31 December 2009

2009: The Beeeyatch Meets the Ox

Truthfully, I had no intention of writing down the things that transpired on the year that was. It was a good balance of joy and tears, of happiness and pain; just enough spice if  may say. But then Donna *ehem* happened to be bored and got me to sit down in front of the computer to give in to her request so here goes what I call...


1. Got a really short haircut...not once but thrice.
2. Migrated my blog from multiply to blogspot.
3. Swam regularly...well for the first half of the year at least.
4. Ran my first fun run.

5. Went to Palawan and experienced the underground river.

6. Had numerous coffee dates with Banj.
7. Got regularized at work.
8. Lost my Nanay in April...and I miss her every single day.
9. Lost my first Chucks.
10. Got new Chucks.
12. Rooted for Kris Allen in American Idol.
13. Set foot in the far far away land of Aparri.
14. Went to work late gazillions of times.
15. Had a new eyecandy...
16. ...then realized that he's really just for looking at.
17. Finally had braces installed.

18. Tried Ace Water Spa.
19. Fell in love with Sebastian's Ice Cream...
20. ...only to find out that I love frozen yoghurt more.
21. Discovered Marty's Vegetarian Chicharon.
22. Attended a Belle de Jour Rendezvous.

23. Tutored a friend's brother algebra...
24. ...whose delusional other brother press released that we went out.
25. Got set up on a blind date which ended up on a drinkfest instead.
26. Actually watched 2 local films, Kimmy Dora and I Love You Goodbye at the cinema.
27. Drooled over Derek Ramsay.
28. Got hooked on Pinoy Big Brother.
29. Had 2 friends, Beth and Diane, get married.
30. Monitored Bob's water intake.
31. Wore a bikini on the sandy shores of Boracay on my birthday...without board shorts. Kudos to Ann, Narod and Cat!

32. Got pissed drunk.
33. Went back to UPLB.
34. Volunteered to pack relief goods for the typhoon victims.

35. Discovered Agave's unlimited margaritas.

36. Opened a plurk account.
37. Went on to have a 6-day work week.
38. Learned that there are just some things that you cannot change.
39. Tried pulpy vodka.

40. Danced to the windmills of Bangui.

41. Found a look a like.
42. Got a new CBTL swirl card.

43. Ate Lechon Cebu.
44. Learned that age does not really equate to maturity.
45. Shopped at an international bazaar.
46. Got flat broke.
47. Had an anti-cervical cancer vaccine.
48. Lost my favorite watch. :(
49. Hosted a bowling tournament.
50. Discovered Topgrill and their cheapass 25-peso beer.

51. Bought cosmetics on an international site.
52. Revamped my make-up.
53. Mastered the art of online stalking and got information I wish I hadn't known. Teehee!
54. Got really really busy that I wish I get bored for a change.
55. Was really upset with friends who cooked up something behind my back, which I later found out.
56. Met new people...some I like some I don't.
57. Learned to eat breakfast.
58. Danced in front of a crowd at the company Christmas Party.
59. Actually drove 2 kilometers. Woot!
60. Bonded over and over with the girls Ana, Banj, Lizzy, Ria and Giulia...

61. Officemates Bob, Welai and Jon...

62. Meris Peeps special mention to Ayen, Ghe, Jo Anne, Pia, Pima, Gerwin and Raab...

63. Chem Eng friends Raqy, Aien, Cherrys, Pabs, Wins, Xyruz and Diane

64. Advised friends on love or the lack of it.
65. Realized that Mango, Zara, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins could really ruin one's life.
66. Drank beer on a sunny afternoon.

67. Almost got picked up by a foreigner while waiting for a cab.
68. Almost donated my sister to PAWS but then again what's new?
69. Fought tooth and nail for airline promo tickets.
70. Got fat then thin then fat then thin again.
71. Most used words of the year: sabaw, tumbling and pampam.
72. Bawled at work for the first time.
73. Had Ainee and Ethan leave for the US for good :(
74. Some days I was eaten with guilt...most days I didn't really care.
75. Ironed up ties with an old flame hehe.
76. Had a pseudo-boyfriend.
77. Claimed 2 Starbucks planners and one CBTL notebook which I won't get to use...but then again I didn't drink most of the coffee; Bob did.

