24 September 2008

Of Rendezvous and the Much Wanted Jacket

I went out and met with two sets of friends this week. I am enjoying the rendezvous with my friends because aside from the fact that I love them, I am also given the opportunity to trash everything aside and savor the moment with them.

Tuesday was Chem Eng night at Greenbelt.

It started when Raq informed me that she would be in the metro for a week due to a seminar in Ortigas. After debating whether to have coffee or eat at Big Buddha, we first settled for Mexicali in Glorietta 4. But then because Kay, Kat and Aijay were apparently rice loving citizens, Mexican food was not "real" food to them so Kay and I decided through YM to have dinner at Banana leaf in Greenbelt, and trust me we would not be eating there again.

Super disappointing pictures on the menu! Except for the Pad Thai which Aijay kept on calling tripod the whole night, we were quite unsatisfied.

As Aijay said, we were "leveling up" from our 30 pesos/meal days back in college. Our share ballooned to ten times of what we used to spend for food. It was fun reminiscing about our misadventures back then and of course a chem eng conversation would not be complete without the pang-ookray ng ibang batchmates session.

Wednesday night was coffee with grade school (also pisay) friends but I would refer to them as grade school friends so as not to confuse them with my high school barkada. Teka magulo na. It was the first time for Raab to join us as the only staple people for coffee would be Ayen, Jo Anne, Ghe and me. Ghe was not able to join us because she was super tired from purchasing tetra pak materials hehe...Default coffee place for Meris, or to be more specific, "Grade 6 - Our Lady of Assumption Batch '97" friends: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Trinoma.

Now this is hard-core reminiscing as we were recalling things that had happened about 10-15 years ago. It amazes me that some of them even remember batchmates that I did not even know exist uh like Lotta Day and Madonna? Who the hell are they?! Then Raab even took out pictures from God knows when. One particular picture that caught our attention was that of him wearing a closed-neck gala uniform which Jo and Ayen aptly entitled "Elp...hindi ako makahinga." No wonder you looked pale there Raab. Hehe...

One thing that I've learned, discretion was something that did not exist in the vocabulary of Gerwin and Raab. Well, they were pretty amused with the couple on the other table and no I will not go into the details.

Damn we finished 1 AM and I am quite groggy writing this as I have not had complete sleep for the past two days but hey it was all worth it. I've been really happy. *tear rolls on the right cheek* nyahaha!

Anyway Gerwin, Jo and Raab...there was something that I kept from you last night. This one:

Hehe...I also have one and it was inside my paper bag last night.

I finally have the UP centennial jacket in black! Who cares if Ateneo and La Salle have Adidas to print their jackets. This one screams UNIBERSIDAD NG PILIPINAS. Angasan na ito!!!

And oh by the way Raab, this is definitely not the proper way to wear it:

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17 September 2008

Not A Path devoid of Clouds

I was very giddy to go to work yesterday, not only because this is my last week at MVC but because I was preparing a surprise baby shower for Ainee. I had it all planned the week before. I asked people to contribute for food, prizes and gifts. I bought a picture frame in which she could put a photo of her son for the first year. I did the groceries and cooked the hotdogs Sunday night. I was struggling to bring everything to the office: a backpack, my office bag and a paper bag. I bought softdrinks and junk food from the nearby store, and trust me my feet was killing me as I was wearing three-inch heels. But I love Ainee so I know it will be worth it. I even decorated the cake with Nips and printed out a perky baby .

The time came that I must lead her to the pantry where everyone was waiting. She was clueless about everything that she cried upon knowing that we prepared this for her.

Little did I know of what was going to happen next. Apparently all the while that I knew we were preparing a baby shower, they were simultaneously preparing a despedida for me. Super nagoyo ako.

I was really touched that I was on the brink of tears. All right I cried. Hehe. So it turned out to be a double surprise for Ainee and me. She thought that they were preparing a despedida for me while as for me, we were preparing a baby shower for her. Bravo officemates. Well crafted!

Mother and Mommy gave me a parting gift.

