30 May 2010

Switching the Lights Off

Today was insane; way, way insane. Highlight of the day was the Nature Valley Run but I'm going to post a separate entry for that as soon as the photovendo pics become available. Anyway, bottomline: I am very, very disappointed.

The moment I saw those incriminating pictures, I knew right there and then that you are not the kind of guy that I need. Let me rephrase that, you are not the kind of guy who deserves me. Were they to feed your ego? You know the need to tell the whole world that you scored goal? Yes, you are single and it is none of my freaking business to tell you how to live your single life or whose pants you get into, but I'm sorry I could not just shake that image those images off my mind.

It is bad enough that you have this habit of disappearing into oblivion when things seem fine. It's a good thing that I discovered this early on; at least there's no pain. some twitching perhaps but no earth-shattering pain.

And with that I am shutting the lights out on you. This is hopeless.

Let's play Jennifer Paige shall we?

*sings* I see the you I never knew now it's finally sinking in.

Harvest Time!

I went to Cavite yesterday with some of my officemates to visit Sir Mati's (a former Petron consultant) farm and immerse myself in the simple life. Honestly, plants are not my thing as I do not possess a green thumb. The closest that I have to growing something from the Kingdom Plantae was a monggo plant which later on morphed into sprouts days after. Well moving on, I've encountered a lot of interesting stuff and learned a few facts.

1. Chinese Kangkong is not how you cook kangkong but instead, it is a variety of kangkong.

2. OMG it's a mutant chili!

Look at how big it is on my hand. Let's compare it with a banana.

See what I mean?

3. There exists a pink dragonfly.

Now ain't that the most malandi insect in the animal kingdom?

Oh and I would just like to share that I almost got killed by a cow. Alright, I'm exaggerating but the cow was indeed on attack mode. We were climbing the hill on our way back to the car when this cow suddenly positioned itself in front of me on my last step up. And yes, I was afraid he might thrust.

Death by a cow. Oh no Lord please that  kind of death is just unacceptable. From now on, I officially hate cows.

24 May 2010

Underneath the Fertility Tree

Since I cannot find my soul anywhere in the vicinity, I decided to do some more searching a little further south. I have always seeked salvation in the arms of Maria Makiling whenever I felt that everything is getting too much for me to handle. When the malls cannot serve their purpose of lifting my spirits, then go to Los BaƱos; it's only a two-hour ride from Manila anyway.

I brought Mori (who was like a kid left alone inside Willy Wonka's chocolate factory) for her first Elbi experience; which reminds me, this is the first time that I get to pose with Oble:

I wonder why I haven't done this EVER.

And I introduce you to the "Fertility Tree":

Well the fertility tree is just a HUGE acacia tree inside the UPLB campus famous (or infamous whichever way you take it) because it is a nook for lovers who a) cannot tame their urges or b) do not have any money to go someplace else. Seriously, don't they find this tree icky for hanky-panky? Well maybe they contribute to the health of the tree *winks*

Last time I went here, I was amazed by the changes already. I was definitely not ready for this:
I was stunned for a moment there. It was a full-blown Havaianas outlet. LB is getting zashal more and more as time flies!

I did say that I was looking for my soul, well a little help from friends really does the trick. IC's Cafe is still one of the coziest drinking places for me.

And oh yeah this:

Five years and I still consider this place home :)

19 May 2010

I Don't Have a Title for this Post

The past couple of days had been chaotic and I cannot even describe the roller coaster of emotions I went through so in order for me to be true to my once a week blogging, I'll just enumerate whatever I want to share.

1. I got to watch 2 movies: one foreign and one proudly Pinoy.

Credits to www.filmofilia.com 

Hmmm...I liked he first one better and this one got me wondering whatever happend to Cobra? But deym! Scarlett Johansson was hot! Those curves they are lethal!

Credits to www.noypitayo.com

It was funny but not as hilarious as Kimmy Dora, a movie wherein after watching I was too exhausted from laughing my guts out. Angelica Panganiban was good in her "conservative-turned-promiscuous-gay" role though. And oh my effin' Lord I almost barfed at the sight of John Lapuz making mad love with a female.

2. I met up with my grade school friends because Pia's home from Belgium. Oh yeah you heard that right GRADE SCHOOL. It was supposed to be a reunion of sort but for some reason, it ended up an affair with the core group. Boo to those who confirmed and did not attend! Boo!!!!

Anyway your loss because we had fun. You missed this:

Props to Jo Anne for coring the tomatoes and stuffing them with tuna. Yum!

And the TGIS photo. *sings* Nananananananananana...

But most of all this. The root of all chismis.

Question of the night: What is the most outrageous lie you have ever told?

That like embodies the whole grade school experience. Nuff said.

3. Career shift GIGANTIC EPIC FAIL. This got my tear ducts dehydrated. Now if this is the case, let's gauge the level of my unhappiness with work shall we? Kids do the math.

