24 May 2008

Drooling Over lip Gloss

Why do I keep on forgetting to have my coffee decaffeinated whenever I order at Coffee Bean? It is always like this: I tell myself you are ordering decaf while I am in line, but somehow I always manage to forget to tell the barista and remember just when my order is about to be served. I have been having problems with my sleep lately that I shouldn't have been drinking coffee past three. So different back in college that even with three mugs of Nescafe 3 in 1 I still manage to zonk out peacefully in the middle of reading my Biochemistry notes. Well it didn't help that I ordered the large White Chocolate Dream Ice Blended (patay tayo sa diet dyan...) taking advantage of my CBTL Swirl Card's five percent discount. Who would have thought that a frappe would cause me to stay wide awake last night? If only I had acquired this reaction to caffeine five years ago, then I wouldn't have been eating Nescafe frothe for breakfast. Seriously.

Again haven't slept at all last night. And I am bearing this terrible headache.


I am loving Beauty Bar! You could leave me there for a week and I couldn't care less. All those body scrubs, perfume, make up and lip glosses. Oh the lip glosses...*sparkly eyes*

I recently purchased a marble cake lip balm, it was delicious by the way, and a tube of mascara. Planning to get a deep conditioner and that sweet lip gloss from Philosophy, concealer from The Balm and lip gloss from Smashbox.

Whew! No wonder I don't get to save that much. =P


Okay I'm going to work now. Something that I should have done about 30 minutes ago =P

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