30 July 2007

Back to Square 1

Today at around 5 PM, I just received what I deem to be the biggest career rejection by far. Procter and Gamble Philippines just sent my application to their paper shredder.

Last month I was considered for two posts, one was even a post in Japan. I was ecstatic when I received that call. I really pictured myself going there.

I guess it will just remain as a picture.

For a moment there I was paralyzed. Now I am back to where I started, holding on to nothing and instead having a blurry future.

29 July 2007


I cannot decide whether I like this day or not. So let me have a list of pros and cons.
1. PRO:

My schedule was jampacked today. So if I relate it to this equation:

More students = More money

Well, it makes sense right?

Having to teach chemistry for a total of nine hours was just too exhausting. I think my brain fried out 6 PM this evening.

Teka ang labo. Fried out na nga eh, tapos "I think."
Kung fried out na ano ginamit ko to think?

Plus the fact that I wasn't able to do something because of this hectic schedule of mine.

Buti na lang nandyan si Mario, kumukulay ang mundo ko. Ayun dahil sa kanya ay berdeng-berde and kapaligiran ko.

OK, so Mario made a list too. Here it is:

Mario's Ratings

RJ Manzano - 9.5
Raf Gallardo - 9.0
Noel Rios - 8.5
Miguel Plana - 7.5

Aside from RJ, the three were my students, so I guess swerte ako? :p. Well and of course RJ happens to be a very good friend.

Oo kahit medyo psychotic na bata yang si RJ eh nagkakasundo naman kami. Haha!

Just last week, Raf was on the first spot but due to the fact that Mario was sitted beside RJ today when he was tutoring him, RJ climbed to the top slot.

Mababasa kaya ni RJ ito? Pare top slot ka oh!

At hindi ako makapayag na nasa third lang si Noel! Promise ang gwapo ng batang ito.

Bata raw oh! Shet eto na naman ako sa matronly tendencies ko.

2. PRO:
It rained today, meaning the water level in the dams will increase minimizing the chance of having water shortage in Metro Manila.

It rained today. Hard. With matching uber loud thunder. Scary.

3. PRO:
I saw Solid today for Ria's anti-climactic announcement of her leaving for Dubai to become Emirates newest flight attendant. Well of course I've known this for 2 days already {thanks to Ana haha :p} Anyway, it was another one of those gimiks wherein I have absolutely no idea as how I will get home. Good thing Rex was there and he lives in TIerra Pura so I can forget having to face the bad elements in the Tandang Sora flyover in Commonwealth Ave.

Trivia: I saw IC Mendoza at Starbucks. He was wearing a silver vest or bolero, I'm not so sure. Now, how gay could he get?! Haha!

Now the governing equation is:

gimik with the girls = gastos

Enough said.

And another, I am again reminded of how pathetic my love life is. Now that sucks more than spending money.

Josko kung ikaw ba naman ay laging bigo at kaliwa't kanan ay may nag-P-PDA ewan ko na lang!

And of course I had to commute at 12 midnight.

So I guess I will be on neutral ground. Neither one trumps the other.

Wala namang sense ang post ko. Ewan ko ba bakit ko sinusulat 'to.

27 July 2007

Sina Sir at Ma'am at ang Business Transaction

I was esctatic when I found out that somebody bidded on my Creative Zen charger on ebay. Finally I would be able to earn back 2000 pesos from that damn charger. So we I set up the meeting point yesterday: Coffee Bean in TriNoMa mall at 8 PM today.

I arrived early, well I always do, and decided to order coffee. Then suddenly a familiar faced entered the door. It was Ma'am Dinah. I was really excited to see her and I gave her a hug. Then she pointed to the seat at the back. And seated there was Sir Vlad.

So yun chika-chika tungkol sa buhay Pisay noon at ngayon. Good thing they were there as the buyer of my charger really took a long time getting to TriNoMa from Makati. And also it was safer to have people around rather than transact business with somebody that I will just meet for the first time.

So yun bawi na ako ng 2000 pesos nakita ko pa si Ma'am at Sir.

OK na araw 'to ah.

26 July 2007

Promil Kid Kiko

Meet Kiko, the four year old wonder from Los Angeles, California. I have been his tutor for about a month now, and I could honestly say that he is the most adorable kid I have ever encountered in my stay with Ahead. He is very eager to learn and does everything that I tell him to do.

Well Kiko is advanced for his age as he could add two digit numbers with utmost ease. Give him ten numbers and he could finish it in about five minutes. Truly remarkable for a kid his age.

And he likes taking pictures. Here I am with Kiko:

div style="TEXT-ALIGN: justify">Earlier today when I arrived at Ahead, it was not the usual Kiko that greets me every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He was not in a very good mood and does not want to talk to anyone. So his yaya brought him downstairs for distractions.

In short may sumpong ang bata kanina.

When they went back upstairs, Kiko did not want to go inside so Zye and I went outside to appease him. Then I stooped down and asked Kiko what's wrong. And then Kiko went to me so that I could carry him back inside.

I again asked him what he wanted to do, and for the first time I heard him speak in a very gentle voice and he said: "Play..."

So I brought him to the billiards place downstairs so that he can watch the people playing there. And when I felt that his mood was getting better, I brought him back upstairs. That's when I learned that the reason for his tantrums was that he learned that he wouldn't be having tutorials today and only his ate Ysabelle would be having one.

Solution to the problem: Give Kiko coloring materials. And the kid was back to normal.

I've realized that no matter how intellectually gifted Kiko is, he is still a child that throws tantrums every now and then. He still needs special attention and should not be treated as a grown-up. I just hope that he would not miss out on his childhood.

I will really miss this kid when he leaves.

23 July 2007


My first attempt on being a certified techie. Let's just say that I do not even know where the heck is my hard disk on the motherboard.

But I had a decision to make.

Smartbro called last night and told me that they will activate my internet connection (yes friends as of the time of writing, I am relying on dial-up) later this evening. Well I should have had internet connection last week but I didn't know that I do not have a LAN card installed on my CPU. So I called Jason, my ever reliable PC expert neighbor for him to connect my LAN card. Unfortunately he was not at home so I made a very rash decision: I will connect the LAN card by myself. I mean how hard could it be? It's not as if I would ruin my motherboard by doing it.

So I discovered last night that the PCI is that white thingamajig where I will connect my LAN card to. And after ES 26, this is the first time that I've come face to face with a PCI. Hahaha!

So there it is ladies and gentlemen, I've braved the waters and decided to dissect my CPU and connect the LAN card. See? That wasn't so bad. Now time for software installation.


This is where the problem came in.

XP does not seem to recognize the hardware and I need to download the latest driver from their website. 8.5 MB on a dial-up internet connection. Geez.

This is probably the reason why I am writing this entry. Because as of this time, I've only downloaded 6.3 MB. 2.2 MB to go, and that would be in about...45 minutes?
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