31 August 2009

When Window Shopping Brings Red Mangoes

If you need any tips on how to waste a long weekend, you have come to the right place. I've spent the last three days eating then sleeping then logging in to Facebook then sleep again. The monotony just makes me want to cry. So I've decided to end this excitement by going to the mall.

Technically, I have a reason why I went to SM North EDSA earlier because I was to deposit my payment for the ebay transaction I made last night via G-cash. This must be my seventh online purchase (I'll make a different post about this once I get the goods).

I have two rules for online purchases:

1. Check the seller's feedbacks. The more transactions, the better. If the seller is from ebay, you are pretty safe if he/she has the power seller badge on his/her page.

2. I always go for bank deposits because nobody could open a bank account without presenting the proper IDs. If ever the seller turns out to be a fraud, at least you could run after your money.

Normally I don't pay thru G-cash but since the seller is a power seller and her feedbacks are 100% positive, I decided to push through.

So after going to Globe, I strolled and window shopped; until Pedro called. Pedro's an old friend from LB and I could say that we go a long way. He's working at the sixth floor of SM Annex and he just got off by the time I finished. I haven't seen him for a very long time and it was nice to have a little chit-chat with him. Well, we were supposed to eat but his ate called and was waiting for him at Trinoma so we have to do that some other time.

So anyway, if I had heard him correctly...he said that I'm different. Good different or bad different? Hmmm...

Well shopping turned out to be futile. My feet brought me to this instead:

Okay I took three pictures and forgive me but they were all crappy. I was taking pictures of my yogurt very discreetly as the old couple in front of me was staring at me like I was a freak. The woman probably wanted to ask "Hija what's so special about that?!" then I would have had to answer "Lola this is for my blog, so that my readers would see color in my page..." Then she would in turn reply "What's a blog?"; and then they lived happily until the mall's closing time.

This is my third fro-yo brand. The second was Yoh-gurt Froz located inside Hobbes and Landes but I wasn't able to make a review of it. I became curious of Red Mango because of the very long queue that their kiosk always has. I suggest that they get a really large space soon.

Red Mango is an international chain of frozen yogurt founded in South Korea in 2002. Anyway, I had the medium cup (115 pesos) plus three toppings (40 pesos) of mango, blueberries and cereal. You could opt for the green tea yogurt for an additional 5 pesos. Well I must say that for me, White Hat still wins because of the variety of toppings. Two of my beloved toppings, namely cheesecake and strawberry, were not found at Red Mango. I mean come on! You don't have strawberries?!

Nevertheless, frozen yogurt still makes this girl happy.

Red Mango is located at the 3rd floor of Trinoma near Toys R Us.

26 August 2009

Hey there...Chuckie?

This writer's block is killing me.

I've been wanting to write something witty but being the incoherent addict that I am, my thoughts are nowhere cohesive and interesting. Oh no I guess you wouldn't want to hear about my quest for this guy this morning:

Goodness Chuckie, I'll probably call DENR to place you in their list of rare Philippine species. Can you believe that I've actually been to three convenient stores just to find you? I actually lit up like those synthetic trees at the Quezon City Circle when I found you in C-Mart's chiller!

Anyway, so where do I attribute my lack of creativity? Well, thinking through maybe I've been really spending too much time on Facebook. Gawd, I'm not playing anything on this networking site (unlike some people I know who chew on Mafia Wars for breakfast so that they can get to Cuba nyahaha) and yet it eats up at least two hours of my day. That's 10 hours on weekdays and oh dear, 10 hours on weekends. If I sum up all my Facebook hours, it would constitute one whole day!

Oh I know let's divulge into the lessons I have learned the past few days.

Photo from flickr

1. Self-preservation. "Parties" are fun but it certainly would not do me any good. But then again there still are days...

2. The internet is very powerful; anything you post is for public consumption. Curious cats (like me) stalk not necessarilybecause of adoration but rather due to interest, intrigue and recently...entertainment. (*evil grin*)

3. Being too friendly could certainly get you into trouble. you know the harmless taps and touches? They could certainly color somebody else's world like Crayola's 64 crayons. Especially if your friend has the tendency to be feelingero.

Note to someone: Dear, I like you but not in the way you assumed that I like you. So this awkwardness that you are feeling, you brought this to yourself. I would like to believe that we're close enough to get past this. So I am going to treat you like nothing happened so please do the same. The stress you brought me actually got me to lose sleep (well at least an hour of snoozing)...and I hate not being able to talk the way that we used to. I love you dearly, to tell you the truth; and I'm afraid that if we don't get to fix this mess we've entangled ourselves into, we'll end up hating each other.

