31 May 2009

Loser Moment Diaries

Thursday night I texted Al (officemate) that we have a loser moment the folowing day. In translation: magwasakan tayo ng buhay sa pamamagitan ng beer. Thursday was May 28; for those who are in the know it has been exactly one year.

Commemorating one year of kabobohan tsong.

Come to think of it, it has been a year and still what happened is so vivid in my mind that I could publish a comic book of the events that transpired. Ika nga ni Monette: Walang matalinong babae sa bolero at palikerong lalake.

(Joanna drowning in sarcasm: Ang popogi niyo kasi noh)

The anxious beaver that I am, psychological or not, I wanted the complete elements to soothe my nerves: friends, booze and sisig. Haha.

So there was I searching for friends all over because I so badly want the sensation of alcohol trickling down my throat. I wanted to laugh my intestines out that I texted George, who cannot make it because he had just came from a beer drinking session the night before that he is still recovering and getting back his senses through bowls of instant noodles.

Meanwhile, Welai was stuck in traffic coming from PBR that Al and I decided not to push through. Mahirap na, ma-issue pa kami ni Al. Haha.

I decided to text Banj, who replied two hours later while I was on my way to QC already aboard the MRT. Next was Ann who immediately confirmed without knowing if she would be able to get out of work and was once again drawing (for the nth time).

Buti na lang ever dependable si Ayen na kasalukuyang nag-shoshopping sa Trinoma. So from Makati I ended up in QC and had Red Horse and kebabs at DB. Yey finally I can chew beef!

Gosh ang loser talaga. Siya tama na, ayoko na mag-commemorate ng two years ng kabobohan.

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10 May 2009

What Made My Week

1. I have new clothes Shopping cures any anxiety attack of mine. Works everytime. I just spent 10 hours at the mall. Wahehe.

Well part of that was looking for flowers for my mother. Happy Mother's Day! (Segway lang haha)

2. I am not required to have my third molars extracted! No painful operation for me. Whipeee!!! Though it may be necessary at some point, but at least not yet. My orthodontist started inserting molar bands between my molars to create space. My braces would be installed by Saturday next week. Guess how many bands remained in place as of press hour?


Anak ng tokwa, goma pa lang hirap na ko ngumuya. Kumusta naman next week?

3. I just finished my Developing Effective Presenters Training yesterday. It was a very useful training for me since I do present a lot. It was a fun fun session.

We were required to present at the end of the session for comparison with what we did at the beginning of the session. Gawd it felt weird watching yourself with the rest of the class.

Joanna's plus points according to Ms. Porky (one of the trainors):
1. tall
2. slim (ehem siya nagsabi niyan)
3. good diction
4. fluent in conversing
5. commanding stage presence
6. thinks on her feet

*blush blush*

Now we were asked to critique our co-participants, give them both positive and negative feedback.

Joanna's minus points according to classmates:
1. walking while talking during entrance (a big no-no which I forgot)
2. eye contact was fast.

Then there was this guy who said this:

Joanna you look refreshing today. Just looking at you makes me want to listen.

Ay nahulog ang lola niyo sa upuan. Teka lang ha nasaan ang comment sa presentation ko?

Wait lang hahatakin ko lang hair ko.
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02 May 2009

For My Missing Chucks...

Dear Chucks,

I hope that whoever took (well stole) you from my shoe rack during Nanay's wake is very comfortable in wearing you on his feet. I also wish that he takes very good care of you as much as I did in the six months that we had been together. My my...we haven't even got accustomed to each other yet. It was a pleasure seeing Mayon Volcano and Calaruega with you. We also had a rough time patrolling the South Luzon Expressway during Lakbay Alalay last Black Saturday. I wish you have a good life ahead of you.

God bless.

Lots of Love,

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P.S. I am praying and asking Nanay every night to visit you and your new owner everyday. I'm sure she would be very glad to have a nice little chitchat with him.

Thrown to the Tip of Luzon

Joanna’s work assignment for last week: Aparri, Cagayan.

Hell yeah! I was at the tip of the Philippines for the last five days. See how far north I was? We could actually get signals from radio stations in Taiwan. Cool huh?

Since it was supposed to be a surprise visit, Beth (officemate) and I could not have anyone from the depot fetch us from Tuguegarao. Being the girl scouts that we are, we endured that horrible trek to Aparri on our own, an experience that I don’t want to ever repeat for as long as I am alive.

What made this assignment memorable? Two things top my list.

1. St. Patrick Garden Hotel
Our first concern was to find the hotel where we made reservations and we were quite relieved to know that the van would be able to drop us off exactly in front it. Well, our jaws dropped the moment we got sight of where we would be staying for the next four days.

If you have watched those creepy far-from-civilization-hotel-with-serial-killer-coming-from-one-of-the-rooms movies, then you pretty much have a picture of how our place looked like. Oh and bonus part: lo an behold the water from the faucet is actually colored yellow. The next day we begged the depot superintendent to transfer us to a better hotel. Thank God.

2. Jollibee

Now that I made a tally of what we ate for the last five days. (Sorry naman kung blurred at pinaste ko lng ito sa paint. Basta ang point lahat ng red ay Jollibee hehe)

*See the times we ate real food was only when we were taken out by the depot personnel.
** I mada pa-pam-pam to the Jollibee cashier when everything that I wanted to eat was not available. I stormed out in defiance. I ended up with a measly chicken sandwich.
***This was actually disgusting.

Niccolo’s and Hotel Roma by the way is in Tuguegarao where we stayed Thursday night.

Count the number of times I have eaten at Jolibee and my HELE teacher would have been very proud of how balanced and nutritious my intake was the past days.

And oh finally I was able to see the very famous Cagayan River which I was very fond of when I was in second grade. Goodness the winds here are fierce: 100 KPH. Well they say that this is where the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean collide and argue. so if you fall from a ship in this region, don’t worry I will pray for your soul.

Eto maayos-ayos pa…

Ok lumilipad na talaga buhok ko

At kailangan ko na talaga siyang hawakan friends.

Pardon the kabaduyan of my outfit na parang na-time warp sa circa 1990s complete with the bitin pants. EEEw. This is my official “harabas/pang-akyat ng tangke” get-up.

Appari’s main livelihood is alamang. So kids, winds with speeds of 100 KPH plus alamang everywhere…do the math.

So we left Aparri upon completion of our task and stayed in Tuguegarao. I met up with an old and much missed friend, Maan.

Niccolo's Grill, Tuguegarao

Sad to say, my camera died on me so we weren’t able to take more pictures , like uh…one which had all three of us? Beth and I had to settle for my phone’s cam so that we could take a picture of the cathedral this morning.

St. Paul Cathedral, Tuguegarao, Cagayan

And this was Beth’s idea: to prove that we were indeed in Tuguegarao.

Oha! Oha! Nasa Tuguegarao talaga ako!

Would you believe that there was not one decent souvenir shop in Tuguegarao? I had so much high hopes for key chains and magnets. Tsk…tsk…

I’m actually kind of sad as this is going to Beth and I’s last project forever!!! An opportunity came and anyone would have done what she did. Good luck on your endeavors in Ayala Land.

Next stop? Secret muna

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