29 September 2009

Gotta Love Birthdays and Promos!

Before the wrath of the storm hovered over Metro Manila, I was with my beloved grade school friends, Ayen, Ghe and Gerwin at Shangri-la last Friday to celebrate Jo Anne's 25th birthday. We decided to have dinner at Secret Recipe and discovered these:

Secret Recipe is a casual dining cafe which started in 1997 and has several branches across Southeast Asia in cities such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and just over a year ago it opened a franchise here in Manila. I fell in love with this cafe the moment I got a taste of their award-winning Marble Cheesecake.

Enough. I'm drooling already.

Anyhow back to the promo. It is really a good deal as you get to have full portions in every serving. Imagine, lasagna + minestrone soup + iced tea + choco mud cake for only 199 pesos when the price of the lasagna alone is already at 150 pesos. You may also opt to upgrade to any cake of your choice plus coffee for an additional 100 pesos (though I suggest you skip this to get your money's worth).

Of course, in every birthday you need to have alcohol (and yes the operative word there is NEED) so we found our way to Agave for this:

Okay this is like my third margarita:

And since we were in a Mexican restaurant, we obliged Gerwin to buy us nachos (as a punishment for being late):

Oh how I love celebrating birthdays! Again, Happy Birthday Girl!

Secret Recipe is located at the 5th level while Agave is located at Streetscape Level 1 both at the Shangri-La Mall.

28 September 2009

Rising Up After the Storm

I would have wanted to write something about Typhoon Ondoy (international name: Ketsana) but unfortunately I have been disconnected from cyberspace for the whole weekend. People have been losing their properties so I wasn't at all pissed with my dysfunctional internet connection. That would have been so shallow of me...especially when Metro Manila was placed in a state of calamity.

These were pictures of Cainta, Rizal that I received through e-mail:

This is Katipunan Ave. See Jollibee? This is the National bookstore Area infront of the Ateneo (Thanks by the way to Ella --> I got this from your blog):

It was alarming that people I know were evacuating their homes. My boss' house had neck-deep waters last Saturday. A friend's store was submerged and everything inside were washed away. It was the first time that I witnessed waist-deep waters at the gate of our village; with children using salbabidas to swim.

Everything was just so depressing on TV. Save for Kris Aquino who practically got everyone to donate to the ABS-CBN Foundation in the 12 hours that she was blabbering on TV. You got to give her props for that. I wanted to help and this morning I was given the chance to do so. I spent the entire morning doing this:

Petron Corporation is doing its part to help the typhoon victims and in our own little way, we the employees did our share. In an article written on the Philippine Daily Inquirer on September 27, 2009:

“We have opened our service station network to receive cash and relief goods in Metro Manila, and in major cities and towns in Luzon and Southern Luzon including stations in Palawan, Mindoro, Masbate, Marinduque and Catanduanes,” Petron said in an issued statement.

“We are closely coordinating with the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC), the Private Sector Disaster Management Network (PSDMN), Corporate Network for Disaster response (CNDR), DSWD and Tulong Para sa Pinoy (Help for the Filipino) relief Operations to ensure that our efforts reach those in need immediately,” Petron added.

To read the rest of the article click here.

For more information, the public can contact Petron Foundation through Malu Erni via mobile 09175672307/

25 September 2009

Today's Stash: Yet Another Pair of Flats

Okay so before all of you react "Didn't she just buy a pair of flats the other day?" with matching scratching of your scalps, let me defend the meltdown of my EQ.

Yesterday, I was searching for an undereye concealer as the yellow one in my Red Earth concealer palette was long finished.

I now consider undereye concealer as one of my necessities as I do not possess eyebags and dark circles; I am donning undereye luggages. Anyhow, I went to Beauty Bar but I was not too keen on spending much as my current concealer palette cost me 1050 pesos. So I decided to get a cheaper alternative at Landmark.

As I was heading towards the department store, some magnetic force brought me to this store called 158 Designer's Boulevard. I was attracted to this nice pair of Steve Madden flats:

Well, Steve Madden could not be cheap alright and it wasn't but then again when I looked at it's price tag:

People, now tell me how could you not buy that?! I just saved myself 3400 pesos! So even though it looked somewhat alike the pair I just bought the other day (except for the material) this is an effin' Steve Madden pair and no I won't apologize for swiping my plastic to purchase it.

As for the main reason of my shopping trip, I was able to buy this Tone-correcting concealer from e.l.f.

Well they have pretty decent cosmetics at prices that won't burn a hole in your pockets. I got a shade lighter than my skin color as that is how you shop for undereye concealers.

I'm pretty happy with my loot. Oh no, happy is quite the understatement of the week. I am ecstatic with my purchase! Haha!