Dear universe: Since you deprived me of my career, kindly balance my lovelife please? Don't be selfish.

13 May 2010


Blueberry and Hazelnut. Whatda?!

Birthday Greeting!

Love you baklers! :D

12 May 2010

My Lunch is More Expensive Than My Clothes

After what felt like a century, I was able to go ukay shopping. Why? I just felt my foot being dragged into this ukay shop near the supermarket and bought 2 pieces at *drumroll* 25 pesos each. That's like 2 orders of Master Siomai. Haha.

Florals are the trend of this season but I do not want to spend too much on trends, reason why I headed to the friendly neighborhood ukay-ukay. The cream top could be paired with shorts and gladiator or ballerina flats. Meanwhile the more colorful one should be worn with a belt, like the black one here, and could be paired with shorts or leggins. It can also be worn with a plain skirt and oxford booties.

The thing with thrifted clothes is that they house a mega-culture of microbes so what you should do:

1. Wash them at least thrice. The first time, use hot water.

Actually that's the only thing to do.

Because I Failed to Get a Dress

So I got 2 pairs of shoes and 2 belts.

Backtrack on the dress story. There I was totally crushing on this dark blue floral mini dress I found at Tango at Trinoma when my bubble burst into a gazillion particles inside the fitting room. Forget the dress; your legs are not intended for such clothing. It turned out to be a tad too short for me. The downside of having long legs? Some clothes just tend to look heinous and inappropriate when draped on me. I can't even sit comfortably without my undies showing.

Ok fine I'll go with these instead:

I bought these belts from Celine weeks ago during SM Megamall's 3-day sale at 2 for PhP 399. I like belts, they spruce up a boring outfit.

I wrecked my white T-strap flats, well technically it's not yet ruined but I fear that it might give up on me one of these days and I hate having to limp all the way to the nearest footwear shop, so I figured that I should get a replacement already. I found this on Charles and Keith and it was on sale; 500 pesos off.

I have been thinking about whether I should get this pair of brown Romana flats from Celine for about two weeks and when I finally decided that I want it, lo and behold I cannot find it anywhere. So when I happened to be lurking at Megamall yesterday, bells rang when I found it nesting on one of the shelves. I immediately asked for my size and thankfully they have it. So no more thinking.

And another thing, I won this Old Navy pink plaid bikini on ebay:

I got that for a whopping PhP 355. Good job!

Anyway, to solve the dress problem, I dug up the stuff of Nanay's aparador and found 2 vintage items: a cream blouse with magenta flowers and a navy blue skirt which can be transformed into a dress. Nanay still does manage to find solutions for me even if it has been a year since she passed away.

I still want that dress though. Pfft.

11 May 2010

Farewell Havvies :(

This may sound stupid but I really really am saddened by the death of my favorite pair of Havaianas. For some reason it just gave up on me on the plane ride to Coron and since it would not be of any use to me, I left it inside the trash bin of the room where we stayed. Oh my I am so cruel. I was actually still thinking about it as we were riding to the airport to go home to Manila. THAT'S HOW I AM ATTACHED TO THIS PAIR. So I mourn my loss.

This pair was actually given by Lolo Madz to me on my 23rd birthday and for some reason, I have brought it to all of my travels.

Batangas, March 2008

Iligan, May 2008

Kuala Lumpur, September 2008

Singapore, September 2008

Cebu, December 2008

Laoag, June 2009

Puerto Princesa, October 2009

Boracay, November 2009

And it gave up on me on May 1, 2010 at around 1:30 P.M and mind you, I haven't stepped on Coron ground yet.

Rest in peace Havvy :(

Now to help me move on, I bought a replacement.

It's a good thing I'm moving on well right?

10 May 2010

I've Done My Part

To those who will be elected to the seats of power, I hope that you do yours. God bless the Filipinos. God bless the Philippines.

Manila Beauty Blog Contest

A brainchild of Shen of Shen's Addiction, Manila Beauty Blog is the newest beauty blog which is a mecca of all things beautiful. In lieu of this new blog, Shen will be holding a contest (which for sure has a fabulous loot) with the mechanics here.

Contest ends on May 31. I hope I get lucky! :)

09 May 2010

Coron Loving: Melanin Well Worth It!

No words could truly describe the beauty of mother nature. I spent the first five days of May on the paradise that is Coron and I must say that I fell in love with the place.

Coron is located on the northern part of Palawan and in order to get there, you should fly from Manila to Busuanga. We got our tickets months ago and I was supposed to go with Rupert, Ann, Mel and Tres but Pert and Tres suddenly cannot make it and so we had to replace them with Onnie and Paul.

