28 February 2010


Yesterday has got to be one of the most stressful days of my life. And I'm not kidding.

First hurdle:
Friday, I finally completed my 20 10k-runners for the Globe Run for Home and I planned to register them after class the following day at SM Megamall. I had it all planned since I was to have dinner with my batchmates at the same place at around 7 PM. I went with Bob at the Globe Center only to find out that the only available singlets were sized XL to XXXL. We asked the person manning the registration if other sizes would be available within the week. He said he's not sure. I asked if he could call the Glorietta branch to ask if there are available singlets there. He said he did not know the number.
Ok that's it. You're an imbecile. Go find another job.

Second hurdle:
I called Lia, who was in charge of the 3k and 5k runners, to tell her that there are no more singlets available at Megamall. Luckily, she was on her way to Glorietta so I asked her to call me if there are available sizes there.

Ten minutes later she informed me that the 5k category is closed! Panic! We have 20 5k-runners also and I do not know what to do with them. For the fear that if I register the 10k runners later they would encounter the same fate as that of the 5k-runners, I decided to meet up with Lia at Glorietta and register my batch there.

Third hurdle:
Since the MRT seemed to have decided to piss off all their commuters by not releasing stored value tickets, I had no choice but to get in line at the Shaw station. So there I was waiting for my turn to reach the counter only to realize that I had fallen in line at the "Exact Fare" window. Good thing I was able to scramble for loose change. I entered the station and was at Ayala 20 minutes later.

Only to realize that I was no longer holding the envelope containing all the runners' forms.

I asked the guard at the Ayala station to call the guard at the Shaw station to ask if my envelope was still at the Exact Fare window. No way I was going to call those 20 people and fill up their forms one by one. Good thing they found it. Bad thing I had to go back.

Fourth hurdle:
So fine, after going back and forth I finally reached Globe at Glorietta. Apparently, the universe is not yet through with me because the only singlets available were sized small; other sizes would be available by Monday evening. Crap.

What the hell? I registered all my runners anyway; at least they already have a slot. Even if I had to go back there on Monday for the race kits.

And oh yeah, I registered Bob as well. Even if he finds utmost joy in mocking me. Gotta love girlfriend duties.

Birthday greeting:


Big on Bigby's

I first saw Bigby's when I went to Cebu December last year but I did not get the chance to eat at the Terraces branch at the Ayala Center. Bigby's Cafe was started by 3 friends in Cagayan de Oro City and has 8 branches in Visayas and Mindanao. Last year, they penetrated Metro Manila and opened a branch at The Atrium of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong.

I met up with my Petron batchmates Nax, Paul and Jen (who came with her boyfriend Rex) for dinner at ther Megamall branch last night to sample a couple of what they offer. I was surprised at how generous their servings are.

Food Trip Platter (PhP 349) - Love the quesadillas!

Kimmy Chunky Stew (PhP 229) - Surprisingly good.

Passion Fish (PhP 199) - This is humongous! Perfect for sharing.

Grilled Rodeo Chops (PhP 255) - Tastes like ordinary porkchops according to Paul.

Baja Fresh Wraps (PhP 195)


Soup and Ceasar Combo (PhP 189)

Food was laid down fast on our table but the waiters keep on forgetting whenever we ask for additional stuff such as water or salad dressing. Ambiance was good and food servings were generous. However, I was not wowed with the food, just so-so for me.Reason why I was surprised that people are wiling to wait for a table and that most of the reviews about Bigby's was good. Anyway maybe that's just me.

Verdict: 3/5 spoons

27 February 2010

When You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands *clap clap clap*

This has got to be one of the happiest food (and drink) I have ever seen (and tasted):



It's so happy I think it jumps on its own.

Anyway this is a happy day for me, well technically yesterday since it is already past 12 but that's beside the point. Haven't been this giddy in such a long long time and I hope it stays this way for a couple of more days...or weeks...or better years!

Birthday greetings:

Hugs to both of you!

26 February 2010

Yes, It Only Happens in the Movies

"Okay na ko e. Pinilit kong kalimutan ka for two years. Tapos ngayon babalik ka kasi libre ka na? Kasi pwede mo na 'kong mahalin? E putangina mo." -Mia Samonte

I had difficulty shielding myself from this one.

