30 March 2010

Sew the Girl Up

Okay don't squirm. I had dental surgery today. I had my impacted molar on the lower right side of my mouth removed. It was a walk in the park.

Are you kidding me?!

Gah it was so painful and would you believe that one tooth took two freaking agonizing hours to remove?! The dentist was actually alarmed that I bled a little more than the usual, and I was given quite the dose of anesthesia that I was groggy afterwards. I'm still bleeding and I am living on mefenamic acid.

Oh and by the way...I am starving!!!

Can I die now and rise from the dead next week?

28 March 2010

Summer Loot

So this is like what? My third post for today? Well technically only the second, it just so happened that my post for yesterday got finished at 2 this morning. Anyway I cut my class yesterday in favor of shopping. My butt was just so eager to get off that squeaky conference room swivel chair that the moment the afternoon break was decalred I immediately scooted off.

Welai and I were supposed to go to Cash n Carry because I ran out of perfume already and I have to go there before we transfer to Ortigas. For those who do not know, this pseudo-mall is the best place for PX goods. Perfume, testers and not, chocolates, vitamins etc. Name it, they have it. I got my first purchased perfume here months ago.

Image courtesy of strawberrynet.com

I just bought a tester, it's the same stuff anyway. 400 pesos more for a decent box and cap? Who needs that? I ran out of it already do I bought a new perfume.

I got 100 mL of Moschino I Love Love at PhP 1350. The non-tester type costs PhP 1,700. I cannot explain the scent but it is the right mix of floral, fruity, sweetness and freshness. Basta it's super mabango. I was supposed to buy Elizabeth Arden Green Tea as well but it was a good thing that I didn't because the moment I got home, I found this huge balikayan box from my father. And guess what's inside?

Summer stuff:

The dress  and skirt was amazingly from Landmark Department Store. They were so cheap that any girl would buy them in an instant and I am not embarrassed to declare that they are cheap uber inexpensive. Honestly,  I actually do not have any use for them at the moment. Well as for the tank tops, I need them. Nuff said.

Getting the Fish Out of Water

All it took was a relocation. Five months after the IIA-P Convention in Palawan, Welai, Rem. Benjie, Roger and I finally got to have dinner. Funny that it took us that long when we are all working in Makati. Well not for long anyway; and Petron's move to Ortigas served as the catalyst for this get together.

We decided to try this place:

The phrase "fish out of water" actually means being in a situation where you are not accustomed to. This restaurant disproves just that as it has a cozy homey feel perfect for get togethers and catching up. Their menu even has stories of different escapades of people and their romances with the ocean. Fish Out of Water is another restaurant from the Red Crab group. It is a fusion of European, Mediterranean and Kapampangan (cool) cuisine. It specializes on, you guess, seafood; perfect for the lenten season.

Crispy Changi Buterflied Tilapia (PhP 295)

I officially declare this tilapia in coconut cream sauce as one of my favorite seafood dishes. It's do damn good that I think I could finish this one on my own. I was just too shy to hoard. I'm a fan of spicy dishes and this one just rocked! Yum!

Fish Head Curry (PhP 359)

Another spicy dish which I also enjoyed since I love curry, though not as much as the tilapia. This is cooked with Malaysian flair. Frankly, it could have gone without the pineapples. Just not a fan of that fruit.

Secret Garden Chopsuey (PhP 375)

Of course we had to have vegetables. Okay this is my idea, knowing the healthy eater (well trying to be) me. I cannot function if the meal does not have greens, it feels incomplete. Fiber more fiber! I'm just disappointed with the absence of brocolli.

For drinks I had the Lemongrass Iced Tea while Rem and Welai had the very pretty Mango Melon Shake. I was right that the Iced Tea would taste like Strepsils Lemon Teehee! And well, mango melon is mango and melon; not that hard to figure out how that would taste like.

Lemongrass Iced Tea (PhP 75)

Mango Melon Shake (PhP 95)

I must say that the two fish dishes we sampled were quite different and it was the first time that my taste buds encountered entrees of that sort. My only complaint is that service was quite slow. And oh that moment wherein we had to blurt out "FISH!" while having the waiter take our picture. Does he actually know how idiotic that looks?

Tip: Order the tilapia!!! 

Verdict: 3.5/5 spoons

Moving Out

This week has been sad. We are saying goodbye to what we they have called home for the past 11 years. I've only called it mine for one and a half and yet I am deeply saddened.

Long story short. Since we were acquired by San Miguel and they are centralizing all their acquisitions, they ordered us out of our beautiful building the Petron Megaplaza to move at the San Miguel Head Office Complex. Well, it won't be called that anymore. I cry for the day when that blue and red logo be removed.

We had been busy shredding papers...

boxing our stuff...

