26 October 2009

Today's Stash: Amazing Race Makeup

After not attending any event that required me to be made up for a long long time, I realized that my make-up kit is quite missing out a lot. Having to attend a gala dinner for the IIAP Convention, I had to update my beauty loot. I had to leave at 1 PM on the 25th and I was at SM at 11:30. I was out by 12.

Now for those who know me, trust me this is unbelievable.

This loot is called the Amazing Race Makeup Dash.

I have been avoiding foundation since I don't want to look too made up and my pores tend to be suffocated with cakey make-up. Add to the fact that I breakout very fast with products that don't react well with my skin.

Anyway I bought this one:

I wanted a small tube, just enough for its purpose. Originally it costs around PhP299 but since I had the Belle de Jour coupon, I was able to get it at less 10%; roughly at PhP260. But then my skin broke out and I'm still figuring out if it was because of this. If it is, then boo to Maybelline mineral make-up.

I also bought these Elianto wedge sponges for PhP99:

Now let's go to the bronzer. I had been eyeing Shimmer Waves for about a week everytime I pass by The Body Shop before deciding to finally get one. Actually the fact that it was on sale at 40% off its original price of PhP1,195 (I got it at around PhP700) swayed me to buy it right away.

The sales person applied it on me and upon looking at the mirror, I realized that my makeup skills are way better than her. We're not aiming for theater here my dear, I don't need to be recognized 50 meters away with the amount of color you piled on my face.

I have been using dark brown eyeliner for two years now but I realized that it does not yield that drama for the evening look. No wonder I could not achieve that smokey eyes effect, nothing could substitute the effect of a black eyeliner. I got the famous Loreal Kohl eyeliner at PhP315 from its original price of 360 and bought a cheap sharpener from Nichido at PhP36.

Come to think of it, everything I bought costing above PhP100 was on sale! And I was able to do all of this in 30 minutes.

Now why the hell does it take me forever when I'm shopping?

24 October 2009

The Unconventional Road to Recovery

I never thought that it was actually possible to get sick because of so much stress but apparently I was no superwoman. Work has been eating me up lately that I wanted to diffuse into molecules. Thursday afternoon, I asked for permission if I could go home early as I was feeling way under the weather. Actually, I believed that if ever I would be the first case of death from Decolgen.

But then you thought the viral bug would stop me from going out on a Friday? Think again. Haha. Friday night I was already belting out to Celine Dion's It's All Coming Back to Me Now with the girls (oh well and 2 guys but that's beside the point).

Damn, we had no idea that it would be so difficult to find a videoke place on a Friday night. Filipinos really are a merry group of singing sensations, with or without gifted vocal chords. We ended up in this place called Maru at Jupiter St., which was our last choice but who were we to be choosy?

Colds and cough + belting out your lungs = not a very good decision

Well who cares? I had fun!

Today I met up with my friends from Ahead and had dinner at Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes located at the Katipunan extension.

Banapple is famous for their Banoffee Pie (which was the only thing I've tried before this dinner) but I heard that their entrees are also good and reasonably priced. Here are some of the food on their menu:

Cheese and Mushroom Pie w/ Potato Salad (PhP 100)

Lasagna Roll-ups (Php 140)

Chicken Parmigiana (Php 160)

And of course the cakes!!! The cakes!!!

I bought three slices home: Banoffee Pie (Php 70/slice), Strawberry Amaretto Cheesecake (90/slice) and Oreo Cheesecake (90/slice). Super worth the money as their slices are bigger that your average coffee shop cheesecakes which are about 120+++.

So there. Banoffee Pie and Cheesecakes trumped the itchy throat. This story ends with a big bold SUPER EQ FAIL.

18 October 2009

Today's Stash: Shining Shimmering Splendid

When I learned that there is going to be a formal dinner on next week's convention, I was giddy as finally I would be able to use that long dress I bought months ago. I was waiting to attend a wedding or a debut but unfortunately, there was no occasion that was apt for such clothing. So there, dress: check!

Until I realized that I have no shoes that would match it. So I bought these:

I don't know what's wrong with my camera but that is supposed to be gold (and not silver) and black t-straps.

Also since my hair dryer got busted I bought a new one:

And that folks is supposed to be purple.

Run Run Run!!!

I ran my first race today. I treaded 5 km of Quezon City concrete for the 1st Quezon City International Marathon this morning. I was pretty sure that I would not be able to reach the finish line still running as I did not train, nor stretch before I joined the swarm of runners as we huffed and puffed along Commonwealth Ave.

I clocked in at approximately 45 minutes. Not bad, at least I did not collapse. Although my pride could not take this time.

I was supposed to run with Ana and Gents but they did not anticipate the closing of the roads so they were late by 15 minutes but I was able to see them after the race.

Here's another pic with my mom who also finished (technically she walked haha) the race. I must say that I am proud of my 51-year old mom. Yes folks she is 51!

As I ran earlier I realized that I have a few necessities to buy which includes the following:

1. Nike Imara Run Pinkfire

Run free. A chronograph with lap memory and interval timers for run/walk training. Comfortable, simple and just the features you need.

