28 October 2008

Go On Boy

The last four days had been wicked! I visited my MVC family last Thursday (strategic timing? hmmm...) and had lunch there. Of course photo ops with Monette in their very organized department

Friday was Coffee Bean day. I felt the urge to satisfy my craving for a White Choco Dream Latte in the morning so even though it was not exactly the nearest coffee shop (haha we have a Gloria Jeans franchise at the ground floor of the MegaPlaza) I headed for the Coffee Bean in Salcedo Village. Alright I was guilty of wanting to bump into someone because the circumstances are favoring against me. Wishful thinking.

I was back at the same coffee place come lunch time because I ate there with Banj. She then invited me for a videoke session with her friends at Music 21 at Jupiter st. I was actually hesitant at first but what the hell, I needed to unleash the vocal prowess that is me. Nyahaha. If there was one thing that I have learned in LB is that nothing beats the wrath and tension-releasing power of a good empowerment song. I again maximized my lunch time and got back at the building at about 1:30

Nighttime, along with Giulia and Paopao aka Babeeh (wehehe), we were at Music 21 belting our hearts out.

Giulia and Babeeh

Favorite song of the night?


Don't cha wish your girlfriend wa hot like me / Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me / Don't cha / Don't cha baby don't cha

Bato-bato sa heavens, tamaan guilty.

And yes this one's the best! Sorry if the video's...uh...well...tiyagain niyo na lang haha!

I dedicate this song to *bleep* while Banj dedicates this song to *bleep*

*sings again*

Go on boy. Go on boy.

I'll be fine.

Dudes if you want a freaking diversion, get a facial. It's effing painful! You're going to be too busy with the excruciating pain that you just won't get to think about anything else. Trust me.

This is actually the same principle why I am becoming active again with swimming. whenever I am in the pool, all I get to think about is how am i going to reach the other side with the least amount of ingested water.

I had my derma treatment yesterday: Diamond peel with facial. The facial is painful enough but lo and behold I just had to have additional medications injected on my face. Mind you it was not one nor two nor three but nine! My face had to be injected nine times!

Goodness, the perils really of beautification.

24 October 2008

So I'm An Achiever...Deal With That.

I don’t know a person who has not encountered the topic of changing oneself to be liked, or worse, to be loved. Is it really essential to conform to another’s standards just to be appreciated?

Change is good especially if it will be for the better; to lose one’s identity is an entirely different story. A few minor adjustments are necessary, some compromises maybe, in order for relationships, romantic or not, to work out. Other than that, acceptance is probably more important.

Where is this coming from?

Let me start with this.

I have read from somewhere that there are guys who do not really like smart females because too much intelligence intimidates them and causes them to be insecure. Add to that, women with strong personalities also tend so scare them off.

The hell?! Since when did being gifted with hyperactive brain cells became a liability rather than an asset?

Okay, so is it our fault if we possess a much more attractive resume than you do? What could we do if we tend to communicate ourselves better than you? Is it hard to comprehend that we are not in a patriarchal society anymore? Long gone was that era when we put you on a pedestal while feeding you grapes. Women could excel. Deal with that.

So why am I affected this much with this statement?

I have always been told that I am intimidating and that probably drives men away. Specifically, something about the way I talk, walk, dress or carry myself spells out STRONG in bold letters. So does this mean that I would block my career path in order to please a guy’s wish? Would I change the way I carry myself so as not to exude that aura of confidence? Would I step down the career ladder to level myself with a man? Puhleezee.

I’m just sorry for the men who are much too insecure to deal with a woman’s success. Go ahead and settle for the dumb blondes so that you can feel the machismo. We are not created to stroke your egos. You are probably not worth our intelligence anyway.

On the other side of the fence, those who think that they are not worth of the woman, I believe that is for us to decide. I pity your cowardice.

22 October 2008

This Love.

After three long months I am rejuvenated. It feels good to be alive again, to feel the adrenaline rush flowing in your veins. It just gives me that kick and I cannot explain the happiness it bring me.



And I am doing it again tomorrow.

Amazing! I can now finish the whole length (that is a good 50 meters mind you) of the pool without stopping. My lungs are strengthening up. I am super-sayan Joanna. Hahaha!

20 October 2008

Wisdom from Bianca Gonzales

During one of my boredom episodes at work I stumbled upon this blog entry written by TV host Bianca Gonzales. This is taken from her site The Diary of a Supergirl Wannabe.

this post is dedicated to all those going through difficult matters of the heart!