Everyone in the office gave me this frame with a prayer.

Our Prayer Wish For You

We wish you not a path devoid of clouds

Nor a life on a bed of roses

Nor that you might never see regret

Nor that you should never feel pain

No, that is not our wish for you

Our wish for you is:

That you may be brave in times of trial

When others lay crosses upon your shoulders

When mountains must be climbed and chasms must be crossed

When hope scare can shine through

That every gift that God gave you

Might grow along with you

And let you give the gift of joy

To all who care for you

That you may always have a friend

Who is worth that name

Whom you can trust

And who helps you in times of sadness

Who will defy the storms of daily life at your side

One more wish we have for you

That in every hour of joy and pain

You may feel God close to you

This is our wish for you

And for all who care for you

This is our hope for you

Now and forever.

I was deeply touched that I get teary-eyed whenever I read this. I will truly miss my surrogate family here at MVC. It was not always smooth-sailing, there were bumps along the way, but generally I was happy. It is always sad to leave but a new world awaits me now, I will be meeting other people. I will triumph and I will fall but I will forever carry with me the memories and lessons that the people here have imparted on me. I am taking on a new challenge. I am turning over a new leaf.

Hey, my new office is a good ten minutes walk away. I could always drop by

16 September 2008

When My Life Flashed Before Me


Anyway, I went beyond the wishes of my mother who went hysterical last Friday because upon stepping my foor inside the house and leaving my planner inside my room I immediately announced: "Ma, lalabas pa ako pupunta akong Katipunan!"

Of course my mother was like, you haven't even sat down and here you are announcing your exit to the door. It was a sudden decision to go to Blu Finn and meet up with my orgmates Mark, Yumi and Marco. Yumi was very persuasive bordering makulit. Super makulit. Haha!

So since they practically dragged me andi t took me four rides to reach Katipunan from my place, I did not spend on anything. They still looked the same from the last time I saw them, except that Yumi was...well on the "fleshy" side (hehe sorry Yums) and was a little too perky. It was like Yumi-on-the-albatross-sampaguita-scent version. And oh yeah, Mark has turned into a hard-core cradle snatcher. Peace bro!

Finally, after days of not having alcohol flow in my esophagus I was able to drink beer. Much better that it was for free. It was a very colorful, if I may say, evening. Sabi ni Marco magkamukha raw kami ni Glenn. Orayt. Friends kindly comment. Violent reaction sige na...haha!

Grabe hinalungkat ko pa yan! Disi-nuebe pa lang ata ako niyan at hindi pa uso ang digicam. Wahaha!

Then there was this vocalist on the band which looked and sounded like Narod. And in typical Joanna fashion, the moment Marco told me that, I glanced at the guy and then laughed out loud. Ooopsie.


I taught at Ahead yesterday and in one of my breaks, which translates to waiting for my student as my schdule was six hours straight yesterday, Zye and Sandy decided to play around with my make-up. Then in the middle of our salon session, one part of the ceiling fell, missing me by inches. NAIA Terminal 3?!

I was joking Sandy that my life flashed before me and I saw the light hahaha! Then Sandy kidded that I saw RJ for five seconds and we were playing tug-of-war because he wanted me to go with him. Hehehe. RJ ayoko pa, saka na tayo magkita. Then Sandy told Kuya Richie (the one fixing the ceiling) "Kuya kelangan maayos na yan, napatawad na nga ni Joanna lahat ng may kasalanan sa kanya..hahaha!"

Nah! I don't think so. It would take for the whole roof to fall for me to forgive this soon.

Haggard pala mag-prepare ng baby shower. Wala lang gusto ko lang sabihin.

I was supposed to meet with Ann (orgmate not the cousin) at Bubble Tea earlier but due to Manila Water pipes not bringing water to her apartment, she wasn't able to come. And bad, bad, Ann fell aslep waiting for the water that she totally forgot about me waiting for her for about two hours. So yes, I was kind of pissed.

But something good and unexpected also happened earlier.

