30 August 2008


Because of the unexpected turn of events at the end of my week, I, again, found myself in emotional turmoil. It sucks that after being able to hold up for quite a number of days, all it would take is thirty minutes to be "chipped" again. I must say I am not broken or shattered but I was bothered so chipped might be the appropriate term.Two weeks without conversation and suddenly here it goes again.

I really should get a hold of myself whenever I feel stressed or angry or sad or maybe a mixture of all three. I beginning to master the art of swiping that evil creation called the credit card and create a huge blackhole in my savings account.

I bought the following items in a span of two days only. Goodness.

Shawl and headbands - 400

Note: This is not one of those statement scarfs that seemed to be patented by Chuck Bass which is now in the same level of my love for those "Blairbands." Hell, this makes those Correspondent reporters fashionable five years ahead. Since when did the Abu Sayyaf look became in?!

Derma medications - 1000

Okay so these, I really need. I've been lagging in my medications for two weeks already because I was too lazy to go to Tomas Morato where my dermatologist is located.

Folded and Hung tank top - 200

This one's on sale.

Loose powder and retractable eyeliner from Beauty Bar - 625

My pressed powder is all used up and I think I may have broken my eyeliner. So technically I am just replacing previous stocks. I really love Beauty Bar. It is a haven for frustrated kikay/maarte ladies like me. There I admit that I am maarte or maybe not really.I could stay in there from the moment the mall opens until it closes. Swear. I just happen to adore watercolors and crayons when I was a kid so now that I am all grown up, I channel my adoration for art into contouring my face.

This helps me. Magastos nga lang talaga.

I accidentally bumped into Ayen while strolling around Crossings in Trinoma last night. I actually texted Ela for coffee but she wasn't able to read my message until I was already aboard the MRT. Talking to people keeps me sane whenever I am troubled so that's what I felt I should be doing last night. So Ayen was heaven-sent last night. (Oi palakpak na tenga ni Ayen haha!) We spent the night over lattes at our default place, Coffee Bean. We saw familiar faces in our former high school teachers, who apparently also found their default place in the same coffee shop to check their papers and utilize the free sockets for their laptops. We also witnessed a very loud crowd of women in their forties whom we guess are having a reunion and hoped that they would realize that they are taking away the coziness of the place and go to a videoke bar instead.

Anyway, it was only last night that I realized to do something...

I told the bartender to check my accumulated points and I already have a whopping 250 points in my swirl card! Meaning that I could already avail of a free latte with a muffin to boot! Whoopee!

So now let's go to the calculations:
100 pesos = 5 points
Money spent on coffee = 250 / 5 * 100 = 5000

Whoa! So I have spent 5000 pesos on coffee alone?! Let's say that about 1500 of that was not mine but due to the fact that I was persistent that friends go to Coffee Bean for my points, still its still 3500 pesos for coffee! Oh well, at I need the caffeine boost every now and then anyway not just to perk me up every morning but there's just something in that White Chocolate Dream latte that gives me that serenity and contentment. It's worth the 130 pesos everytime.

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25 August 2008

The Remedy

I spent seven hours at Ahead today doing the one thing that keeps my mind busy the most: teaching. I find salvation in teaching as in that moment that I spend solving those word problems or extracting the roots of that quadratic equation, I think of nothing else but to give the right answers and enlighten the student that I am with. Seven hours of teaching Math and I wouldn't trade those hours for anything else.

I think I have probably done everything to keep myself from wallowing in self-pity: played loud music, eat chocolate, go out with friends and even talk to myself in front of the mirror but then after sometime the newly-found strength wouls wear off. Nothing beats frying your brain with trigonometric identities. Trust me. In my case it is way better than a pint of ice cream for emotional trauma or paracetamol for a headache. Alright so maybe the ice cream is not so bad...

So the next time that anyone of you feel so low that you just want to scream at the world, try solving a very difficult math problem. Or if you want variety, add in some chemistry and physics exercises as well.
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24 August 2008

Busy Weekend

I had a busy weekend. It started last Friday with MVC's 43rd anniversary. Good thing that I was able to celebrate it with them before I leave. Another "momentous" event that happened was that I was able to get a glimpse of the now darker and thinner Michael Yu. It is still a mind boggler as to what he was doing during the time that he was on a hiatus for almost two months and I believe that the question will remain to be unanswered for sometime. Well, I will definitely miss him when I'm gone as one could not ask for a better boss. He is not only a superior but also a friend and an older brother even. Tama na baka maiyak na ko.