”diary of a broken heart”, this was my planned title for a diary-of-sorts that i wanted to write when i was brokenhearted once. i thought to myself, what if isulat ko lahat ng nararamdaman ko araw araw sa loob ng isang buong taon, then i’d be able to read it when i am healed, and see my journey from a new point of view, from denial to anger to bitterness to hope to healing (or whatever jumbled order you’ve experienced in your own love life) and maybe, it might be able to help future broken hearts out there.

but, i never got to writing it.

siguro dahil sa sobrang sakit, kapag naiisip kong magsulat, nananalo na lang yung kagustuhan kong magmukmok sa isang tabi. imbis na mag-effort pa ako na mag-isip at magpagod, ginusto ko na lang na wala na lang akong intindihin. hanggang sa lumipas ang mga linggo, mga buwan, i went through all kinds of emotions (na slightly nakakabaliw talaga yung iba ha!), until one day, i was okay.

having said all that, and having heard some of the most saddening break-up stories the past weeks, allow me to try to reconstruct a few of the things i’ve learned in life, and love, that might help that broken heart of yours or of someone you know.

1. on advice.

kapag brokenhearted ka.. no advice said to you will make you feel better. none. as in. wala. kahit ano, walang effect. kapag brokenhearted ka, the only thing that you think will make you feel better is if the one you love will say they love you too. but they won’t. (in some cases, they won’t ever, but in some, they won’t just for this point in time.) hugs will comfort you, concerned texts will make you smile, but no amount of advice will make you feel better.. unless! unless you decide to let it make you feel better. don’t be pressured though to follow everyone’s advice. kanya-kanya lang yan. of the one hundred cliché lines thrown at you at an attempt to make you feel better, most will not make you feel better (in fact, some will make you feel worse), but there will be a few major lines (not necessarily given by those closest to you, mind you) that will speak to you and touch your heart and soothe your soul. those pieces of advice, you hold on to.

2. on prayer.

a broken heart will wake up some days so unbelievably hopeless and wanting to just stay in bed all day. some will even go all out in saying they want to die (but of course you don’t really want to die, right?) a broken heart will wake up some days feeling somewhat rested and peaceful, but with a slight fear that they might encounter something that day that will bring back all the pain. whatever mood the broken heart wakes up in, one thing remains. it’s a broken heart. and this may sound cheesy or false to some, but there is only one thing that can heal all things broken. our LoRd and personal savior, JeSus ChRisT. when your heart is peaceful, give thanks. when your heart is troubled, still give thanks and ask for deliverance. when your heart is shattered into a million pieces, still give thanks, and ask that you may learn whatever life lesson it is that He wants you to learn. in both high and low, give thanks, because it is one of the surest things in life that GoD only works for the good of those who love Him.

3. on moving on.

don’t be pressured! for some it takes weeks. for some, months. for some, years! of course no one likes the pain that a broken heart brings. (its pain like no other! araaay talaga grabe!) but, you have to go through it. there is no short cut, there is no other way. go through it. go and let it out. cry before you sleep, cry when you wake up, cry in the bathroom, cry to your friends. lock yourself in the room, stay in bed all day, don’t talk to anyone for hours, make senti all you want. do it all. don’t let anybody stop you. (but don’t let it get in the way of school or work or the things you have to do either! okay? okay.) feel all those yucky, disgusting, heart-shattering feelings, curl it all up into this unbelievably sad ball, and one day, when you are ready, throw it out the window. it will happen for you. i know you feel it won’t, that the day you will be okay will never come, but it will. have faith, it will.

let me stop at this third point and end by saying that i’ve felt all those feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness that you might be feeling right now. and, honestly, so have thousands, and millions of other people around you. it sucks. it really does. but hey. nobody said that it would be easy, but nobody said that you have to do it alone.

all this i share with pure sincerity from the bottom of my happy heart, to your soon-to-be happy heart! :)

Very inspiring that I read this over and over and over again and I do not get tired of it at all.

I have a new favorite word: Healing

19 October 2008

Shoe Diaries

These are what keep me amused these days:

From top clockwise: 1) Mustard T-straps from Vincci (Malaysia); 2) Brown Kitten Heel Sandals from Vincci; 3) Gray Wedge Mary Janes from Matthews at CMG; 4) Red Peep-toe Wedges from Fiorucci; 5) Black Patent Pumps from Figlia.

Out of the five, I've only worn the mustard one; and I've only worn it once. So yes, the other four haven't touched the roads yet. Well, a girl can't have too many shoes right? Right!

Shoe count(yung functional lang ): 17 pairs
Tsinelas count: 5 pairs

Konti pa lang naman pala .