As I was strolling around The Block, I happened to stare at one familiar face and that familiar face also stared at me.

It was Miguel. My uber favorite student of all time. Well, next to Kiko. Hehe.

Mamang-mama na ang bagitong studyante ko.I totally forgot how tall he was. At nawindang ako, bumeso! Nyahaha! Actually it was okay, I found it even amusing. Miguel is like my little brother so there's no problem with that even though I have never heard of any student doing that to his teacher. But as I've said we have this "ate-little brother" relationship.

Try ko kayang mambeso ng teacher ko, ano kaya isipin nun? How abour Sir Alf?

08 September 2008

Home to the Arms of Maria Makiling

Friday evening I decided that I will go home. Confused? By home I mean my alma mater, UPLB. I felt the need to run in the comforting arms of Maria Makiling and walk the roads that gave me so much tranquility back in the days.

So Saturday morning I packed my things and rode that red and white HM bus in Cubao. I was smiling when I told the conductor that I am "college"-bound. For those who do not know, when you say college around the Laguna area, you are referring to UPLB. I travelled for about 1 1/2 hours, got off at Caltex and rode a jeep towards the campus.

UPLB is literally a breath of fresh air. It is an escape from my toxic life in Metro Manila. I got off at the Vega Center and entered the UP gate. Realizing that I do not have any pictures of the campus when I was studying, I decided to snap a few.

This is the UP Centennial Logo which is very visible upon entry to the campus. UPLB is very active in the centennial celebrations of the UP system, even having their version of the centennial song even before the official one was released.

Meters away from the Carabao Park is the Academic Heritage Monument, more popularly known to UPLB students as the "Kwek-kwek" Tower as its flame reminds us of that deep-fried egg rolled in orange batter.

This is UPLB's oblation situated in front of the Humanities Building wherein I spent hours attending classes for subjects like History, Social Science, Philosophy and the like. And yes all of which I hated.

This mythical fellow is referred to as the Pegaraw: a combination of the Pegasus and the Tamaraw. The building at the back is the UPLB Main Library which I think I've only visited about ten times in my five years of college.

I've always found serenity in walking around the campus. Back then, whenever I felt hurt or angry I just walk around the campus whatever the time maybe. I remember that time when I actually strolled around the campus at midnight and Winston scolded me to the highest levels. I ponder on the things causing me to feel that way and somehow it soothes me. So that's what I did yesterday, I set foot on UPLB's sidewalks and tried to look for the answers within me and sort out everything that is happening.

Three years after graduation and it still works for me. Somehow I found that peace while walking. I just hope it would linger long enough.

Come evening I met up with my college buddies and spent the night just like the old times and that translates to quarter pounders (thanks sa pagiging late ni Winston hehe) and booze. To sit down and bond at the LB Square and reminisce about old times and about what we have become, the people that we are now, at Isis made me realize how far we have gone. Those were the times that I miss, the nights when we just let loose. Last night, I was truly happy.

It's really nice to be home.

02 September 2008

Why I Love Today

September 2, 2008 in Manila means September 1, 2008 in the United States. September 1 is a big day because...

It marks the second season of Gossip Girl. Oooh I would really want to know what happens next with Serena (Blake Lively) and Dan (Penn Badgely). And of course my favorite character Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester).

Right after Gossip Girl on CW is the sixth season of One Tree Hill. Now who did Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) call and asked to go to Vegas to marry him? I'm still hoping that it would be Brooke (Sophia Bush) thought it may be improbable. I just don't like Peyton (Hillary Burton). I also would love to see that adorable little Jamie!

And oh yes, I would finally get sight of the very gorgeous face of Michael Scofield (Wenthworth Miller) again as this day also marks the Season 4 premiere of Prison Break. Now where would the Scofield brothers head to after the 3rd season?

Ooohh...I would be using Bitcomet a lot and my PC's ready for some serious downloading. For those who want to watch the episodes online (as they would probably be shown here in about six months on ETC), you might want to check out www.sidereel.com.

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