...and labelling the boxes.

Okay I'll be honest. I hate hate hate this move. I We resent it so much that some of us were moved to tears the moment the handyman went inside our room to disassemble our stations. We say goodbye to our spacious office...

the sunset...

...and the view from up above.

Goodbye Makati! Hello Ortigas! Goodbye Glorietta, Greenbelt and Landmark! Hello Megamall, Shangri-La and Podium! Goodbye buildings! Hello car tires and tree roots! Seriously. They placed us below ground level. WTF?!

300+ employees dispersed previously on 14 floors are now cramped in 3. From a very modern workspace, I felt being timewarped to the 1980s. Their, I guess I should refer to it as "our" now, office is very..errr...antique. Think of wood, pebbles and sepia mode.

And can I just say that I really really resent hate loathe this move!!!

That's my newly carpeted but yet old office space in SMC. Did I mention that I loathe it?

26 March 2010

Malcolm's Place

Who the Hell is Malcolm Anyway? Well whoever he is, he sure did a good job. Let me introduce you to Malcom's Place.

Malcolm's Place is a cozy small two-storey restaurant located at the corner of H.V. Dela Costa and Tordesillas streets specializing on a fusion of American, Continental and Mediterranean cuisine.  Tres (a good friend of mine from college) and I had lunch at this place before I move out of Makati. He was amazed and decided that he liked the place already five minutes into the restaurant.

They were giving out complimentary fried wanton wrappers with garlic mayo dip. Whee I love free stuff!

For starters we ordered the Kani Crunch Salad. Tres wanted mangoes and I have always loved Kani and this is is probably one of the best salads we have tried. It's not your usual kani salad with japanese mayo, rather they serve it with their homemade oriental dressing.

Kani Crunch (PhP 190)

We both ordered pasta. I loved loved my Salmon Says which is spaghetti with smoked salmons, capers and lemon cream. If you are going to eat here, do not miss this one!

Salmon Says (PhP 265)

Tres got the Pasta Ala Inno which is according to them is a personal favorite and named after the famous designer Inno Sotto. It is an infusion of extra virgin olive oil, sun dried tomato, shrimp, garlic, anchovies.

Pasta Ala Inno (PhP 300)

Of course a meal is not complete without dessert!

Banana Split (PhP 135)

Loved the food. Loved the ambiance. Loved the service. Truly I am a fan!

Verdict: 4.5/5 spoons!

Birthday Greeting:


24 March 2010

Are You Sweet or Savory?

Latest from Krispy Kreme

Get ready for a sweet indulgence as you savor the delicious new surprise Krispy Kreme has in store for Filipino fans.

Hit the Krispy Kreme Ayala Avenue and Greenhills branches and satisfy your savory cravings and sweet tooth with the new Krispy Kreme Baked Creations.

Bite into the freshly baked goodness of the Kruffins-- an American style hand made muffin, filled with rich and delicious fruits, nuts or chocolate... It's a muffin with a hole! Varieties include Double Chocolate, Apple Streussel, Blueberry and Classic Kruffin; and the Pull-Aparts - A North Carolina original. Hand-rolled balls of dough, pulled apart and laid to form a doughnut like sweet bread, filled with sweet or savory varieties and baked fresh to a melt in-your-mouth experience. Sweet and savory varieties include Cheese, Bacon & Cheese, Sausage & Cheese and Cinnamon.

And if you can't decide whether you're savory or sweet, be sure to try both to find out!

Try our newest "perfect partners" - Baked Creations & our Signature Coffee.

Your choice of Classic Kruffin or Cinnamon Pull Apart with brewed Signature Coffee for only P99.


I want! I want!

23 March 2010

10k? Pffft.

I decided to go up one notch when I went to run 10 kilometers at the Globe Run for Home 2010. I figured, I have been running for the longest time so how hard would 10 km be?

It's hard when you got zero sleep, dysmenorrhea and a blistered left toe.

I had dysmenorrhea because my friggin' hormones just won't cooperate. This is my third red flag run day in a row. I just had to have my period the night before. They couldn't even wait for another 12 hours for Christ's sake!

I got zero sleep because I carbo-loaded with this the night before:

I feasted on Puttanesca and Frutti di Mare with Ann at Amici and my stomach is not used to digest any solid after the sun sets. So there I was tossing and turning at 2 AM with visions of cartoons, my crush and microchips (yes microchips; beats me where did that come from) when I had to wake up at an hour and a hald after. Then when I finally got to sleep, I had a dream of Mike giving me 2 bottles of peanut butter and a huge pack of chopped mixed gulay for pakbet.

The blister came on the fifth kilometer and went on full force at the ninth.

