29 November 2008


I found this at Gasthof, that restaurant where we ate the other night in downtown Legazpi:

I think I've learned my lesson quite well in this department. Yeah, I was WAAAAYYY interesting that time. Crap.

Humor me more.
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28 November 2008

Bicol Express

It's my last day here in Legazpi and I haven't even gone to see Mayon yet. Last night I was supposed to post an entry but I lost it in the middle of posting. Maybe it wwas not meant to be read so as not to impart a certain level of melancholy that goes along with it.

Legazpi's gloomy; the weather here being too unpredictable. In the morning the sun's at its brightest only to rain just hours after. So was that just another one of my pessimistic views? I'm just stating a fact, no other meaning intended. It's just that gloomy's not good for somebody who's nursing.

Yesterday I was irritated at myself for being distracted in the middle of cramming my audit reports. In the first place this is what I wanted: to be busy to be distracted. So how come I am getting distracted from my distraction? In the middle of counting 3000 valves, things which I'm supposed to be letting go of now still manage to seep in.

Erase. Erase. Erase.

Let's change the topic now. So what have I done here besides work? Aside from buying pili and getting two shirts from ukay-ukay (Gap and Banana Republic mind you) I have done nothing but eat. Everyday's turning out to be a gastronomic feast that I fear the weighing scale this moment. And oh yeah I've seen the Mayon Volcano...FROM THE ROAD. Now how pitiful is that? My Bicol experience is defined by my consumption of laing and bicol express.

Cool. I discovered that Chili Peppers started out here in Legazpi. Their baby back ribs is just divine! I was amazed because I thought that it was one of those gimik places in Makati. Or maybe I just thought that it was a gimik place because I see a lot of call center agents who have just ended their shifts taking their daily dose of San Miguel beer at 8 in the morning.

We're supposed to go to Cagsawa tomorrow morning in my desperate attempt to have my picture taken so I should be sleeping now. Besides, I haven't packed my things yet. So I guess this would be it for now. Pictures to follow

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23 November 2008

That's Just So Wrong

Okay so I was really irked today.

I went to the christening of Ainee's baby Ethan with Monette and Raymund this afternoon. Well, we were late and I was a ninang. Hehehe. It was a small celebration with only the closest of family and friends.

Commercial: Monette noticed that I was not myself this afternoon and she had a theory why. Maybe. I just could not accept the fact that I was drifting because of that reason; and I was not even aware that I was drifting. I was affected still and it's absolutely crappy.

Joanna repeat three times: Moment of Weakness. Charge to Experience.

The reception was held at Max's in front of Malate Church and being the harcdcore camwhores that Monette and I are, we took advantage of the Manila Bay sunset and took our pictures (with Raymund as our official photographer )

So anyway Monette wanted to got to Star City since we were already in the vicinity but because I had a prior commitment with someone who "wanted to meet because he needed help" (whatever...) I couldn't. I was actually texting the him at around 4 PM if we would still meet. Having received no reply, I assumed that we were.

Joanna's Meet-up Rule 1: A meeting is on unless otherwise cancelled by either party.

I left at around 6 PM and was at Trinoma by 7:30. Having a previous history of a no-show, I decided to call just to be safe and I would not waste my time if ever. Apparently I was right: I would be waiting for no one.

Joanna's Meet-up Rule 2: Have the courtesy to inform the other party way before the meeting time if the meeting's going to be cancelled.

Dude, that's supposed to be automatic. Heard of common courtesy?

So you were sick, I get it. My EQ is quite high not to be disappointed and make a big deal out of that. What I was really upset about was that you did not even have the courtesy to text me (or answer my text for that matter) about it. It was your head that was aching and not your hand for crying out loud. Haven't you even thought about the fact that I could already be there? You set the time at 8 PM and I knew about it at what time? 7:30? And who wanted to meet up again?

I could have gone out with friends but because I believe about this certain word of honor thing, I decided to show up only to be annoyed big time.

Still thinking about making up for past sins? How about trying not to pile them up some more.
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14 November 2008

The Dress Quest

I lost yet another earring last Tuesday as I was scouting the mall for that perfect dress; and it was not jut any other earring, I would like to believe that it has brought me luck during the four years that it had been with me. Back in college, I wore it (along with the matching necklace) to every exam. I wore it during my board exams. I wore it to all the job interviews I went through. It's just so sad that I did not even notice that it was already gone from my left ear. Hay...kainis.

Now I have to find another lucky charm.


I don't know whether to be happy about this or what.

I was at People are People at Trinoma looking for a gimik outfit for this coming Saturday. I found this really nice teal silk dress and thinking that it was free size, i tried it on. To my dismay, it did not flatter my figure (naks! figure talaga) as I found it to be loose for me. I then asked the saleslady if there were sizes available in which she responded that all the stocks have been brought out already.

So there I was really determined to have that dress in my size and I found myself digging through that humongous pile of clothes. Sad to say, I failed. they do not carry it in my size as almost all the clothes were in sizes L and XL.

Oi ngayon lang nangyari yan na wala akong size dahil lahat maluwag...Feeling payat. Nyahaha.