I was with Monette earlier today at Robinson's Galleria to brave the crowd heading for the momentous event that is the 3-day sale. She was there to look for a gym bag. Yes naman oh gym buff na si Monette! While as for me, I am looking for a replacement for my Janylin black pumps which I have been using for the past year. Nananawagan na siya ng kapalit.

Commercial: It was actually the first time that I got to go out with Monette outside of work so it was really nice.

I found some really nice shoes. There was this beige mary janes from Charles and Keith that got a 1000 peso discount but too bad they don't carry it in my size. There was this another pair of beige pumps from Aldo and they do carry it in my size but I wasn't too sure if the length was okay. So even though it was 3000 pesos less than its original price I had to let it go. Boohoo!

Commercial ulet: I saw Iya Villania early this morning ordering a crepe (Duh!) from Crazy Crepes. Pretty pretty girl!

Bought the following that are so not shoes: red printed dress from 50th Avenue and lavender dri-fit top from Nike.

Anyway so I did not find what I was looking for in Galleria and Monette had to leave so I went to SM Megamall because they are also hoding a sale. I quickly noticed how different the crowds of the two malls were. It was much too crowded in SM at ang jologs talaga ng crowd dito forever. Hehe.

Well I found two shoes in SM: black pumps and gray mary janes (Refer to picture above)

Words of Wisdom: Kapag binigyan ka ng kahit ano, automatic dapat ang "Thank You."

Now repeat until ma-autopilot na siya sa utak mo.

Happy birthday Walter! Happy birthday Pedro! God bless both of you!

18 October 2008

One Point in God's Book

I did something new yesterday: I donated my blood to the Philippine Children's Medical Center.

Well I now officially have one point in God's little book of Joanna's good deeds. 499 to go! Orayt!

I do not get squeamish whenever I get vaccinated or whenever I needed to have my blood drawn out for lab tests but I must admit that I was pretty scared. Goodness that's about half a liter of blood to be sucked from my veins! I have attempted to donate before but the two times I was rejected due to health reasons. I was actually surprised that my hemoglobin count passed the test as I really feel that I am iron-deficient.

Going back, that freaking needle is no joke! It's like having a zesto straw stuck in your arm and I could not resist crying out "Aray masakit!!!" Maybe I was pressured because my boss wanted us to all give to charity (with the motivation of having your blood replenished so I guess it's also good for the body and that the beneficiaries would be children with leukemia and yeah before I forget the free brownies and bottomless supply of orange juice. Take your pick: zest-o, sunkist or plus. Duh.) Or maybe because I wasn't thinking straight yesterday.

Or maybe because I just wanted to prove to myself that I am strong and I am capable to face anything.

I now know what to do.*

*I would have to give credits to the following people for this: Banj, Monette, Ayen, Jo Anne and Gerwin. Who would've thought na sa lahat sa kanila si Gerwin pa talaga yung nag-ilaw nung imaginary light bulb.

11 October 2008

Bomb Threat

After lunch my officemate Bob received a call from his friend that there was a bomb threat at the 21st floor of our building. That floor is occupied by Procter & Gamble Asia and we were surprised that we weren't informed of such thing. All P&G employees, we heard, were relieved from work and were told to go home. Then we began to wonder, why weren't we told the same? If ever that floor blows up, we are all affected anyway! After all we are in the same building.

Anyway after about thirty minutes of waiting for news we heard the announcement over the PA system, or well at least something to this effect:

"Attention Petron employees. There was a bomb threat on Procter and Gamble's office at the 21st floor. Tenants were made to leave the floor as bomb squads examine the building. Our own security are also making efforts to check the building premises. We advise all employees to remain calm and wait for further announcements."

And he was saying this to the tune of "Welcome to the flying fiesta" at Enchanted Kingdom. Let's be perky while announcing a bomb threat. Why not?

Oh and what if the building does blow up? Pity on us as we still had to sit on our poor butts and wait for further announcements.

Well, false alarm so carry on children.

On Doing Something Really Good

I received this comment on my Friendster blog:

"hi there… i just happened to go through web pages that had the name of my brother (rj manzano) and came across this blog. i miss him terribly, i guess so i thought of ’searching’ him on the web…one of the many spaces that i still feel his presence.

i thank you , you must have been one of the good friends of my brother. our family is very thankful for all the friends he had/has because you all were his inspiration for the all the good things he was doing, and found so much strength and happiness in you guys. thank you.

the last years we had, i didn’t get to be with him much because of our busy schedules, and his so many endeavors. and find inspiration and meaning in his friend’s love and concern for him to understand why he always had to be out and preoccupied with so many things.

i appreciate so much this blog dedicated to my brother. please do continue to talk to him and include him always in your prayers. i’m sure he’s just there, smiling on us with his dimpled cheek. thank you, that’s all i wanna say, for being a good friend to my brother.