Wednesday night was "office jologs night." 4:30 PM I, along with Bob, Welai, Shella, Jason and Ms. Mayette were already on our way to Greenbelt to catch Miss You Like Crazy, mind you on its first showing day. My bad that I felt the Greenbelt cinemas would not be full (come on we are at the prime "coño" spot here) but to my surprise, we entered the cinema 20 minutes before the screening time and the only seats we could find was that on the second row from the screen. Why hello there John Lloyd! You're so huge!

Now why was I anticipating this film so much that I actually watched this on the big screen?

This movie tackles infidelity, of getting involved with a commited person; of love that was not fought for. Love that was later found years after. People who know the story of my life would get to see the parallelism of Bea's character with mine. I was Mia Samonte once; only I was not the one chosen. Yes I was left waiting at that ferry station...and there was no Allan Alvarez (John Lloyd) who crossed the oceans to fight for me.

Enough. I'm over and done with that phase now.

In the earlier part of the story, I was deeply affected by how spineless of a creature John Lloyd was. Well maybe I was biased. Anyhow, why is it that when someone as charming as he is having difficulty choosing between two women you still get to empathize with him? Just wondering.

I still don't believe that such a story would happen in real life. For most, we have the tendency to play safe and stick with the situation for convenience's sake. I applaud those who have the guts to take the risks.

Somehow, I am still hoping that I would get to meet someone who will make me jump and take that risk with him.

Back to the movie, One More Chance is still the best John Lloyd-Bea flick to date.

Verdict: 3.5/5 buckets of popcorn

23 February 2010

Next Target. New Route. Going the Distance.

I'm pushing myself further this time. I have decided to run 10 kilometers for the Globe Run for Home on March 21. Runs are getting costly so I have to choose carefully which ones I would join. Race categories are 3, 5, 10, 15 and 21 kilometers. The deciding factor for me was that this time it would not be held on the usual venue of Bonifacio Global City and instead it would be along Ayala Avenue starting from the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Route Map for 10km

Now I really hope and I pray that I would not crawl up the Buendia flyover...well I could let myself roll down if I cannot pick myself up anymore.

Kidding. Ano akala niyo sa'kin? Wimp?

See you on the 21st!

21 February 2010

Me the Sporty and Disturbed Kikay

Today I ran one of the most attended, celebrity-studded and highly expensive races I have ever joined. Frankly, running should be the cheapest sport as it does not involve any equipment at all save for a good pair of running shoes. Alright so maybe how this race was organized and the freebies given compensates for the chunk of money paid but still I hope that this will not start a trend.

Anyway more than the race itself, it was fun seeing old (and current) friends:

Photo courtesy of Jenrik Orila

Boohoo! I did not even had a glimpse of Derek. Bummer.

Anyhow...loot post.

After having been through different concealers, I decided to go back to MAC. I shouldn't have left it in the first place. Now we are reunited.

I also bought my third stick of the Prestige Eyeliner in Espresso. I love this one. Don't you just love retractable eyeliners?

Oh and before I forget...Ann and I saw this one at a store in Megamall.

So could you please explain the concept behind this one? In fairness, pioneer in the target market. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

***And then Joanna rolled all over the place. The End.

Lets Go Sango!

It was one of those days that I didn't feel like being productive; for Christ's sake it was a Saturday and I was burning my butt off by sitting in class. Long story short: I decided to cut class. My stomach was conversing in fluid gastric talk to my brain and told it that it's time to eat, and my feet took me to this place called Sango! the Burger Master located at the EDSA Shangri-la Mall.




I went for one of the meal bundles consisting of a Chicken Teriyaki Burger...

Master Fries...

and this cool Honey Dew Melon Soda. Gotta love the green color! (They also have it in Strawberry and Plain Calpis - which frankly was the first time I've heard of such and I do not have any idea what it is.)

The meal bundle costs 210 PhP and I added an additional 45 to upgrade the regular fries to Master Fries. It was money well spent! I lurrrrrved the food and I would go back for more.

Now if only they had sliced the lettuce in my burger instead of folding it into four. Seriously, it is not the easiest thing to stuff into your mouth.

Verdict: 4.5/5 burgers

Sango! is located at Unit 612 Level 6 of the Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

17 February 2010

Valentine's Day on Valentine's Day

Ever since I could remember, Valentine's Day has always been like any other day. This year I actually thought of toting around a barf bag. Well, I spent it with my good friend Ann (who has just made her descent from a climb that day) and watched this:


Valuable lesson learned: Watch a movie at The Podium. Trust me, just when every other SM and Ayala mall has uber long queues, this mall is deserted!

