30 July 2009

Today's Stash: Red Earth Sweet Serenade Blush

I realized that I've been gifted with the skill to find good deals on shopping whether on regular prices, on sales, online and even on ukay-ukay. So I decided to include my stashes and splurges and regularly post it here on my blog. Para naman hindi lang puro kadramahan ng buhay ko ang nababasa niyo rito. I think shopping is one of the things that I am definitely an expert at.

I've been using my Mary Kay blush for almost a year now and it took its toll on me already soi went on a hunt for its replacement. My skin tends to be super picky on make-up that I have no choice but to use branded products. So no cheapos like Ever Bilena or Fashion 21 for me. It was a toss coin between Red Earth and The Body Shop; I had 24 hours to think. The Body Shop's blush costs 650 pesos while that of Red Earth was 925. But then, Beauty Bar was on sale so after the discount, Red Earth's would cost 695. And also, I was able to have it applied on me and I loved how natural it looked.

So after thorough pondering I finally had my new blush:

The blush color was named Sweet Serenade and is a combination of pink and peach and can be used solo or combined. The only con is that it only weighs 3.5 grams. So I guess I would have to find a cheaper alternative that won't break my skin just so that I can use something in alternate with it. Now there goes my next hunt!

29 July 2009

Addicted to Fro-Yo

I am a bacteria culture fanatic, reason why as a kid I always had my daily supply of Yakult in my lunch box. My mom introduced me to yoghurt in a very funny way: as palaman in my pandesal. Eeeew right?

Anyway, I have always loved yoghurt and I was amazed that just like the pearl shake, it has boomed into one hell of a fad. And boy am I loving it!

Spotlight on The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt.

Ayen and I decided to try The White Hat Italian Frozen Yoghurt (whew! quite a long name they have don't they?) at the newly reconstructed SM City North EDSA Annex. It was my first try at frozen yoghurt and I was not disappointed at all! White Hat rocks! With over 21 toppings and delectable yoghurt base, this is heaven! From other reviews I've also heard that they are the best right now in the market with Red Mango being the only competitor at the same level. I'm going to try that also to have a better comparison.

Although it's quite pricey as it costs 85 for a 4 oz. cup and 115 for a 6 oz. cup. as for the toppings, 25 for single, 35 for double and 45 for triple toppings. My hat contained 3 toppings: blueberies, homemade cheesecake and dark chocolate drops while Ayen opted for the more healthy one having blueberries, peaches and kiwi. Her hat was actually a myriad of colors. I was just not able to take a picture of it. At first I thought what I put in my hat would not go well (come on blueberries and dark chocolate? Who the hell would think of that?) together but the hell it tasted really good!

It's quite obvious that I am going back, isn't it? :P

27 July 2009

We Never Went Out. Period.

A friend texted me yesterday if I was able to see Ice Age 3 already. Being the loser that I am, no I was not able to watch any movie after Angels and Demons; meaning that I am the only one in Metro Manila who has not seen Transformers 2. Alright, with the exception of Banj I guess. So I replied, no I haven't seen it yet.

Apparently there was this guy who was so giddy in telling people that we went out. Props to him for the detailed story of watching Ice Age 3 and that he took me to dinner at Italianni's.


First of all, all you did was ask me out; make some plans which up to now remained plans and never materialized. So how come that you got to do all that with me?

So no we never watched Ice Age 3 and no we never ate at Italianni's and no I never went out with you so no you don't get to brag that I did.

Delusional ka na ata pare ko.

Super hectic Saturday for me; started with bowling at 9 AM and I (along with Bob) also had special encounters of the third kind with this oldie who should have cast the stones at herself first.

Imagine accusing us of point-shaving when in fact one of her teammates was so blatant in throwing off his game just to lower their ranking.

Paano ang galing-galing ko kasi kaya can afford akong magbenta ng bowling game. Nyoknyoknyok.

After that I headed for Glorietta for the Belle de Jour Rendezvous and I was super late.

Late by 1.5 hours hahaha! So I didn't get to participate in the raffle. Sad. Anyway, it was so amazing to see Dona Cuna-Pita, I have always wanted to see her in person as I have been reading her stuff in Cosmo. And I got to go home with freebies as well.

Come 7 PM I had to meet Ria at Trinoma so that we can bond before she goes back to Dubai on Tuesday. Girltalk with crepes. Yum!

Raab made habol (ang ang arrrteh lang haha!) at around 10 PM.

12 July 2009

Test Bob's Patience Day

As I have had my "pahabain ang pisi moment" I give this day to Bob. Today is "Test Bob's Patience Day."

Exhibit A: The Lunch Incident
As part of our ever so tedious preparation for the bowling tournament next week, we (Welai, Jon, Bob and I) were required to practice this morning. Goodness!

