamat sa lahat ng mentos na naibigay mo. Yun lang. Hahaha! No seriously, you were more of a buddy rather than a student. Though always late, you've made every session light and fun.

For KC and Bebs: I hope you girls finish your studies even though you are very busy with modelling and acting. I've really enjoyed teaching the two of you. Stay beautiful and sweet.

For Miguel: Thanks for letting me be your ate for a month. It was definitely power trip for me hahaha! Huwag mong kalimutan ang usapan natin na pag pumasa ka ng ACET eh ililibre mo ako.

For the Ahead people...
I actually do not know how to start this one without getting emotional. It has always been difficult for me to let go of the people that have meant so much to me. But I have to move forward and take my first step on that career ladder and leaving all of you is just not easy.

For Mario: I'll definitely miss your uber loud voice echoing inside Ahead and all your boy toy adventures. You give me a good laugh everyday.

For Ken: Isa kang tunay na henyo! Thank you for all the times that you made me understand those mathematical stuff which had become so Greek to me.

For Chris: Thanks for tolerating all those times that I had pestered you because I had nothing to do. Wala na akong tatanungin ng "Chris kumusta ka naman?" Haha!

For Sarah: You are too nice. And corny. Hahaha! I'll miss all those hirits. I'll still borrow your Love in the Time of Cholera though.

For Zye: I'll miss all those times that we went home together, threading Katipunan Ave. and UP. Take care of yourself and your baby.

For Sandy: Continue advocating piracy para hindi na ako magdodownload. Stay happy at sana mabawasan na ang kabingihan mo. Hahaha! I will miss you. Really. Walang stir.

Girls, I will miss our lunches, the chismax and everything in between. It has been a pleasure.

For RJ: You became a friend in such a short span of time. Well technically, I shouldn't be saying goodbye to you since you've left Ahead before me but I'll include you anyway. You still owe me! At sana mahanap mo na ang nawawalang screw sa utak mo. Thank you for the random texts which mattered when I really needed it the most.

For Carlo: You were my support system though I've never told you that. Thank you for being a confidante and listening to all my bickering. You were my constant YM buddy, and talking to you really kept me sane during those difficult times. Sorry for being makulit.

That sums it all up, my long list of gratitude to the people I've met and worked with. I will forever treasure all the memories you have given me. You had become an integral part of my being, my family, and I truly love you all for that.

A Signature Away from Being an Official Member of the Corporate World

Yes, come next week I will be a certified Makati yuppie. After the countless resume sending and applications, I finally landed a job.

Title: Corporate Planning Engineer for Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation

Note: MVC is the largest chlor-alkali chemical producer in the Philippines.

Frankly, I wasn't counting that much on the position since according to jobstreet.com, there were 48 applicants under consideration. It was only today that I was informed that I was the unanimous choice of the two managers for the post.


A medical check-up and my signature on their contract and it's sealed.

May trabaho na ako!!!

18 September 2007

Routine Change Junkie in a Good Way

Miguel sent me this text this morning and this really made my day:

"Woi dapat kagabi ko pa 'to sinend di ko pala nasend, haha. Mam! haha kakauwi ko lang, lumabas kami ng family ko and kakabasa ko lang ng blog niyo. haha. aaaww...thanks talaga sa lahat ng tulong niyo, pumasa man o hindi i'm grateful for everything you taught me. thanks talaga. Don't worry hinding-hindi ko kakalimutan yung lecheng math na yun! haha. i'll study harder in math. malay mo i just need time to get used to it. haha. papakita ko sa inyo grade ko sa math this quarter, promise mag-iimprove talaga ako. haha ingat! wag na kayong magpagabi, 8 am pa kayo bukas! haha. God bless! ingat! =)"

It felt really good to be appreciated, to be assured that maybe I really can do something good in this world. He might not know it, but my self-esteem is way below where his is at and messages like this shoots it up by a mile.

Sorry naman at iyakin ako sa ganitong mga bagay.

First day without Miguel at Ahead, and frankly it felt really different. I checked my log sheets to know when was it that I first met this tall, lanky boy.

It was the 26th of July, so I had tutored him for more than a month. It has been kind of a routine for me, to close Ahead's office, leave at six-thirty with the city lights flashing brightly on Katipunan Ave. and reach home just before eight o' clock. This was how I had been for the past month, so changing it was sort of drastic to me.

Kind of like a junkie on a withdrawal symptom.

Akalain nyong ma-mimiss ko pala yung batang yun.

09 September 2007

Ang Uber Hot Creation ni Lord sa UP-Katipunan Jeep

So kanina ng papasok na ako sa Ahead, super ihing-ihi na ako at nasa bandang Tierra Pura pa lang ako. Kapag weekends kasi, sa Balara ako dumadaan kasi naiisip ko na hindi naman siguro traffic kasi weekend. Wrong assumption. Way wrong.

