19 April 2008

Of Skimmers and David Cook Becoming My Baby =P

I’ve been on the hunt for Keds skimmers, specifically the Tart in Coffee Bean and Lemon Lime. For the first time in the history of my shoe-buying, I had no size available because the smallest size turned out to be US 9 which is equivalent to a size 10 here in the Philippines. Pretty new for someone who has pretty long feet. Well I guess for my height, it would have been creepy if I had small feet. I’ve tried Shoe Salon (in Glorietta, Trinoma and The Block), Landmark Department Store and even Planet Sports but to no avail, I failed.

I hate it. Why is it that when you have money intended for something which you have been eyeing when you were damn broke, suddenly it becomes elusive? Hrrr….

Will try again tomorrow. Gateway and Megamall here I come!

And if still I don’t find what I am looking for, I can always order online on Multiply.


I was supposed to watch The Other Boleyn Girl earlier but apparently Trinoma and SM have stopped showing the movie. For blueberry cheesecake’s sake, SM actually replaced it with the very mind-boggling “Supahpapalicious.” Wait, why does this sound all too familiar?

Strike two. It’s National Treasure all over again.

And because I was very disappointed with this unfortunate incident, I decided to pacify myself with Bubble Tea’s Taro Milk Tea and buy myself a new pair of jeans.


I’m supposed to be sleeping now. I really ought to change my very healthy sleeping habit. I was sleeping at 11 PM for the whole week this week, well with the exception of last night as I slept at around 10:30. My derma’s really going to peel my epidermis bad tomorrow.


David Cook’s my new Derek Ramsay. Oh my Lord, that rendition of Always Be My baby was smoking!!! Paris Hilton mode: That was hawt! *Drools*

I am going to marry David Cook.

Yeah right.

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10 April 2008

Crazy Day

I lost an earring. I was seated inside a jeep when I noticed that it fell off somewhere. Weird thing about it though was that the "pakaw" (sorry for my lack of tagalog-english conversions) was still stuck at the back of my ear. Labo.


I have a new gadget. Finally I was able to buy my long dreamt for Sony Ericsson P1i two weeks ago.. Got it from ebay (seller easy2deal168). He was very reliable and trustworthy, I even had my phone delivered at my office for an additional charge of 200 which was not bad considering that his store is located in Gilmore. I wouldn't recommend having pricey items delivered because of the fact that it might get damaged in transit. Take for example that damn transformer which got busted on the way to our plant. Okay going back, Sandy said I was beginning to be a gadget freak. Let's see...

1. Kodak V530

Purchased December 2005 due to necessity reasons. Translation: thesis sample pictorials. I want to buy a new digicam though. Well if I had the moolah, I would really love a DSLR. Yeah Joanna. Dream on. So I guess I'll settle for that underwater camera belonging to the W series of Sony which is yet to be released.

2. Samsung X640
Fruit of my small scale business of accesory selling. Part of my Sun cellular plan which I signed up for last November 2005. Keypad's burned out now though.

3. Sony Network Walkman N500

Graduation gift acquired April 2006. I liked it better than its competiton, the Ipod shuffle which was the it MP3 player that time. Why? because you can see the track information on the screen unlike on the shuffle wherein you have to guess the title of the next song. It also has an FM radio (which the shuffle lacks) and it is way better looking. Mine's blue green.

4. Creative Zen Vision W
Accidental purchase May 2007. My original unit was the Vision M but it died out on me after a day of usage. Damn, I just recently figured out that Vision Ms from the Middle East turn out to be defective. Is this some discrimination against the Arabs or Moslems or something? Just a wild theory. Anyway, I brought my Vision M to Servimax (Creative's sort of service center in the Philippines) but two weeks later I found out that a replacement is not possible since it would be coming from Singapore and it was already out of stock. Rather than be stuck with a non-playing player (how redundant) I agreed to upgrade. At first I was apprehensive but now I am really loving my Vision W. Ang laki ng screen dude!

5. Sony Ericsson P1i

My newest baby bought two weeks ago. Cool PDA. What I like about SE is that it's depreciation time is about fivee times slower than that of Nokia.

Bad trip lang naglagay ako ng screen protector ang daming bubbles. Hrrr...


I attended a seminar earlier regarding DAO 34 and 35. Uhuh. Wastewater thingie. Who would have thought that my thesis topic would actually haunt me? Nyahaha. Goodness government people should really have interactive alarm clocks that would constantly slap them on their foreheads just to get to their appointments on time. Your invitees are wasting precious time citizens. I actually had two rounds of Sudoku, hard level mind you, before the event started. I should have just surfed the net instead of being there on time. Good thing they had Krispy Kreme donuts. I saw Winston there though and it was kind of odd that we would be able to meet in a "corporate/business/work" - related function.

Matanda na talaga tayo Wins. A far cry from that Giordano Classics-clad kiddos dancing to the tune of Where's the Love by Hanson back in high school. Eleven years of tried and tested friendship. Beat that.

At ang pinaka-nakakaloka...

I spilled water on Ate Cecile's desk this afternoon. I got her N70 swimming in water. Yes folks, I created a pond in the Marketing Department. What's scary was that the liquid almost reached the open socket, inviting a short-circuit.

Final destination ring a bell?

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