Well in spite of that, I managed to clock in at 1:13:58. I did kick some ass didn't I?

With Al and Bob after the race :)

22 March 2010

Chewing on Tutti Frutti

In my hunt for froyo places for the past year, I stumbled upon another at SM Megamall.

Tutti Frutti is yet another froyo franchise okay licensing company. I was checking their website and the origin of this brand remains unclear to me. Anyway just like Qoola, Tutti Frutti takes pride on self-serve yogurt and boasts of having the most number of base flavors in the market today. They have the usual variants of tart, green tea, strawberry and chocolate; and the unique ones such as apple, choco-raspberry, mango and would you believe? Taro. You could also actually mix both.

At PhP 20 per ounce regardless of the toppings you can sample all yogurt variants. And because I was charged with a lot of experience from my self-service mistake at Qoola, I know better now on how to assess the weight of my cup. Huh!

I got a swirl of choco-raspberry and tart and topped it with mangoes, wafers, almonds and cereal. Ann got apple with walnuts, kiwis and mangoes.

Ann paid a whopping PhP 188 while mine was well PhP 103 (told you I'm better at self-serving myself now). This one fails to compare to my 187-peso Qoola yogurt. At least Qoola's was delicious; this one is much like the texture of CBTL's. Didn't I just bash CBTL's froyo?

Verdict: 2.5 out of 5 spoons.

19 March 2010

This Week

Oh yeah I kinda ran out of creative juices so there goes my very well thought of title. Amazing that my last post was dated March 13 meaning that I have been busy lately. I hate boredom but I definitely friggin' hate busy more.

I was supposed to run but since Jayzen was so tied up boxing our files (moving is definitely easier with Jason around :p) and Banj texted that she wanted to have coffee so I ended up ingesting calories instead of burning them. I finally got to sample CBTL's froyo.

Hmmm, I must say for something so pricey (PhP 100 for a regular plain cup) it was depressing. Even Red Mango and White Hat sell theirs at PhP 85 a cup and they do not disappoint. The consistency was not at all what I was expecting. It was just slightly better than Green Mango's. What's more disappointing was that they do not actually add real fruit but rather fruit flavors. Tsktsk...

Piece of advice: Stick to coffee.

Verdict: 2/5 spoons (one star for the froyo and one star because of my loyalty to this coffee shop)

I received my new toy. Teehee!

No I did not buy it; a phone is the last thing on my list right now. I am still happy with the functionality of my SE P1i. It's a QWERTY phone, touchscreen with keypad, camera and wifi. I don't think I'll be needing more than that.

So this is a Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700. I was actually looking for it at stores weeks ago but apparently this has yet to be launched here in the Philippines. Even Globe does not carry it yet for retail and only offers it to their corporate clients.

My take so far?

Pros: The resolution is fantastic and there are a lot of applications to choose from. For addons, I love the FXCamera. Lomo rocks! As for games, I'm getting addicted to Abduction which is frankly a stupid game where in you just have to have a cow jump from one platform to the other to save alien-abducted fellow cows. Sometimes you need stupid for balance.

Cons: Let me enumerate.

1.The touchscreen is ultrasensitive, I still have to get used to the keypad-less texting. Hey my texting is evolving: from numpad, to QWERTY numpad, to touchscreen!

2. Even with the PC Suite installed, my PC and laptop cannot recognize the device.

3. I cannot seem to send and receive bluetooth files.

4. Samsung is quite smart as applications used to read the SD card or manage tasks is not actually pre-installed. You have to download these from the Android Market. Also some games access the internet so you also have to download a 3G/EDGE/GPRS switch. Gastos men.

Give me a month and I would have probably decided already whether I like this phone or not.


KFC with Chem Eng nerds (because you really are :P) Cherrys and Pabs before I leave Makati :( Cherrys is actually leaving P&G to become a full-time student. Yamaaaan...

Yeah I'm wearing a dress; and I rode a jeep. Mental note to self: dresses and jeeps don't go well together.

I started with my new project. Yey! Finally I won't fear that I get fired because I haven't been working. Then I ran with Jason and Shella, our last run before Sunday.

Then I saw Jason Castro at Trinoma.

Those eyes are evil. I swear!

Well today started out bad as I did not wake up to my alarm So there I was basking under the UV rays of the sun and sweating as hell. Ever seen a girl na dinaing? Well I was with Mike today so at least the trip was not so bad, except for the fact that we were cramped up like sardines inside the SUV. Amazingly, Mike still got to sleep. The boy has talent!

And finally after gazillions of years and lightyears...

My race kits arrived!!! Though they were supposed to be delivered after lunch (as what they told me) but reached me at 6:30. Whoever that messenger is, he surely lives in a different time zone wherein lunch is eaten when we are already having dinner.

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