24 September 2009

Would the Toads Stop Pestering Me Already?

Jon (officemate) surprised me the other day, while we were driving from our shopping errand back to the office, by asking me how girls reject guys. Translation: Paano ka nambabasted?

Anyway as the conversation went along he told me that he sees me as someone who made a lot of pambabasted already because he thinks of me as a girl who is choosy. Okay folks, I beg to disagree. I'm low maintainance. Bring me to an isawan and I would be as giddy as a five year old inside Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. But of course I wouldn't be a hypocrite and say that cheesy hell of a one-liner "kahit sino basta mahal ako." Puhleez. Nobody would dare say that in this day and age.

Let's just say that I had been unlucky with this thing called love. There were times that I have been oblivious to those guys who were showing interest. One had issues and no I do not see him as anything more than a friend. Well as for the other...let's not go there. But for most, my interactions with the male species had been unfortunate. They say that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get to the prince. My case is a little bit different as I kissed the prince(s) first but then they eventually developed gills and turned into amphibians three months after. After six months they have mastered the A-E-I-O-Us of croaking. Amazing right?!

Note to God: Dear Lord, I am not asking for spectacular...with what I have been getting, normal is perfectly fine. See? I'm not choosy right?

In short: I'm not choosy. May saltik lang talaga lahat ng lalaking dumidikit sa'kin. Sad to say, hindi ko na control yun.

22 September 2009

Today's (Boring) Stash: Black and White

Well yeah...I just realized when I got home that everything I purchased was in black and white.

Anyway, I gave up my afternoon run to search for the perfect black flats as my shoes are killing me and I cannot use the rain everyday as an excuse to wear flipflops. I thought this quest would be easy. Tsktsk...I guess everyone has experienced going to the mall looking for a specific thing to buy and you end up with nothing. But when you have no money to spend suddenly everything just becomes appealing. Whoever said that shopping was easy?!

I was at Charles and Keith, Schu, CMG, Celine and VNC and for some queer conspiration of the cosmos, they all do not have a pair of black flats that was worth the attention of my eyeballs. Okay there was this pair at Schu but it was nowhere a pair suitable for work.

So anyhow these are my pitiful purchases (after crossing from Trinoma to SM North and back and enduring four hours of merciless listening to Christmas tunes):

In fairness, these patent flats were on sale and they were pretty comfortable. I wonder why I did not bother to go inside the department store right away.

And uh..there some little stuff that I think I need for work.

Okay, even I gag at the sight of how blah my buys were. I'm hoping for a more exciting shopping trip next time.

15 September 2009

Cebu Food Tripping: Lemongrass, Casa Verde and Krua Thai

The main reason I was in Cebu was for work; and by work I mean major gas girl duty. During my five days there, I was able to go up 10 storage tanks and count 25000 (oh yes no typo there) cylinders of LPG. Because of the type of work that we do, I guess we deserve to live comfortably during our stay right? My home for the past few days was the Cebu City Marriott Hotel.

Marriott has got to be the best hotel right now in Cebu add to the fact that it is a stone's throw away from Ayala Center Cebu.

There's jut this one thing that I really hated about this hotel...WIFI ACCESS WAS NOT FREE!!!

Boo Marriott for this. Imagine charging their guests P320 for an hour of wifi! Reason why I had to go to Coffee Bean to surf and do my facebooking.

I also take advantage of eating out on restaurants which is unique to the place I am visiting whwnever I am being sent o the field. In Cebu, I was able to go to three.

Spotlight: Lemongrass
1st level, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu

Lemongrass serves Vietnamese and Thai dishes and I was able to have dinner there last Friday courtesy of my cousin Siegfred who is working at Lexmark just across the street from Marriott.

Here comes the food!

Yam Palomari

Bagoong Rice


I enjoyed the spareribs and it went along well with the Bagoong rice. I was just disappointed because the Yam Palomari, which was supposedly the appetizer, was served last. Being the OC freaks that we are, we did not start on the other dishes as we wanted to eat in order. But then again it has prawns (which I am allergic to) and I am not a very big fan of pineapples so i do not know why there's a big buzz about this dish.

Spotlight: Casa Verde
69 Ranudo Extension in Ramos, Cebu City, Cebu

I have heard a lot about this place and I have been wanting to try their famous ribs the first time I went to Cebu for vacation last December. However, it was only last Sunday that I got sight of Brian's Ribs...and boy was I shocked.

Well before we go to the star of the show, we ordered something healthy...

Let's Go Green Salad with Chicken

...because we were preparing for this:

Brian's Ribs

Would you believe that humongous serving of of ribs with mashed potatoes and veggies only costs 168 pesos?! You would not get that serving for that amount anywhere. And I mean ANYWHERE. This dish is evil as it totally had me threw my diet out the window.

