15 March 2009

Curry Power!

I've been really busy and stressed lately because of the following reasons:

a. I have this audit project that's been ongoing for about three months now; and I feel like I'm heading nowhere. I've been working overtime for two straight Fridays and Saturdays now just so I can beat my deadline. There's just something wrong with waking up to the sound of my cellphone alarm on a Saturday morning.

b. There's a rumor going around Petron that we would not be getting midyear bonuses this year. I'm really looking forward to that because I need that for my dental expenses. I figured that it would probably take forever before I get to have my loan approved with SSS.

Heto na ang simula ng panghihimasok ng San Miguel...

c. I've magically lost 1000 pesos inside our house. 500 last month and 500 yesterday.

d. I've just discovered (via snooping on my sister's multiply account) that she did not take her midterm exams because she went to this boy's house (who by the way has a girlfriend) and stayed there the whole day. I'm really furious about this. I know that I have had my fair share of stupidity when it comes to emotions but never did I compromise my education for it. Come on! It's a freaking midterm exam!

What's getting on my nerves more? The mother of that boy! Kinukunsinte niya yung kapatid ko at alam na nga niyang may pasok hinayaan lang niya sa bahay nila! Kung sa tingin niya ay walang mali sa pagiging out of school youth ng anak niya aba eh huwag niyang kunsintihin ang kapatid ko!

I don't want to sound like I'm looking down on her but she definitely missed out on her GMRC classes in school. That is if she did finish school. Itsura pa lang niya, hindi ko na siya gagalangin.

I had a very eventful day today. Early this morning I went to the Salcedo Weekend Market and scouted for whatever stuff I could buy. I ended up shelling out money for Pad Thai (which I ate for lunch), chicken empanada (which I ate for breakfast) and a sort of chocolate mousse cake which I decided to bring home to my mom.

There was just one important detail that I forgot: I had to put the cake in the fridge.

But since I've watched too many episodes of Mc Guyver as a kid, of course I knew how to improvise. I placed my cake over a container of cold water, changing the contents every hour. Good thing nobody measures the level of our water dispenser.

After five hours of overtime I met up with Banj (who was working from home) at Coffee Bean GB3 and had chitchats over Mocha Mudslides. Then we went window shopping at GB5, she bought a curlash at Shu Uemura, more window shopping at Glorietta, got lost looking for New Bombay then finally reached our destination and ate Chicken Tandoori and Lamb Massala. And oh I loved my Strawberry Lassi! More Indian food for me!!!

And by the way this is officially my gluttony day

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09 March 2009

American Idol All Over Again

American Idol Season 8 finally completed its Top 12...or should I say Top 13! Of course the pimped are secured of their slots (Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, Lil Rounds *ehem*). I was freaking out when Tatiana, who developed that ridiculous accent in three weeks, would get a spot just because she is a character (an annoying one) on the show.

I laveht! Anoop-dog in the house!

My picks:

It's the year of the Indian race! After the huge win of Slumdog Millionaire at the Oscars, it ain't over yet for the people of Mahatman Gandhi. Anoop first walked in his auditon wearing shorts and loafers; not a star material indeed and as Simon quoted it he looked like he just came out from a meeting with Bill Gates. Hey, he went out to prove that geeks could sing too and his fashion sense tremendously improved ater that. I was actually crushed the moment he got cut out of the first batch of semi-finalists but I knew that due to his growing fanbase, he was a shoo-in for the wildcard round. I'm sure glad that Anoop-dog is back!

She's so suave that I am actually reminded of Gwen Stefani when I see her. Blues is her genre and she is very comfortable on that stage.

Alexis totally transformed from that boring plain-Jane look to this character that we see right now complete with the pink tresses. I like her because her voice is different, kind of sultry with texture. She is noticeable but not in that irritating sense.

I'm actually not aware of Kris until he sang Man on the Mirror and I noticed that he was really good. It helped that he also looked like Ryan from the OC. If only he is pimped out more, the producers could really milk those screaming tweeners who would vote for him. Well, I'm not a tweener but I like him.

It's hard not to notice Megan especially when you have that huge artwork imprinted on your arm. Last season, we do have Carly Smithson who is also a walking canvass but somehow it's kinda odd for someone who is as pretty as Megan to sport those tattoos. Contrasting I think is the proper term.

I liked Brooke White from Season 7 (though not many people would agree) because she is not your typical singing show contestant. She has this charm which transcends to the audience; she even plays the piano on foot. Same reason why I like Megan. She may not be the the best in this brood vocally, but I see how easy it is for her to be packaged as an artist.

Ooooh...this is going to be an interesting season. Let's see if the underdogs would get to win over the pimped out choices of the powers that be.

Fearless forecast: a guy would again win this season.

Photos taken from www.americanidol.com

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Take Me to the Beach

It's effin' hot!!! I officially welcome summer that I have been dreaming of waves and my subconscious could smell that distinct odor of saline waters.

Take me to the beach! NOW NA!!!


"I can hear it calling you I'm coming not drowning swimming closer to you"

Tama ba lyrics ko?

Because of this uber delight and excitement, I'm actually two swimsuits richer as of yesterday without even thinking if I would get to use both. Currently I only have one beachcapade on plan and that is my Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud trip on May. I would really like my feet to run in some other shores such as Puerto Galera, Zambales or Batangas. Yung hindi masyadong bubutas ng bulsa ko, wala na akong budget at magpapa-braces pa ako. Hehe.

Guys if you have beach trips take me with you!!! Let's sip some smoothies while basking and getting tan lines under the sun

Photo from www.deviantart.com

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