78. Was failed by my EQ countless times.
79. Had four birthday celebrations.
80. Realized that I shouldn't be investing in those which have long rates of return.

Well I know people are expecting the juicy stuff. Haha. Here goes nothing.

81. Rejected someone who wanted to take care of me. Sorry I do not want to be taken care of...by you.
82. Got rejected by someone. Ouch ego jab.
83. Magnetized the greatest feelingeros in her surroundings. OMG seriously guys?
84. Unleashed her maldita mode. Okray galore!
85. Got deleted in a facebook acount. Twice.
86. Stopped being accommodating to the person from the past.
87. Cried.
88. Got angry.
89. Decided that I will do everything I could to propel myself forward and forget all the things that hurt.
90. Learned in April that he's getting married on January 2010
91. Was on rebound mode.
92. Accidentally entangled myself with a sort of a new guy. I did say I was on  rebound right?
93. Flirted.
94. Got kissed and kissed back.
95. Fooled around.
96. Then got dumped? But then we were never together so I guess that wouldn't be appropriate. I actually do not really know what happened. Oh well.
97. Found out later what a huge waste of time that was.
98. Got a phone call in the middle of the night from the same guy getting married next month. He was drunk. And he told me he remembers me. WTF? Call your fiancee.
99. Figured that there's no turning back because I have nothing to go back to. The only way is forward.
100. Will end this year by leaving all the crap behind. Focus on the good and forget the bad.

Time to part with the Ox now. I'm so ready for the Tiger. Come on bring out your claws! RAWR!

30 December 2009


Parang kailan lang we were blockmates in college...

...studying all nighters
...reviewing at Mc Donalds
...nag-aalay ng itlog sa Sta. Clara
...watching premieres


Today, Diane got married to her one great love Ian and with a baby to boot! I'm really filled with happiness for you girl. Lots of love always! Mwah! Mwah!

29 December 2009


I found two items at S&R earlier today which brings me happiness.

Chunky ice cream...

and good old Jose.

Oooh Jose I can't wait to have a taste of you on New Year's Eve!

Yummy Tatami!

Since there were only a few of us at work today (well technically only Jon and Bob were on leave but still that makes only seven of us) which kind of makes a year end party stressful, the bosses decided to just eat out. Nothing beats just sitting on a chair, pointing out your orders and exercising your jaw muscles. Anyway we ended up in this little but cozy Japanese restaurant at Serendra called Tatami.


 Enough of the ambiance, let's skip the talk already and go to the food.

I really enjoyed the Tatami Salad. One order is good for four people already, it's just that I wasn't able to get a picture of the whole thing before the waiter just jumped into tossing the greens. So I took a picture of Chevy's plate instead.

Tatami Salad (PhP 235)

Japanese is almost synonymous to sushi and sashimi so we got the California Maki and Mixed Sashimi  I'm not a really big fan of raw fish but kudos to the presentation of the sashimi! It was actually one major factor why I decided to partake in it (even though it was so pretty).

California Maki (Php 235)


Mixed Sashimi Regular (PhP 415)

Can I just say that I lurrrrved the Tofu Chicken Steak Teppanyaki. Oh well maybe it's because I'm actually in love with everything tokwa.

Tofu Chicken Steak Teppanyaki (PhP 275)

Funny it actually looked like this one:

Assorted Seafoods Teppanyaki (PhP 350)

Oh right it was only now that I realized that they were both Teppanyaki. How's that for someone who doesn't care what she puts inside her mouth?

And God forgive me but I ate one of these...

Ebi Tempura (PhP 525)

...which had my throat itching in 2 minutes. But then who cares! I'll just double the dose of Claritin. Hehe.