I must admit that I could be a bitch when provoked (and I had been the past few days). I was just irked about this matter and I could really be impulsive and irrational at times. Generally, I am a good girl...hindi naman talaga ako maldita, ibang usapan nga lang kapag dinali mo ang pride ko. I tend to retaliate and strike back. Having said that, I'm going to take out, polish and wear my halo now. *cheshire cat grin*

Note to another someone: Hey aren't you getting stuck in traffic anymore? I haven't heard from you in a while...

23 August 2009

Up with Time Travel

I got to watch two movies last week.

Up with Welai and Bob last Thursday...

Russel was so adorable I want to bring that kid without a chin and neck home! And that dog, Doug "Would you please be my prisoner?" Hahaha!

The Time Traveler's Wife with Ayen last Saturday...

I got stressed watching this movie. I cannot bear the thought of having a husband disappearing into oblivion every err...whenever?

Plus points: Eric Bana's bare butt :)

Whew! I'm not a loser anymore. I'm on a roll!

15 August 2009

I Want My Elbi Life

I think each of us has a sanctuary; that special place you run to in order to feel safe. Then when you reach that place, you suddenly feel that everything just seems fine and you get that immeasurable sensation of bliss after.

This is mine and I spent half of my weekend here:

It was last minute that I decided to head to UPLB last night for Xyruz's (ChE blockmate) post-birthday celebration. For some reason there was this dragging force which pulled me to go home to the mountains of Laguna. Well, LB has always been synonymous to carefree, laidback and fun for me and I always, always feel that I am truly home whenever I go there.

LB has also been changing with the times. Imagine, the whole campus is now a wifi zone and according to news, the Main Library is now always full due to students who make the most of the free connection and play Mafia Wars on Facebook. I remember during my time that the only time that I tread that slope going to the Lib was when I needed to get my ID sticker (meaning that I only head to that place twice a year).

UPLB people, remember Ankers? That eatery that gets all those mockery from Elbizens? Well look at this:

Ankers now houses three of the most high-end establishments of UPLB which I got to have a sample of last night for dinner with the Chemical Engineering friends...

Grande Cucina Italia

and earlier today with Angge (I'm sorry but I think I'll never get used to calling you Angel haha!) for breakfast...

Zhashal right?! This is the revenge of Anker's for all the insults and mockery. Kudos to the major revamp! Oh my God being the coffee junkie that I am, I would have appreciated if Boston Cafe was built like 5 years ago.

Good coffee + free wifi = A very perky Joanna

I am a Thai cuisine fanatic that back in my college days, I would eat at Ning's Thai at least once a week (I had a limited supply of cash you know...). There's a new Thai restaurant in the Demarses Subdivision area called Baan Thai where Angge, Pabs and I had lunch. Props to the girl who made an effort to get us an electric fan!

LB for me is a detached and surreal world and whenever I visit, I tend to do two things: food trip and take advantage of the cheap booze.

Grande's Puttanesca

Isis' Wengweng

Boston Cafe's Breakfast Platter and Pesto Pasta

Baan Thai's Pad Thai and Lemongrass Ice Tea

I actually wanted to go to Raymundo Gate and check if there was proven being sold today. Proven (pronounced as proh-ven) is a type of streetfood unique and very popular among UPLB students. But then I was too lazy to walk over there so I decided to let go of my proven craving.

Good food. Best company. Perfect atmosphere.

I am still (and I think for my whole lifetime) loving UPLB and all its greens. Nothing beats being home yet again to the loving arms of Maria Makiling.

Hello world let me now take what you have for me this week.

11 August 2009

Today's Stash: A4 Tech MK-650 Earphones

I have found music necessary in everything that I do. I associate certain songs with memories, be it happy or sad. When I'm perky, I listen to music. When I'm melancholic, I cry to music. When in rage, I unleash my fury through music. Oh well this post is getting lost somewhere.

Anyway my point here is, whenever I jog, I discovered that listening to my mp3s helps me tire less. My Creative earphones were with me through all the sweat (hehe), reason why it finally took its toll and baded this world goodbye. So I was orphaned.

Earlier today I searched for a replacement and I found my way to Electroworld at Trinoma. I needed a piece which is sort of like an earplug but would not create a hole in my pocket.