43-lap chronograph
50m water resistance
Battery hatch on back plate / Easy replacement
Mineral glass crystal / Scratch-resistant
One-touch backlighting
Pre-curved polyurethane strap / Comfortable fit
Stainless-steel bezel / Durable
Time, date, alarm, 2 time zones
Two-segment interval timer / For run/walk programs and hard/easy training

And of course it's super maarte. Its color was named pinkfire for crying out loud.

2. Sport Armband for MP3 Player

I'm having difficulty putting my player in my pocket as I run so this could really be useful. Besides, it's maangas dude.

That would do for now. I'm eyeing another run next month and I am hoping that this time, I get prepared for it.

14 October 2009

Ooops I Did It Again

Okay I am too agitated to work.

*sings Britney Spears*

"I think I did it again..."

Note to someone: Too bad, I actually like you (not in the way that you would freak out. I found you nice and fun to be with) kaya lang medyo may pagka-feelingero ka rin pala. I'm still actually trying to absorb the fact as to how you handle things so high schoolish. Come on dude grow up! Nobody does the evaporating into oblivion thing anymore! Ano 'to? Maglahong parang bula school of thought? The Tao of Effervescence. The Teh of Dissipation. Quite frankly, you do not know me at all. Can we please rewind?

Jerk magnet is so one decade ago. Assumero (I officially declare this as a noun) magnet is now.

Beautifying Kape

I cannot resist the urge to take a picture of this while inside a convenient store:

Okay altogether now...


10 October 2009

Today's Stash: The Smock

I went on another shopping trip yesterday hunting for a long black cardigan (which was only now I have learned that it is called a smock). I was surprised that most of the stores were on sale and aside from what I was there for I was able to buy myself these:

Shirts at 400 each (50% off) from Kamiseta

This is what my smock looked like. Pardon for the picture, my photography skills need to be sharpened. Goodness what is that?! It just looks like an oversize black garment draped on a hanger.

Knitted smock (1,295 PhP) from Tango

Anyhow, this is how it would look more or less when worn:

I guess, having no gimik on a Friday night turned out to be more expensive.

09 October 2009

And the Next Stop Is...

Not only will I be heading off to Boracay next month but I just learned today that I will also be wading on the shores of this place in three weeks:

I will finally get to see the underground river!

Okay before you all get too giddy, this is not a trip for pleasure (I am not that equipped with moolah) but rather because of this:

I was just informed this morning that I would get to join the Petron delegation for the Institute of Internal Auditors - Philippines annual convention on October 25 to 28 to be held at Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

I must admit that I still am getting lost in the field that I am in. What the hell is a Chemical Engineer doing in Internal Audit? Oh well, I am not complaining as of press time.

Can I just say, Oh how I love my job!



05 October 2009

The Epic Fail of the Green Mango

So on again with another frozen yoghurt review. This time I decided to try Green Mango located at the SM North EDSA Sky Garden.

I give plus points to the interiors of this place; vibrant, colorful and makes you feel as if it was summer all year long. Sadly that is where the positivity of this review ends.

That ice thingy pretending to be frozen yoghurt was disastrous in every sense: appearance, texture and taste. It was coarse, a far cry from the consistency and taste of the previous ones I have tried which was Red Mango and The White Hat. The toppings were also so-so, the blueberries being pale and the kiwi tasting err...un-kiwi like.

No wonder it is priced relatively cheaper than the others. A large cup costs 88 pesos for the original yoghurt plus 30 pesos for 3 toppings. They also offer strawberry and chocolate flavored yoghurt (costing 20 pesos less than the unflavored variant) which I dare not try.

To cut the long ranting short...I did not like it a bit. Nuff said.

04 October 2009

1st Quezon City International Marathon

I run every chance I have but I haven't ran a fun or benefit run for the lazy hell of a reason that I do not want to drag my ass off the bed towards the race venue (which is usually at The Fort which is uber far from my house) at the wee hours of the morning. Simply put, I do not function before 10 AM as that is the only time that my sanity recuperates.

But I am running this one:

It wouldn't be so much of a hassle to get to the venue as it is a good 10 minutes (or maybe 5 at 4 AM). Plus, I will be running this race with my cool 51-year old mom. If only I get to look like her at that age. (And this would really go well with my goal to shed off pounds by next month).

Now I really have to start training.

Diet Revamp Season 2

One day...let's change that. One afternoon while I was buying friends on facebook, I realized something: Oh dear Lord, I am freaking getting fat.

I was stricken with panic as my Boracay trip is exactly one month from now; the quickest way that I can shed off the pounds was to crash diet and go on anorexia mode for a month but of course I was smart enough to realize that idea was way insane. So I decided to head to the grocery, buy some stuff and cook healthy.

Tsaran! Presenting tomorrow's baon: Rosemary Chicken with Worcesterhire Sauce and Marble Potatoes with Olive Oil and Basil. How fancy the names naman...

And once again it's the season to eat like a bird.

Dear Lord aside from a fantabulous lovelife, kindly give me the strength to continue eating this way. Kindly tell me every single day that chocolates are the devil.

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