(about his poor grasp of the fil languag made me smile by the way; how amazing his vocabulary was that i being 6 years older than him often felt inferior to his intelligence… thank you for enriching my brother’s fil vocabulary, twas one of those we didn’t really get to help him with :) thank you… )"

-danielle c. manzano


I felt really good after reading this especially with the day that I had yesterday. Of all the crap that I have been going through it was truly one of the best ways to lift my spirits up. Somehow with what I wrote I have managed to bring a smile to a grieving person's face.

Somehow RJ you are still looking out for me, again pulling me out from a mess and causing me to believe in myself again. Please continue to help me kiddo, I really could use some assistance.

And oh by the way, I still am missing you terribly everyday.


Refer to this blog entry.

02 October 2008

KL-Singapore Diaries: The Misadventures of Jo and Anntutay

Charge to experience.

This was Ann and I's motto for the five days that we were exploring Malaysia and Singapore. everytime that we got lost or ate something which was not pleasing to our tastebuds we just say "Okay let's charge this to experience." So here I present to you the most memorable things, people, experiences, learnings, facts and other watchamacallits that we acquired during our trip.

15. Sam the Wonder Kid

Sam is the daughter of Eric's housemates Clark and Didith. Here's their family picture:

She's just so adorable that we were told that she was actually very excited to meet us. And yes she is very proud to say that she could spell TV.

14. The humongous gumamelas in the Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens

I was actually wondering how much bubbles could be made from a gumamela of this size? Hmmm...

13. Ruhu aka large lanzones outside Pasar Seni Central Market

It looks like lanzones, smells like lanzones and tastes like lanzones. The difference? It's probably cheaper than our local lanzones.

12. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf LCCT - Kuala Lumpur

It surprised me that Coffee Bean was everywhere in KL and Singapore unlike here in the Philippines where we, not including me, are a Starbucks Nation. Here are the branches where we had gone:

One Fullerton

Beach Front, Sentosa Island

LCCT Airport - Kuala Lumpur

Now what's with the LCCT branch? Ever since I intoduced the Moroccan Mint Tea Latte to Ann during one of our Coffee Bean sessions at the Greenbelt 3 branch, she was practically drooling about it everyday. So she was delighted to see it written in the menu and ordered it just before we boarded the plane back to Manila.

Gawd. It nowhere tasted like the yummy one they serve here in the Philippines. Sabi ko nga lasang pinagdawdawan ng medyas.

It's either the bartender forgot to put something in it or we don't share the same taste with Malaysians when it comes to tea.

11. It's good that we blended with the locals when shopping in Petaling Street

Jalan is the Malay word for "street." Jalan Petaling is like Malaysia's version of Divisoria. It is flocked with the latest imitations from bags and shoes to jackets and other signature items. One thing you would not find here though are pirated DVDs because in Malaysia, the seller and the buyer would both be imprisoned when caught. That really got me scratching my head because pirated DVDs are prohibited but pirated apparell are well welcome?

Anyway, so there I was asking for the price of this very original looking leather bag and the seller was very proudly saying that for me he will give it at 120 Ringgit. He even showed me the price tag saying that for Americans and Europeans the price is at 590 Ringgit. Talk about cheating! But I did not want to get it at 120 so I said 100. He did not budge so I told him "No thanks." As I was about to leave he placed the bag in a plastic and gave in to my demand of 100. Ha!

10. The Transtar bus (Singapore to Kuala Lumpur) with massager and individual movie screens.


9. Singapore Subway

Super mahihiya ang MRT natin dito.
All areas are accessible by the MRT and it only requires one ticket for all the lines. You do not need to go out of the station to transfer to the other line. Very convenient!

And since during our stay in Singapore we rode the MRT all the time it's very timely that they launched this pass:

Maybe it's because of the F1 race which was set on that week that they launched the Singapore Tourist Pass. We availed of the two-day pass which costs 26 SGD. For this, you can access all the the MRT, LRT and all the buses unlimitedly. Then when you return it, you get a refund of 10 SGD. Very worth it.

8. Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom

Chocolate heaven! I practically drooled at the sight of this much chocolate. The best part is? They let you taste the chocolates before you decide on which one to get. Nice!

And look what I found:

Chocolate-coated Coffee Beans.