Apparently, kapag mga 10 AM na eh traffic na rin papuntang Balara. Grabe! Hindi ko na mawari ano pa bang posisyon ang gagawin kong pag-upo sa jeep para lang hindi pumutok ang pantog ko. Uber torture kaya yun! Parang dati nung nag-aaral pa ako sa LB at sumasakay ako ng bus sa Cubao. May time na nasa Ayala pa lang yung bus eh naiihi na ako. Aba eh good luck naman at after two hours pa ako makakatagpo ng CR. At CR pa yun ng apartment ko.

Anyway, so sobrang nagdadasal na ako na sana bumilis na yung traffic kaya sobrang pasasalamat ko nung umabot na sa terminal. So usual naman sa mga biyaheng Katipunan na magbabayad ka muna ng pamasahe before ka sumakay. Tapos natakot pa ako kasi mukhang hindi pa ako aabot sa jeep, ibig sabihin maghihintay na naman ako ng eternity bago ako makapag-CR. Buti na lang at may space pa sa jeep.

Buti na lang talaga!


He was about 5'10 - 6 feet tall. Typical Joanna height requirement. Tapos hindi siya payat hindi rin naman siyang sobrang buff. Lean, yung tama lang. Hindi siya maputi pero hindi naman siya sobrang moreno. Ika nga ni Mario para siyang Milo na may gatas. Tapos ang ganda ng bone structure ng mukha niya, parang chiseled. Tapos naka-polo at khaki pants (Para sa mga hindi nakakaalam, lethal combination sa'kin ang guy na naka-polo at khaki pants pag gusto niyang mag-earn ng pogi points.) Basta hotness siya!

Yun lang may dala siyang baunan na may kanin at hotdog. Parang off ata sa porma niya.

Oh well. Keber lang.

Para akong timang. Every ten seconds eh umiikot-ikot ang ulo ko para lang matingnan siya. HIndi ko mapigilan eh. Konti na lang maglalaway na ako. Hahaha! Iniisip ko pa nga kung may way na ma-pipicturan ko siya sa cellphone ng hindi naman nahahalata. Ang jolog ko. Nyahaha.

Tapos nung pagbaba ko sa tapat ng FBR doon ko lang naalala na naiihi nga pala ako.

07 September 2007

TRX 722

Note: Purely fictional. Finally I got to finish it after two months. The date is significant to me though


TRX 722.

I was pulled to a stop when I saw that familiar gray Mazda 3 parking beside my car on the parking lot. It was as if the cosmos was playing a cruel joke on me. All the while I thought Manilawas big enough for our paths not to cross. It has been two years; two very distressing years.

I saw you alight from the car, self-assured and confident, very different from how I remember you from the past. You are thinner now, your jaw line more prominent. You are now clad in a long-sleeved polo matched with a pair of slacks a far cry from your usual uniform of white shirt and sneakers. Two years have done a lot for you.

Only one thing remains unchanged.


“Oh my God! Seryoso?!”

I could not believe what I am seeing.

You actually paid for a specialized plate just so that it would read my name?”

“Huh? I thought your name was Trix?”

I slapped you in the arm jokingly.

Haha very funny…seryoso. Wala akong masabi.”

I really am stunned. My name will be in your car forever.


Check out the number.”

“Grabe!!! 722 talaga.”

I gave you a tight hug.

Tara kape tayo, ako taya. I-balandra na ‘to!”

I am really happy. I just know that this bliss will last for eternity.


Eternity happened to take a detour.

July 22. We could have been together for six years now if things just hadn’t gone complicated.

I had been complicated.

Back then I was filled with fear. I had my life planned out even before I met you. I was naïve and gullible. I was filled with apprehensions and anxiety.

It was probably the most painful mistake that I will ever make in this lifetime. I wanted to approach you but I do not have the courage and strength to do so. I have hurt you so badly, this I know. Whatever suffering I have had gone through was completely deserved.

My legs froze from where I was standing. And just when I thought what I was feeling could not get any worse, I saw somebody else get off from the car. She walked to your side and entangled her fingers with yours. Then I noticed identical gold bands circling both your ring fingers. I wanted to hide but it was too late. We were about twenty meters apart and yet you have managed to meet my eye.

Words were not needed. Your eyes still speak of the pain that I caused the moment I decided to leave for London and pursue my dreams. That pain that I rendered when I turned down your marriage proposal in favor of my career.

It was as if you were telling me that this could have been us.

And I know that I cause you agony everyday you drive your car bearing my name and our anniversary, along with it the story of our journey through life together.

I watched you walk away until your image diminished.

Then in one swift motion in the parking lot, I broke down.
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