30 May 2010

Harvest Time!

I went to Cavite yesterday with some of my officemates to visit Sir Mati's (a former Petron consultant) farm and immerse myself in the simple life. Honestly, plants are not my thing as I do not possess a green thumb. The closest that I have to growing something from the Kingdom Plantae was a monggo plant which later on morphed into sprouts days after. Well moving on, I've encountered a lot of interesting stuff and learned a few facts.

1. Chinese Kangkong is not how you cook kangkong but instead, it is a variety of kangkong.

2. OMG it's a mutant chili!

Look at how big it is on my hand. Let's compare it with a banana.

See what I mean?

3. There exists a pink dragonfly.

Now ain't that the most malandi insect in the animal kingdom?

Oh and I would just like to share that I almost got killed by a cow. Alright, I'm exaggerating but the cow was indeed on attack mode. We were climbing the hill on our way back to the car when this cow suddenly positioned itself in front of me on my last step up. And yes, I was afraid he might thrust.

Death by a cow. Oh no Lord please that  kind of death is just unacceptable. From now on, I officially hate cows.

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