And lo and behold I found this:

Noise cancelling. Sound Isolating.
In-Ear Style
HIFI Sound Quality
Ultra Light-Weight
Powerful Neodymium Magnet
Bass-driver Sound
Ergonomic Design
Comfortable Fit

Speaker:Ø 10mm
Sensitivity:102 dB/mwat 1KHz
Impedance:32 Ω
Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz
Plug Type:Ø3.5mm Stereo
Cable Length:55in.

I have no idea actually as to what to buy, all I know is that 500 pesos for earphones is too much for me to part with (being the cheapskate that I am) so the moment I saw its price of 350 pesos (that's approximately 8 USD come on!), I decided to get one. And of course its pink color trumped the boring black of Creative. Along with it came a pouch and two extra sets of earbuds.

Upon reading the customer feedback here, I was very ecstatic that I had made the right decision. Imagine, five stars for every customer which left a review. That's quite a feat for A4 Tech!

And it goes perfectly well with my pink Sony Network Walkman.

I predict a happy run for me tomorrow. :)

Movie Monday

Finally! I was able to end my loser streak of being on hiatus from the big screen. Last night Ann and I watched this highly anticipated flick:

Spotlight on GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

I wasn't really a GI Joe fan, my only recollection of it as a kid was those puny plastic action figures. The movie was fun, not so much of a storyline but the visual effects are commendable. Visual palette if I may say as there was no dragging part in the movie. Fast-paced, just like how every sci-fi flick should be. The flashbacks were short but were necessary to explain the backstory as to what exists in the present. Alright, alright...much of my enjoyment was due to a shirtless Channing Tatum.

Sorry girls and gays (and maybe boys who are so envious of his chiseled body), I happen to have no shirtless picture on this post. You go watch the movie instead. Bring lots of rice then glue yourself to the screen. Haha!

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra showed on Manila, August 7. Starring Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans, Dennis Quaid and Sienna Miller.

09 August 2009

Cheese on a Sunday Night.

This girl is currently listening to:

As a college kid cramming for Organic Chemistry exams, I had incorporated the following elements in my system for a successful all-nighter: Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee, numerous packets of Dingdong, my dependable lampshade and Magic 89.9. Well, I had no TV in the apartment back then so radio was my only company on Sunday nights and being the mushy, cheesy and sappy teenager that I was (who constantly resurrects every full moon), I totally loved the masochistic crushing of my emo self while humming to Four Seasons of Loneliness. The program was known as Sunday Slowdown five years ago.

Fast forward to present: the name might have changed but the songs are still the same. Well, listening to these songs are not recommended for the emotionally unstable. It is utmost suicidal. Better tune in to some Lady Gaga instead.

Never underestimate the downing potential of sappy R&B.

Slowflo runs from 7PM to 12 MN on Sundays on Magic 89.9

08 August 2009

Treats for the Tooth Fairy

The thing that I have been actually dreading when I had my braces installed was to have some teeth extracted. Well the day came.

I just had two of my upper molars extracted (from the picture I lost numbers 5 and 12) and I felt sentimental that my set of teeth would be incomplete forever. I actually wanted to keep both for the tooth fairy but then it would probably just rot under my pillow so I left it at the clinic for proper disposal. No hot food for me and to my delight my dentist told me to eat cold stuff meaning that I have a valid reason to feast on Fro-yo and ice cream 'til I puke.

So this is what dinner tonight looks like:

I think I'll be stocking the fridge with Gerbers and Cerelacs for about a week. You know food that does not need much mastication. I'm still figuring out how to brush my teeth.

Oh no and the anesthesia's beginning to wear off. Aaack!

On other news...

I was supposed to tutor Miko at 10 AM today but due to unforeseen (?) floods in Malabon (I still shake my head on the "unforeseen" Hello we are talking about Malabon here!) and due to the fact that my dentist appointment was scheduled at 1PM, we had to move it at 2.

I always get stressed whenever we have a tutorial because it never, never happens that we start on time and he does not even text me that he'll be late. If only I did not need the extra income, I would have said no already. Can you please respect my time kiddo?!

So even though I knew that it would be really difficult for me to talk, bleeding and all, I decided to push through. Anyway much to my frustration is that their cousin, whose house we use as venue for our sessions, was not at home. Duh! Don't you even know that you should have texted me a tad earlier so that you'd know if he's gone hiatus in Timbuktu? And because of this his uncle wanted to us to hold our tutorial at the back of the car.


I wanted to cry right there and then.

06 August 2009

Subway Buy One Get One Promo!

In celebration of their 30,000 stores, Subway is having a Buy One Get One promo in all their subs today. Simply purchase a 6-inch sub and a large drink and you get a free sub of the same or lesser value.
Hurry and visit the nearest store in your area.