Well Tatami's a bit pricey than your usual Japanese restaurant but that is good money spent on their food. Too bad the boys were not around. Nah! It only means more food for us.

Verdict: 4.5/5 chopsticks

28 December 2009

Today's Stash: The Impulse Buys

The reason why I went to the mall today was to buy a shawl and accessories to pair with the dress I borrowed from Ana for Diane's wedding on Wednesday. I bought the shawl alright (which was really cheap):

Shawl from SM Department Store (PhP 120)

I decided to just wear a hair accessory to the wedding instead so I was in the hunt for the perfect one that is not "masa." I am a huge fan of Blair Waldorf (I love her from head to toe) but God-forbid I wouldn't be caught wearing one of those Blairbands, you know those with the ribbon on the side? I bought this cute hair ornament (yes this is not your typical headband) from Egg. The flowers are so maaarteh...I love them!

Hair ornament from Egg  (PhP 350)

Now here's the bad part. I was supposed to go to White Hat at SM North Annex to have my fix of froyo when I saw my mom and sister in line at the IMAX Theater to watch Avatar, which by the way I still haven't watched because of the insane long lines. Come on! People were lining up to buy tickets for another day! Reason why I watched I Love You Goodbye instead with the ChemEng people last Saturday; which I did not really mind as long as I have my shirtless Derek Ramsay on screen. *drools*

Well anyway, my mom and sister failed to see that the tickets for that day were already sold out so we went shopping instead. My mother was looking for a pair of leggings and guess what two hours and a gazillion stores after, she went home with none while I capped off the day with these:

Shirt (Php 595) and Denim skirt (PhP 1750) from Dorothy Perkins

Now could someone please remind me that I'm going to Bolinao on January, Potipot on February, Coron on May and Hong Kong on July 2010 (in which Bob thoughtfully replied "paanong remind yung may kasamang batok?). Yeah he's that SWEET. Anyway I told him to hold my card hostage already and do not return it to me until July next year. Haha.

Altogether now:


27 December 2009

One Big Love

I watched this on the big screen to show my love and support:

Never mind that Angelica Panganiban gets to kiss Gabby Concepcion who's old enough to be her father.  Eewness to the heavens; although Angelica was really good. Never mind that Kim Chiu looked like somebody who has not eaten for a decade. Never mind that the only amusing thing in this movie is actually Matet de Leon. Just one man's shirtless scene and I'm sold.

Yeah that goes out to you Mr. Ramsay. Mwah!

25 December 2009

Day Before Christmas

Because I was a bright child, it did not occur to me that one of the most idiotic things to do is to have my braces adjusted the day before Christmas. Anyhow, there was no other time for me to do that so I just had to endure the torture on Noche Buena. No folks, this is Noche Buena and no foreign metal object in my mouth could stop me from partaking in it.

Well after going to the dentist, I had to stop by the office to get my Magic Sing because I was not able to bring it home after or Christmas party. I only have two arms and for me to be able to bring it home that night calls for four. But then some spirit cast over me and had me walking towards Regine's Salon at the 2nd level of Anson's and before I knew it I was seated under this very hot thingamajig having my hair cellophaned and getting a haircut after. A good 2000 pesos there; no I don't have any closeup shots so don't go looking for it on this post.

Two hours after the spirit had me buying these (bad spirit bad!) for my holiday ensemble, yes this is needed.

This one because I needed new leggings and I happen to be near Zara. Teehee! Forgive the floral bedsheet, that's not my bed.

This top from Mango looks shapeless on a hanger but looks fabulous on someone with curves. *winks* Pair with a thick belt and chunky accesories and you're all set!

Another Mango top. I love the fit and I love that blue tongue sticking out at you. =P

For the nth time, I'm using this excuse for again throwing my EQ off the window: It's Christmas :D


23 December 2009

Santa Daddy =)

Today the package my dad sent finally reached our doorstep. For Christmas I got these:

 Sony Network Walkman and Swatch Irony

Merry Christmas Daddy dearest. Mwah!

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