Anyway, I've been anticipating Valentine's Day ever since I saw the trailer. This movie is nothing spectacular but it was light and entertaining.

What I found amusing in this movie:
1. Taylor Swift who embodied the population of the giddy teenagers in love. Ang adik lang niya dito. With her storyline came the most notable quote of the movie: "Young love, full of promise, full of hope; ignorant of reality."
2. Jessica Biel and the whole "I-get-nauseaous-every-Valentine's-Day" attitude.
3. Anne Hathaway  "adult entertaining" while seated on the pavement.

But the best storyline, hands-down, has got to be...

Eric Dane, aka Mc Steamy, being stroked on the face by a bundle of yellow orchids by Bradley Cooper while sleeping on the sofa.

Oh my God that got me laughing my guts out. I was laughing even when the movie has long finished. I was laughing until the next day actually. Blame it on a mental picture that I could not shrug off my head. Don't get me wrong, I don't have any problem with gay relationships. As a matter of fact, I love my gay friends to death. They give me perspective especially on matters of the heart and relationships. It's just that...this hits close to home. Hahaha. I regretted not actually bringing a barf bag; didn't realize that it would really become handy.

Oh and I would just want to share that I bought this pretty locket from my friend Nax for only 150 PhP. Sweet.

Know What You Eat

I have been eating this for quite sometime now but it was only the other day that I flipped the package.

Gaano naman katamad ang gumawa nito?

13 February 2010

Single Awareness Weekend

I officially cemented my star status in Petron by agreeing to be on a suicide mission: to host and sing at the company's Valentine Party.

with fellow emcees Jon, Laine and Adam

 Roses for Sale (na wala man lang bumili para sakin. bitter?)

Oh yeah this is me channelling my inner Mariah

Ang hirap kumita ng pera. Emcee ka na..ikaw pa rin ang entertainer.

I must admit that this is a guilty pleasure. I am a certified Pinoy Big Brother fanatic and I've been watching it regularly since the first season. For this season my big winner is *drumroll*


Kras ko siya walang nangengealam.

Seriously, of all the housemates, I believe that Paul Jake was "totoo" in every sense of the word. He played the game really well, being competitive but not sacrificing his relationships with the other housemates. This is a competition after all.

I hope he wins tonight. *crosses fingers*

It is the day of hearts tomorrow and I am (still) single. I plan to wake up really late then go to the mall with my mom to buy a shirt for my dad, hear mass then go home.

Oh and I plan to bring a barf bag with me just in case I get nauseous with all the cheesiness around.

06 February 2010

Derek..I See You...

I'm running this one:

Since I haven't ran regularly for quite sometime now, I'm doing 5 kilometers. Darn I would have wanted to push myself and go for 10 but that would probably be close to suicidal.

Well the biggest consolation of it all is...DEREK RAMSAY IS GOING TO BE RUNNING WITH ME! Well along with about 4000 other runners but what the hell?


The first time I heard of Momo Cafe was when it was featured on a lifestyle show on TV. Back then, its only branch was that on Robinson's Midtown Mall which is located at Ermita, Manila and having no relative, acquaintance or friend who would want to trek over there from Quezon City, I was not able to sample their food. To my delight they opened a branch at the veranda of the new Eastwood Mall.

I was with girls for lunch at Momo last Sunday and we were not disappointed. They even gave us complimentary bread sticks with a very yummy parmesan dip. Servings were huge and food was very MOMOlicious!

Bread Sticks with Parmesan Cheese Dip

 Herb Pumpkin Cream and Bacon Bits (PhP 120)

 Grandma's Country Herb and Bacon-Wrapped "Meatloaf" (PhP 395)

Pan Roasted Shiitake Mushroom Crusted Norweigian Salmon (PhP 385)

Of course after eating you have to have something refreshing to drink. I was delighted to see on the menu that Momo was offering different types of iced teas. Ria and I sampled two.

Blueberry and Strawberry Iced Teas (PhP 95 each)

After we paid our bill, the waiter gave us our change with chocnuts on the side. A very sweet ending indeed!

The only thing I did not like is that most of the entrees on their menu is good for sharing meaning that you have to eat in groups to be able to sample at least a variety of what they are offering. Other than that I have nothing bad to say about this place.

Verdict: 4.5/5 chocnuts

Momo Cafe is located at the Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall Veranda, Quezon City.

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