05 August 2009

Remembering the Yellow Ribbon

Today's events spooked the hell out of me. At the same time, it awakened my sense of nationality and made me realize how proud I was to be a Filipino.

I woke up last Saturday to a very rainy and gloomy Philippines. The heavens, as if on cue, had been weeping profusely for the death of the mother of our country's democracy and freedom: President Corazon C. Aquino.

Cory Aquino was the first President that my memory could recall. It was only through history that I have learned about her vast contribution to rekindle the fire of courage and give back the voice of the people. She took the people to EDSA, something that I only get to read about in books and watch in old news files being shown on TV every now and then. I was barely two years old, one year and four months to be exact, when Filipinos marched out to the streets and fought to get back the freedom that has long been stolen by a power-hungry dictator. I have no recollection whatsoever of a muffled Philippines as I was fortunate to wake up everyday to a sovereign country.

I must admit that I am not too keen on my politics and I have been apathetic for sometime on what goes on in the country. The first time that I felt I did the country proud was when I went to EDSA in 2001 to throw out Joseph Estrada from Malacañang. Looking back, I now am in shame for my contribution in giving the most powerful position in the land to yet another self-serving leader who now threatens what the most famous lady clad in yellow fought so hard for 23 years ago.

Today the Filipinos are once again united to relive and honor one of the greatest Filipinas who have ever lived. The overwhelming support and love of the nation for President Aquino gives me goosebumps. It clearly manifests on the size of the crowd who could not care less about the pouring rain as long as they could have a glimpse of her for the last time.

I have not been fortunate to meet the former President but I owe her much of the freedom and liberty that I am experiencing right now. Thank you Madame President for lifting the morale and fighting for the Filipino people. Thank you for affirming that the Filipino is indeed worth dying for. Thank you for allowing me to wake up to a free Philippines.

Salamat sa pagpapa-alala sa'kin na "Kay sarap pala maging Pilipino."

Rest in peace now Madame President. Your Ninoy is waiting for you.

04 August 2009



So here I was excited about going out tonight with the office gang and for some reason all of them bailed out! One holiday eve totally gone to the trash bin.

I'm still here at the office. I actually went out earlier already and had coffee with Banj. Goodness, 30 minutes inside Times Square in Pacific Star and my hair totally smelled like grilled squid. I'm currently waiting for Ann so at least I could have booze tonight. Now where the hell is that girl?

01 August 2009

Today's Stash: Cheapo Beauty Buys

Spotlight: Elianto Sweet Kisses Lip Gloss in Red Cherry

It was by fate that I discovered this one. I was loitering around the cosmetics section of Landmark testing makeup and stuff when I happen to pas by Elianto. The only Elianto product I own is my make-up remover which I bought in Kuala Lumpur last year. I have been forever procrastinating to buy make-up here becaus their stuff are made in Taiwan and due to climate differences, I don't know if the components of their cosmetics would suit Philippine temperature and complement Filipina skin. I was just trying the lip gloss when I saw that it was on sale; it was selling for 99 pesos. Upon chitchat with the saleslady, she told me that it was not on sale, rather that was its regular price! It smells good, tastes good and priced good! I think I'll buy another next time.

Spotlight: Nichido Juicy Lips in Apple Cider

I'm really not into Philippine made make-up. If ever I buy such, I only go for eyeshadows since I don't use them as often. One day when I was lurking at Femalenetwork, a lot of women were raving about Nichido lipstick in Apple Cider. Knowing that it would only cost me 88 pesos, (yes freaking 88 pesos!) what the hell if I don't like it then at least I won't feel terrible in purchasing it. I was surprised that it exceeded my expectations. Its consistency is actually good and the color is really nice. It is just the right shade of pinkish-brown.

Spotlight: G-Lish Blush Brush

I was looking for a good blush brush since I have been using the same brush for ages now. I don't want the uber big blush brush since it would not be handy and it would not fit my kikay kit. I was actually contemplating to buy the 7-piece brush set of G-Lish (costing 550) but then again, I stopped myself because I only needed the blush brush. So I bought this for 150 pesos:

The nice thing about this brush is that it is made of goat hair, meaning that it is softer than the usual make-up brush. Warning on washing: use shampoo as detergent soaps would damage the hair of the brush.

Spotlight: Department Store Brow Brush

Nothing really spectacular about this except that it looks expensive for this price:

I am amused with my buys. Till the next haul!

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