Of course with every celebration is a feast and I treated myself to that sumptuos kare-kare
and California Maki. Okay, so I guess that the combination is awful but then again pake niyo ba kayo ba kumakain?! Aside from that, I was able to get the first slice (it was the "corner lot") of that gooey chocolate cake. And so friends I, again, was defeated by chocolate. Darn.


Come evening was the culmination of our bowling tournament. My team (Blue) was up agaisnt the Yellow team for the third place. During the two months of playing, I finally was able to get a decent score and I tallied better than the blind score of 70. And again, it was a feat that there was not a frame wherein I did not knock down a pin. As I've told everyone, I am leaving them a good memory. Harhar! I am leaving with a bang!


I am not eating tokwa't baboy for a long, long time. The smell of it makes me puke. Every game that we had the staple food would be: pizza, fries, squid balls, garlic mushroom and tokwa't baboy. The pizza and fries, I am not complaining about but as for the latter three...I think I would pass.

The last time my tastebuds hated something this much was back in the summer of 2003 wherein I was gulping glass after glass of "ginpom" every night. My friends and I actually collected about ten bottles of Gilbey's that vacation. Para kaming construction workers na tag-hirap. After that I swear that even though the pomelo juice was not spiked with alcohol, it still reeked of gin. It was that bad.


Yesterday, I went to the wake of Raab's dad along with Ghe, Ayen and Walter. It felt weird to be in Makati on a Saturday actually. Anyway, his dad died because of cardiac arrest last Thursday. I think the family was kind of prepared as his dad already went under the knife 28 years ago for bypass surgery. It was actually a feat for him to last that long after that.

Then the grandchildren, who by the way are toddlers, would shriek every now and then: "Lolo!"



It was somehow chaotic in the house today as my mother had her friends over for lunch. I was actually wondering in the middle of simmering my pesto sauce why the heck am I cooking as I do not know any significant occassion. Apparently it was my mom's birthday lunch. The more I scratched my head because uh...as far as I can remember, my mom's birthday was a month ago, July 13. Unless I was time-warped and did not realize that it was still July. Mothers.

At least we got to have a very delectable lunch.

But then again, I think I would not be weighing myself for a week.
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18 August 2008


No I am not getting married, far from it.

Today I attended a family friend's wedding and though it was far from that perfect movie scenes, alright it was actually chaotic, I know that the couple don't really care. They were in that blissful euphoria and it was their moment.

I am impartial to weddings. What I like about them is that it is one hell of an excuse to eat, and I mean indulge, a lot. Screw the calories! One does not think about their diet when there is free food around. This is also my reason for having a healthy appetite during birthdays, Christmases and New Years. Hell, you only get to taste really good food on special occasions so why punish yourself? There are about 350 days to suffer.

Now let's go to the part that I don't like.

It's all cheesy!!! And cheesy does not really do you good when you have a roller-coaster track for a love life. It reminds you of how miserable you are in the middle of all the love around you. I actually wonder if I ever will have the chance to walk down that aisle. Okay too mushy now.

At the reception there was this very loud, amplified is the better term I think, emcee who called the entourage as if they were part of a beauty contest. I think I will remember him quite well for he was wearing a violet barong. Nobody would forget a guy who wears something like that. Funny, he was also the singer. Talk about multi-tasking.

Then as the guests were eating, the girl vocalist began singing the bossa version of Tattoed on My Mind. The song alone reminds me of some things that I don't want to be reminded of, but the bossa version?!

You have got to be kidding me.

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04 August 2008


Taken from Ate Wins' blog. Very well said.


“I have very strong feelings for you… But they’re raw. I need some time to process them and figure out what they actually are…”

(excerpt from a girl friend's talk with a guy who is "in the process of thinking things through")

To my Axis girls, the reason I was so quiet over lunch's because I wanted to make my case solid. Here it goes--

If a man could only know you the way I do, my goodness, he’d be a total idiot to pass up the opportunity to make you part of his life. I know in my heart there’s a man who will see and appreciate and marvel in you for being the diamond that you are. And he is going to be a good man. He is a man who will honor you and do justice to the way you were raised by your wonderful parents. Your principles and values will matter most especially to this man. To him, your ways will be so stirring, they can paint rainbows.

So yes, amen to the process. And it is an even greater process than just a man sorting out his feelings for you. It may come sooner, it may come later. But place your bet on it anyway. It is through this process that men who are unworthy are weeded out. And it is also through this very process that God is making you and him ready. He wants you to see that this nerve-racking girl talk of ours is just cinnamon dust on your cappuccino… because your share has been set and guaranteed for already. He wants you to see and feel that you are a victor. Now you wouldn’t want to feel any less of a winner as you and your man take on the world together, would you?


Now if this could just seep in the minds of all the assholes out there.

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