But hrrr...I really wanted that dress!!!

10 November 2008

So How Did I Celebrate My Birthday?

I was online at 12 midnight last Wednesday blogging about the previous year. Pabs was the first one who greeted me probably due to the fact that he was taking his yosi break during that time huffing and puffing the call-center stress brought to him by E-telecare.. Well I think Pabs has developed this habit to be the first to greet anyone on their birthday. I sincerely love you dear!

With Pabs back in 4th year college. Ang payat pa namin. Sheesh.

Next birthday greetings came from Angela and Lizelle but then I was too sleepy to reply. Hehe. My girlfriends have always been my pillars and I just don't know where would I be without them. I grew up dancing to Backstreet Boys (oo na kagagawan ko na ang mga kahihiyang ito...) and had my first shot of Jose Cuervo with them. Mwah to you girls!

Well I was at the new-hire orientation at Petron for most of that day so I was kind of in a soiree, mingling with fellow newbies in the company. I was actually surprised that my birthday turned out to be a part of the program, with the HRD taking out a cake for me to blow. O diba pabidang bata? Parte ng program! Sosyal!

I received a few calls from MVC, the first one coming from Mother. I was kind of disappointed with certain people that I think they practically forgot my day. Ehem...you know who you are friends.

Come evening I had carbo-loading with my family at Aveneto. I have a default order from this place: Nut Pesto with Chicken, Baked Zitti with Meatsauce and New York Pizza. Apart from these, I've added a must try dish: Oil and Garlic Pasta with Hungarian Sausage. In "Dora the Explorer" tone: Delicioso!

Oh and by the way, I practically begged my mom (who was asking for a refund?!) to buy me a caramel cake from Estrel's. Uber yummy!!!

And yes my siblings were asking why their names were not written on the cake.

I was in a trance that day because I don't want anything, or anyone, to ruin my day.

Inhale. Exhale.

I had a post-birthday celebration last Saturday at Blue Without U Videoke and Bar located at the Esquinita Strip. It was a small celebration with only the closest friends in tow. Beer, beer and more beer!

I was actually happy because Tres was there and if you'd only know the effort we make just to see each other you'd understand why. He left at 11:30 and his call time the following morning for PAL was at 3 AM. Sorry naman special ako.

It was nice that my friends from everywhere were well-represented. I had my neighbors, whom I practically grew up with, Angelo and Byosh. We had been friends since uh...well since Angelo and I shared the same service driven by Mang Kiko back in grade school. Byosh was kinda recent. I've been close to her only back in college but it just doesn't feel like that. Mabuhay ang mga NBSB! Agree Byosh? Oh yeah I forgot that you are already plotting for your office romance. Dude huwag na! Masakit sa bangs!

Attorney Byosh, Architect Angelo and Engineer Joanna

Then of course I have my beautiful girlfriends. Unfortunately Giulia had to take care of a certain emergency so we were lacking one.Well actually two since Ria is in Dubai and I terribly miss her. Go back home na Ria!

Ana. Joanna. Banj. Lizelle

And I have my org friends, Rupert and Ann. Well Rupert is also part of the Pisay group but for the purpose of distinguishing people, I placed him in this group. Yuck ginawang technical! Ann is my travel and swim buddy. Saan ang next destination natin?

Bottles of beer and sisigs later we decided to call it a night. Byosh and I headed to Baang Coffee in Tomas Morato to catch up some more since I haven't seen her since errr...January? Byosh just found out that she was missing one hell of a part of my life. Literally it was a hell of a part. Ron followed having been from the far far away land of Antipolo, apparently to seal the deal with his love life. Funny anecdote last night:

Nag-drive ka pa-Antipolo? Kawawa ka naman.
Ron: Mas kawawa naman ata ako kung nag-commute ako pa-Antipolo. Hello?


At hindi pa natapos sa Baang yan. Tumambay pa kami sa Starmart after. Wenk.

I got home at around 5:30 AM. I was happy. With all this love, I can get through any crap.

Even through the asses of the world.

Something bad happened last night. Tres texted me at around 2 AM saying that his pants gor slashed and his wallet was gone. along with it was 4000 pesos and his credit cards. Worse? the thief charged 12,000 pesos to the card.

What's amazing? Tres said "hayaan mo na, nangangailangan lang talaga ng pera yung tao."

Heck I was agitated! It was fortunate that it was all that happened and that he was not hurt or anything. I was just so thankful that nothing worse happened to him.

09 November 2008

This Year's Birthday Cake

I've always heard my mom bragging about how delicious Estrel's Caramel Cakes are for like forever! The first time that I've tasted their cakes however was that one time at Ahead and boy have I been craving for their cakes since.

They're like up there in the cakes department!

See the pretty roses adorning my cake? Funny that my mom did not include my siblings on the cake.

I am a chocoholic and do not like caramel that much but this cake is just an exemption to that. Estrel's cakes contains no preservatives hence the shelf life is only for two days. If you want to taste their sumptuous creations, you have to place an order at least two days in advance. But for busy seasons such as Christmas, you have to place your orders way earlier than that. That's why I made sure to ask my mom to buy me a cake from Estrel's on my birthday *winks*

Sad thing is that they do not deliver but I guarantee that the trouble of picking it up at their shop is way worth it!