Okay segway lang...I was surprised at my game today. It was not something spectacular but boy had you seen me play about a year ago you would have praised the high heavens for my performance today. Last year if your score was lower than mine, you're in deep shit. But then again, I hit my shins with the bowling ball while throwing it on the lane. Who does that?!

So back to lunch.

The four of us were so very hungry that we would probably consider hopia as gourmet. After scrutinizing the restaurants at Greenhills Shopping Center we decided to eat at Flapjacks and how we wish we hadn't.

Gawd! For people who haven't had a decent breakfast, you do not make them wait 30 minutes before serving them their food. If you do, better take away the knives from their table because even though they are not pointed, I could probably find a way to protrude it through your temples.

Seriously, how long does it take to fry a chicken?!

We stayed there for a solid one hour with only 15 minutes spent on the actual chewing...and Bob looked like he was about to strangle the waiter.

Exhibit B: The Elevator Incident
Since Welai had to meet her boyfriend (yes kelangan kasi talagang lumablayf), Bob, Jon and I decided to head to Glorietta and pacify ourselves with Dairy Queen Blizzards. I was practically drooling with visions of Chips Ahoy Blizzard from Ortigas to Makati. But before we do that, we must first return the department's service at the office.

So we went to our office at the 38th floor to return the keys and off we go! Then we realized that the elevators stopped functioning.

In fairness kung hindi nasira ang elevators, hindi namin ma-eexperience ang sumalampak sa floor at hindi ko mararanasang humiga sa reception area.

But dang! We were stuck for a good 45 minutes before we were fetched by the service elevator! We could have been at G4 already savoring ice cream but no we just had to be quarantined at the 38th floor.

And who was the most irritated of them all? Bob.

Exhibit C: The Jeepney Incident
So we finally got out and was on our way to Glorietta. We rode a jeep at Makati Ave. with some other passengers. When we reached Greembelt, there was this lady who realized that it was her stop and yet she hadn't paid the fare. So she had to scramble for change in her wallet which cost us another five minutes.

Then Bob looked at me and said: Ayoko na mag-comment.

Funny, somehow I knew that he was going to say that. Hehe.

Then when the jeepney reached Pasay Road it made a U-turn, so no we would not be getting off near Glorietta. The moment the driver said "Hanggang dito lang po kami", I immediately get ahold of Bob and said "Huwag kang magwawala." Hahaha.

Funny it really does come in three's. This is definitely not a good day.

Pero mababaw naman si Bob, aircon lang pala ng Landmark ang katapat niya.

So what about my day? Today is "Test Joanna's EQ Day"

Ang mag-window shopping ng walang pera ay suicidal. Bow.

07 July 2009

Today's Stash: F&H Maxi Dress

I tried so damn hard to stop myself but I was just not able to resist this and gave in...

How could I not when this was the case?

I love maxi dresses and I love the fact that I am tall that I could pull it off. Ok nuff of the excuses...mababa talaga EQ ko pagdating sa shopping.

Alright mababa talaga EQ ko period.

04 July 2009

Home on a Friday...Geez.

First question I ask myself tonight: what the hell am I doing in front of the computer on a Friday night?

Ria and I were making plans of crashing over at Banj's place (with Banj of course not knowing this) and drink to our gut's content tonight; but then Ria had to undergo this eye thingamajig and since her operation required stitches, she probably looks like somebody stung by a hive of bees. So no, even though I love alcohol, I love Ria more.

Actually this was a pretty boring day. (Haha and I've actually tricked you into reading and witness how my bland day turned out to be)

Had breakfast with Bob...
Went to read about stuff posted in the intranet...
Then decided that plurking is much more enjoyable...
Slept at lunch...
Lunch/merienda with Bob...(shocks kelangan ko na ng friends...haha peace Bob mahal kita!)
Read project materials...
Got really bummed and decided what the heck uwi na nga ako!

So there to pacify myself I decided that I would get a scoop of Sebastian's. Alright so I am making this as an excuse to get a cup of butter pecan, I need my ice cream fix! Besides somebody told me that I'm getting thin. Stressed thin. The kind of thin that does not look healthy. Tuyot thin.

But hey for me any kind of thin is good! As long as I'm losing weight

Then Mother Alma said "Anak magpadilig ka raw kasi." LOL.

So there I have every right to eat ice cream. Wala ng kokontra.

When I reached Trinoma, I found myself in a very tortuous situation. Look left and Mango is on sale. Look right and Promod is on sale. Look straight and Zara is on sale. And I did not have to look at another direction to know that Beauty Bar was also on sale.


I must have really done something very bad. My finances are totally fucked up that I am seriously contemplating on how to reach the tenth without getting hungry. Seriously. Ganito ako ka-poorita.

So I just made myself happy with this:

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