7. Gadget Mecca at Funan Digital Life Mall

I was in search for the best place to buy my camera and this was definitely the best palce to go to for the techie freak. I found this shop at the fourth floor, South Asia Computer and they gave me a very good deal. I got my pink Canon Ixus 80 (take note sealed very well and they would not open it for check-up unless you paid for the item already) from South Asia Computer and there was this very nice guy who assisted me. The price was at 399 SGD ( 13,400 PhP) and its retail price here in the Philippines is still at 17,800 PhP.

But wait there's more!

I got the following items for free:

1. Original Canon Ixus case - 39 SGD
2. Extra battery - 25 SGD
3. Tripod - 19 SGD
4. Screen protector - 12 SGD
5. 4 GB and 2 GB Toshiba SD Card - 30 SGD

Also I could get a 19 SGD tax refund provided that I show the receipt and item at the airport. Too bad I was not going to exit by the Changgi airport. But still! I got a whole lot of freebies with a whopping 125 SGD value or 4200 PhP. Cool!

I also bought a LG DVD writer for 52 SGD or 1700 PhP from this store called Challenger. It's actually a whole department store for gadgets at the fifth floor.

6. Shoe-shopping at Vincci in Suria Mall, KLCC

Vincci is known as VNC here in the Philippines and since the shoes are manufactured in Malaysia you can expect that the prices would really be different. Another good thing is that since Hari Raya (Christmas of Hindus) is coming, a lot of sales are ongoing. I was able to get 4 pairs of shoes amounting to 145.15 Ringgit or 1981.3 PhP. Now could you get four pairs of shoes at VNC for that amount? Ann was also able to buy herself 3 pairs.

5. The tingling Fish Spa at Pasar Seni Central Market

Imagine little fishes nibbling on your dead skin cells. Very tickling and somewhat scary at first

4. The aromatic citizens and tourists

See the family on the left.

Well, imagine getting stuck on the elevator with them. They share that distinct curry-flavored aroma. Go figure.

3. Eating, eating and more eating

There is this restaurant that I read from the internet called Madam Kwan's. So upon seeing it at Suria we decided to try it out. Eric told us to try out the Nasi Lemak, Malaysia's sort of counterpart to our Tapsilog.

We also ordered this very nice-looking dish on the menu called Sambal Petai which are beans with prawns, specifically four prawns.

And after eating we swore never to try eating that again.

There was also this famous dish called the Assam Laksa which we ordered in Petaling. It tasted like the Thai Tom Yum and we did not like it either.

Now for the array of the food we really enjoyed:

Assorted sushi at Sushi King in Suria Mall KLCC

he 1-dollar ice cream sandwich in the streets of Singapore

Teriyaki Chicken Pepper Steak at Funan Digital Life Mall

Assorted Satay at Chinatown, Singapore

Vietnamese Pho at Bongsen in Suria Mall, KLCC

Char-grilled Chicken at Bongsen

Black Noodles with 3JC Sauce at 3JC Times Square

Cheesy Noodles with Fish Fillet at 3JC Times Square

Pad Thai at IThai Millenium Square, Petaling Jaya

IThai Calamari at IThai Millenium Square, Petaling Jaya

Tidal Wave (Black Currant and Honeydew) at IThai

2. Taking a Coffee Bath

So we were searching for the KL Tower the first day that we arrived. We parctically went around the vicinity and still we could not find the way up. We gave in when the rain poured very hard and decided to have coffee at the AIA Tower and rethought our game plan. We asked the bartender how to go to the KL Tower from that place and he told us to take the lift to the 7th floor and we could see the tower from there.

Then we realized upon going out of the 7th floor that we could walk to the tower from there but decided not to because we might not be able to get back the building so I took this picture:

What I did not realize was that I was holding my coffee cup while taking the shot and I practically took a bath. Ann was actually amazed that I did not feel the coffee when it was actually still smoking when I poured it on myself. Worse, my jacket was white and I had no spare so I had to wash it hoping that it would dry up before we go to Singapore. Of course it did not.

And the top slot goes to...
1. Getting lost with no money at 4:30 AM in Singapore

We were told by the lady which sold us our tickets that the bus would pass by Mustafa Center, the 24-hour store in Little India so that we could exchange currencies. To our surprise, the bus driver told us upon reaching Beach Road that we take the cab instead. Now how are we going to do that when we do not have any money with us?

So there we were, both newbies in the city with no Singapore Dollar holding a map at 4:30 AM trying to find Mustafa Center on foot. Imagine walking from Glorietta to Rockwell.

Upon seeing this we heard the angels singing from above.

As my former boss said, I have learned about life more in those five days than in five years of school. It was tiring but enjoyable at the same time.

Now where would the next stop be?
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