Estrel's is located in 54 Scout Tobias corner Scout Limbaga, Brgy. Laging Handa Quezon City. Tel. No.: 372-2965; 371-7938

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05 November 2008

I remember writing this entry exactly a year ago. Last year was quite an uneventful birthday. I remember coming home to a sleeping family with a piece of Chickenjoy and Jolly spaghetti on the table and a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts in hand. For the first time since I was seventeen, I did not have the usual celebration with friends and booze (well now that I remember it. it was mainly because my account got debited on that long weekend because of the darn ATM machines at Trinoma.) I chose to relish the first day of my twenty-third year alone.

Uneventful, of course, was not the way that I would have wanted it to be but it wasn’t necessarily bad either. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a “melancholic” birthday, even leading me to dread the fifth of November. How odd it was that even with all the love being shown by the people around me, I still allow myself (and my day) to be destroyed by one person. Looking back, I’ve realized that the culprit was different for each year. How remorseful.

So the 2007 one was bland, but it broke that vicious birthday cycle. This year, well I must admit that I again find myself in that path but I will try to push myself onto that street with “HEALING” written in big bold letters.

Most of the time, I have seen the world as black; choosing to look at the glass as half empty rather than half-full. I have found myself incessantly wallowing in self-pity and though I vowed to start looking from the sunny side of the fence, it’s still hard to lose one’s old ways.

Rereading my previous year’s entry made me realize one thing: circumstances might have been altered, the people and events involved might have been different but nevertheless it was generally quite the same story with a little bit of tweaking. True enough, most things aggravate with age and sad to say, contentment is one of those.

It’s sad that I forgot how pleasant the taste of warm coffee was just because my tongue got scalded; how one setback or defeat casted a shadow over my accomplishments and worse led me to stop believing. I am aging in number but I still doubt whether my maturity is in level with it.

So where have I been the past year?

This year I discovered things about myself, both good and bad. I've done things that I never thought I would be capable of and up to this very minute I still question how and why; something that I am not and probably would never be proud of and it haunts me everyday big time.

A vast amount of time, I was struggling: struggling to get by each day, struggling to change the turn of events, struggling to put up a brave front, struggling to breathe. It breaks me that all I can remember was that I was in a huge amount of pain. I have mastered the art of theatrics being that strong feisty woman on the outside and when the lights go out I become this little girl curled into a ball in that dark and cold corner of the room.

I have previously written that I have drawn a numerous amount of lines and that maybe it is time to risk and cross and look at the view from a different perspective. I did just that. Of all the lines to cross, it was most unfortunate that I chose the one with a cliff on the other side. And yet feeling that my left foot was nowhere near the ground, I chose to continue turning a blind eye on that colorful streamer with the words “Caution: Fatal” written with blinking lights. I took a chance. Now where did that take me?

Yes, I was bitter and blamed myself substantially for it. I was angry and my cup of emotions was filling with fury and hatred to the brim. Then I woke up one morning, stared at the mirror and realized that I was not liking the person I was seeing. I was afraid of whom I was becoming and I know that I must clean up my act the moment I gather the strength to do so.

If life is indeed about choices then in a snap of a finger I would definitely opt to take the following: to be okay, to be at peace and to forgive even without being asked for forgiveness. Now if I could only be granted these then it would lead to that one thing that I have been wanting to attain for the longest time.

Aside from the material things (which includes a Pink Sony Vaio and a pair of blue slim Havaianas *wink*) as cheesy as this may sound, I just want to be truly happy again; that the hole that I have been feeling in my chest for the past years be filled. I want to laugh lo my heart's content like there’s no tomorrow. I want to find joy again the simplest things; when raindrops used to mean a tranquil sleep rather than setting the mood for a bawl fest or when staring at the setting sun at the roof of our house when I was twelve brought me bliss rather than anxiety. Now where is that bunny which would give me my happy pill?

Amidst all the crap, I acknowledge the fact that I do have a lot of things to be thankful for. I am blessed with a far from perfect but nonetheless a very beautiful family. I have achieved my goal to elevate myself in my career ladder within a year of entering the corporate world. I have managed to keep my ties with old but forever dependable friends and transformed mere acquaintances into new ones. I have collected a lot of coffee cup, bubble tea and beer bottle memories. I haven’t been ill nor figured in an accident. I have finally had my passport stamped as I was able to set foot and explore not one, but two foreign lands. I am ending my twenty-third year with the achievement of now being able to swim a whole kilometer in the MASA pool. I have lots of things to look forward to still in that pink metallic box with a huge bow that life is presenting in front of me for my twenty-fourth year.

I am looking forward to changes. Physically there’s going to be a major and some minor ones. Emotionally, that is what I have to condition myself for. Right now I start by painting my nails red.

Quoting Forrest Gump, life is indeed a box of chocolates and as much as I am scared I am also thrilled to indulge in the truffles that the world has in store for me.

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