It was just bad that after pressuring Ann, oh yes Ann just had to beat the buzzer on the check-in counter again, our flight got delayed for three hours. Woohoo go Cebu Pacific! That was actually one of the three bad things that happened to me that day. The worse was bading farewell to my favorite pair of Havaianas. Sniff. (Yes that was worse than having to ride with that abusive can driver who wanted to charge me 500 pesos from Tandang Sora to the airport.)

The first day consisted of a town tour, a 700++ step trek up Mt. Tapyas and a dip in the mossy and very hot Maquinit Hot Springs.

Sunburn Level: 20%

Siete Pecados, Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Banol Beach, CYC Beach and Twin Lagoons.

Snorkel, snorkel and more snorkel! That was the fist time that I saw that many sea urchins in one location. That was not a family; that was an entire clan! Your foot would probably feel numb for an entire month if you get to step on those.

Kayangan Lake was beautiful! It is as postcard perfect as what you can see on websites and posters. It was very serene and very, very, very deep. As Ann called it, it was like an abyss. Barracuda Lake was also very deep but less salty than Kayangan. It also has very sharp rocks and a pair of aqua shoes would really be helpful if you do not want to hurt your feet. Sitting on them could also be very challenging.

We had lunch at Banol Beach and waited for the tide to go down so that we could head over to our next stops. OMG never have I seen such beautiful crabs! They were so beautiful that I just had to stare at them for a long time before eating. LOL. Next stop was the CYC Beach and it was a pity that no one takes care of the island; reason why some people get its sand causing a shorter shoreline. Evil.

When the tide went down we finally were able to head over to the Twin Lagoons. Reason why you cannot go there during high tide? It's because in order to reach it, you have to swim under a small opening which is not visible when covered with water. You can go over the rocks but then that would not be as much fun wouldn't it?

Sunburn Level: 40%

Wreck Diving, Calomboyan Island and Lusong Coral Garden

Never in my life have I imagined that I would get that close to a sunken ship. For those who know me, on of my greatest fears is drowning. First, I do not want to experience that feeling of having your lungs filled with water. Second, what are the chances that your corpse would be found. Last, and if ever your body gets to be found, I'm pretty sure that next to a charred body you belong to one of the ugliest dead ever being bloated and all. So no I would not want to die that way, reason why I abhor ships. Maybe I probably watched too many reruns of Titanic.

Anyway the Gunboat Shipwreck was eerie and I was expecting a spirit to just float swim (swim?) right in front of me. Thank heavens because I do not want to have a heart attack while submerged in the sea.

Calomboyan Island is the "Island of the Duyans." We got stranded there for a good 4 hours because our guides left us to explore the nearby islands. It was okay to get stuck on such a beautiful place IF ONLY THEY HAD LEFT US DRINKING WATER. I mean, the scorching sun would really have you dehydrated and of course you whatever happens you would not resort to drinking sea water. Duh.

And FYI, I was nursing a bad cold this day so I really really needed water.

Lusong Coral Garden was very pretty. I have these favorite corals which are colored blue and purple they looked like they were shimmering underneath the water. Add the brightly-hued fishes swimming everywhere and it feels like you were in an episode of the Discovery Channel. It truly is a different world down there, it was mesmerizing.

Sunburn Level: 65%

Banana Island and Malcapuya Island

Banana Island is now up there with Boracay as one of my favorite islands. It is so divine! Water was in all shades of blue and the sand was just so white. I wonder when could I have an island like that. (Uh Joana try never?)  I blame the color I possess right now to this place. It would just be a shame if you do not swim on its beach. Well add to the fact that our boatmen were pressuring us because they thought we were not enjoying ourselves. Come on! Who would not enjoy in such a paradise? This was probably the beach trip that used up most of my sunblock. Malcapuya Island meanwhile was not as beautiful but it has a longer shoreline. Funny we attempted about a gazillion jump shots as this was the last leg of the trip and we ended up with no successful one. Lesson learned? Self-timer jump shots are for the pros. Nuff said.

Sunburn level: 100% and I'm effin' proud of it!

If you want to tour Coron you might want to check Coron HDY Tours: http://corondhytours.multiply.com/

08 May 2010

The Lord of All Inhalers

Meet the Turbuhaler.

I've been sick since Sunday evening, and for those who are in the know, yes I was at Coron that time and that did not stop me from plunging in the water. Anyhow, these are probably the worst asthma attacks I have had since I got hospitalized for pneumonia 9 years ago and God-forbid I do not want a repeat of that. I consulted our company doctor and she told me to discard my good old Ventolin puff and replace it with that.

Who would not be scared if your puff has the prefix "turbo" in it? Reminds me of a Transformers or Power rangers movie.

Aside from that she also gave me this set of meds:

The one thing I like about th medical benefits of my company is that I get all that for free. A friend told me that Augmentin is like the strongest of the antibiotics and if taken with an empty stomach could damage the intestines. So I have the Lord of Puffs and the Lord of Antibiotics. Great. Just great.

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