Brian's Ribs gets all the stars in all constellations. *drools*

Spotlight: Krua Thai
1st level, SM City Cebu

I think I have mentioned a number of times already how I am a fanatic of Thai cuisine. One stressed out Monday evening, we found ourselves seated in the comforts of Krua Thai.

Commercial: I want these for my bedroom. They are so pretty.

Now back to regular programming and the food we gobbled up:

Pad Thai Goong Sod
(Thai Fried Noodles w/ Shrimp and Tofu)

Por Pia
(Thai Spring Rolls)

See Krong Moo Lad Prik
(Sweet and Spicy Spareribs)

Yam Ma Muang
(Mango Thai Salad)

Lemongrass Iced Tea and Thai Iced Tea

My verdict? Disappointing Thai restaurant. For me a Thai restaurant is defined by their Pad Thai (this is just me as Pad Thai is up there on my favorite food list) and theirs was nothing spectacular. Also, the mango salad tasted like your ordinary burong mangga. Actually the only thing I found notable was the spareribs.

What did it actually for me was the lack of a condiment I find synonymous with Thai food: CHILI FLAKES.

The moment the waiter told me that they had none, I knew that this would not be good.

So there because of the gastronomic feast (which compensates the stress of hardwork), I think I gained weight. Boohoo.

14 September 2009

Today's Stash: Cebu Abubots

I’ve been here in Cebu for four days now doing my gas girl duty of climbing storage tanks and counting LPG tanks; but no this is not about the excitement of my work, rather this post contains my loot for the day.

Cebu is known for its danggit, mangoes and handicrafts. I found this area near SM Cebu (just ask the taxi driver to take you to that handicrafts area near SM hehe) selling native accessories and I got myself the following:

Well, I’ve been dubbed as *ehem* fashionista, and I have loved accessories ever since I have laid my eyes on my mother’s pearls back when I was ten. During my five-year stint as a financially-challenged college student, I managed to stretch my measly alowance (alright my mom's going to kill me for this) by selling acessories to my classmates and even supplying to certain stores in LB. Accessories complete and add spice to a boring ensemble; a unique neckpiece would turn a blah outfit into a trendy piece. You just need to have the gift of coordination to learn how to pair it with your clothes. I'll give you little tips.

These chunky neckpieces would go well with crisp-collared button down blouses or a plain shirtdress:

Meanwhile these long ones could spruce up tops which are either round neck, tube or those which are assymetrical, boatneck or sabrina cut:

These darlings would go well with neutral tees:

These scream the white sand beaches of summer:

Would you believe that all of these only cost me *kaching kaching* 170 pesos?! Okay let us convert it to US dollars and this would translate to $3.50. Amazing right? *wink*

07 September 2009

The Five Love Languages

I took this quiz done by this group for fun.

As I read the results it amazed me as to how accurate this was. Hay...what boredom and the gloomy weather does to me.

Rain + a window + sappy R&B = *kaching kaching* drama mode on!

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Physical Touch
with a secondary love language being
Quality Time.

Complete set of results

Physical Touch:
Quality Time:
Words of Affirmation:
Acts of Service:
Receiving Gifts:


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

06 September 2009

Good Thing I'm Allergic to Prauns

Instead of going to the Pisay Homecoming, I decided to meet up with Ann (who was training at Trinoma for her mountaineering thingamajig) to bond and watch this flick:

District 9 is not your usual "alien-landing-on-earth-then-rule-over-humans" movie. In fact, its setting is not even in the United States; the ETs, better known as Prauns since they look like your everyday crustacean, chose to land and multiply in Johannesburg, South Africa. Now why the hell would they want to spend their time on such a pitiful surrounding when they could reside in...let me guess Basilan maybe?

The movie tackled the irony of today you're in...the next day you're a social experiment and they want your tissues and brain cells. It's also different in the sense that the Prauns, being the strong creatures that they are, are still dominated by the humans.

After the eerie and somewhat yuck-infused flick (and we were eating taco bell while watching somebody puke), Ann and I headed to Coffee Bean to chat and catch up.

Oh and before I forget, let me discuss the reason why we flock CBTL. It is mainly because of the Swirl card, which for me trumps Starbucks any day.

I've had a CBTL Swirl card since 2007 and they have revamped the card, in appearance and rewards, this year. Aside from the usual perk of gaining 5 points for every 100 pesos spent, cardholders also get to have free wifi access at any CBTL branch. Every point gained is equivalent to 1 peso which can be used to upsize or purchase the yummy goodies of CBTL.

For more information visit the CBTL Swirlrewards website.

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