30 March 2008

Stalker Mode

So I'm not really the type to steal shots of anyone, but for some reason I found myself doing that earlier today.

So high school. Hahaha. Kadiri ako I know. What's worse? I think I was taking pictures of a college kid. Phedophilia again folks. He had a goatie though. Well his cousin who seemed to be his age was working at HSBC so maybe he isn't really as young as I'm thinking him to be. Yuck i-justify ba.

Pics taken from my phone's cam. I guess this was just out of having nothing to do. As I've texted Giulia..."Cute young boy alert" Hehehe.
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20 March 2008

Immune System Down

Ok so what's the deal? After catching the flu just two weeks ago, here I am again enjoying the view from the viral school bus. Latest destination: tonsilitis.

God, I can't even drink ice cold water amidst the nasty heat of summer. And that means no Quickly for days. Dang!

Well, well. Good thing this happened during this sort of vacation. I'm absolutely enjoying doing nothing. It's the bomb! Lying around and watching TV (yeah this translates to 7th heaven marathons) all day, just heaven. TV programs turn out to be much better during Maundy Thursday and Good Friday; and I'm almost through with Season 1 of Heroes.

Now if only I could do something about my swollen tonsils.
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15 March 2008


That feeling that just makes you want to push onward and live.

I'll be celebrating my first year anniversary as an Ahead tutor on the 30th. Whew! It has been a year already?! I still remember my very first student: Paula America, Math 17. Teaching is no piece of cake but I decided to plunge into the challenge mainly because of boredom and financial needs. (Hey at that time the corporate world just had their doors closed for me and I am in desperate need of moolah.) I've had my ups and downs. I've helped lots of students learn and I've learned a lot from them as well. It hasn't always been smooth sailing, I must admit I still have a lot of waterloos that I wouldn't have had discovered had it not been for teaching. I felt like a student again, studying during my free time and even at home. But I loved every minute of being a tutor that though I was just part-time, I was spending 8 hours, sometimes even 9 and one time I was even doing home tutorial after that, at the Ahead office.

I've gained lots of friends, colleagues and students alike. My students treated me like their ate and most of them I really got attached to that even after our sessions had ended, I still maintain tight communication with them. As for the Ahead workforce, specifically Zye, Sandy and Sarah, those minutes of chitchats and trips were like a breath of fresh air from the intoxicating world of chemical engineering. That's why despite practicing my degree on weekdays, I decided to stay with them every Saturdays. Even though I must admit, what I am doing is really tiring. But as I've said before I truly became a "part-time" tutor, I love my Ahead family.

Yesterday, I received a call from Ahead informing me that I have a student today: Sammy Lim, Chem 16, UP. Sammy was a former student of mine and it has been months since we last had a session. They could have gotten another tutor for him but it had to be me. Why? It was because his mother specifically requested for "Teacher Joanna."

It is very overwhelming to know that you are appreciated. For his mother to remember me and entrust those three hours of learning to me, kinda like "deal or no deal." It gives me affirmation that what I am doing is absolutely correct. I am helping these kids and I will make sure that they would not forget not only what I have taught them but they would always remember me as well.
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12 March 2008


What made my day:

1. I finally had my dose of my much needed Quickly Choco Loco with choco pudding today. The hell do I care that I was coughing like a dog and my phlegm's now green. Uh...I think no one really had to know that. Anyway, I braved the scorching afternoon sun and headed towards that sort of food court in Valero (just after the parking lot at the back of our office) and got my Quickly fix. Whippee!!!

2. I was actually bad trip this morning. I waited in line at the FX terminal for a good 45 minutes today. Imagine, there was a transport strike yesterday and I managed to arrive at the office in 30 minutes! Today that supposedly everything's back to normal, nabilad ako sa araw kanina kahihintay ng fx. Oh yeah, I forgot. That's normal. I arrived at the office at exactly 8:30 (bandit clock time) but my target time of arrival was 7:30. It's not because I was served a memo by the HR department regarding my habitual tardiness (I had five last month, three happened in one week) but because Colbie Caillat would be in Trinoma. I was actually lucky that I still was able to get a glimpse of her. God! I did not expect that there would be that many people adoring her. I was actually considering going up and down the escalator for a better view. Kinda disappointed that I did not get to hear her perform Realize but I guess Bubbly's good enough. She was so good!

3. I was able to get home and watch the rerun of the first performance of the Top 12 of American Idol in that much bigger location. Good thing that I was just in time to watch Brooke White and David Cook. They are my bets for this one. David Archuleta's kinda losing it. If he hadn't been 17, there would be nothing special about him. Well, as for Ramielle, I think she started to falter that night she attempted to be fast paced which did not really work for her.

4. I was able to get a free Clinique lipstick from Rustan's Makati this evening. I happened to read last night in Cosmo that the first 100 readers to bring that copy to any of the following Rustan's branch, Makati, Shangri-la and Alabang, could avail of the freebie. The lipstick was valued at 900 pesos. Not bad huh? And I was just the 45th person to claim one.

Which reminds me...I still have one Cosmo contest to join
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10 March 2008

Ventolin Junkie

Haven't written for quite sometime now. Got sick last week (again) and was absent last Tuesday to get my much needed rest. My puff's not working (yes addict!) so I decided to make use of my nebulizer and get high on Ventolin (hehehe...)

I asked our helper to buy me three things (which I wrote very legibly in a piece of paper with the effort of enlarging my very miniscule handwriting):

1. Buy 3 Ventolin nebules.
2. Buy a large can of Del Monte Four Seasons.
3. Buy a goto congee from chowking.

Guess how many of those she got? NONE. ZERO. ZILCH.

So what happened there?

First, my medications got mixed up with the person standing next to her at Mercury Drug. Imagine my surprise when she got home and instead of my nebules I found a box of ascorbic acid inside the plastic bag. Well, I guess this was partly the pharmacist's fault.

Next, my uber favorite juice was out of stock in the nearby grocery store. I'm not going to settle for Dole, it tastes like guava. AND I HATE GUAVA. So I told her to get me Pineapple Orange instead. She got me Orange.

Lastly, she thought that the only congee "flavor," or variant's the better term to use I guess, of Chowking was chicken. Ano yun arroz caldo?!

God, I felt sicker after that.

I'm still craving for Quickly Choco Loco Super. I just discovered that there are two branches near our office. I've never been that proximate to Quickly stores. I swear, once this cough stops pestering me, Quickly will definitely be my new Coffee Bean!

I'm online at YM now and well, well, well...Rupert's online. After what seemed like years of hibernation, finally Rupert's alive and kicking again. Uh...so do I get more than two lines of conversation?

Janina San Miguel is starting to become a household name. Oh my God hija! Sino ba ang nagsulsol sa'yong sumali ng Binibining Pilipinas? For sure pinag-tripan ka lang niya! At dahil guillible ka, naniwala ka namang matalino ka.

Good thing that I forgot about this stupid pageant or I would have kicked myself for not having slept instead. I was watching her youtube videos and I was cringing the whole time she was trying to construct (she was holding on for dear life friends) something decent. I'm not being cruel, I'm just stating a fact. I cannot accept that she is a Masscom student and yet she cannot put together a grammatically correct sentence. This girl does not have any business joining a beauty pageant. She should have practiced her skills with Eat Bulaga first. And yes we send her off to Ms. World...how very epitomizing of the Filipina.

She's the perfect dumb blonde. And she's not even blonde.

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