19 May 2010

I Don't Have a Title for this Post

The past couple of days had been chaotic and I cannot even describe the roller coaster of emotions I went through so in order for me to be true to my once a week blogging, I'll just enumerate whatever I want to share.

1. I got to watch 2 movies: one foreign and one proudly Pinoy.

Credits to www.filmofilia.com 

Hmmm...I liked he first one better and this one got me wondering whatever happend to Cobra? But deym! Scarlett Johansson was hot! Those curves they are lethal!

Credits to www.noypitayo.com

It was funny but not as hilarious as Kimmy Dora, a movie wherein after watching I was too exhausted from laughing my guts out. Angelica Panganiban was good in her "conservative-turned-promiscuous-gay" role though. And oh my effin' Lord I almost barfed at the sight of John Lapuz making mad love with a female.

2. I met up with my grade school friends because Pia's home from Belgium. Oh yeah you heard that right GRADE SCHOOL. It was supposed to be a reunion of sort but for some reason, it ended up an affair with the core group. Boo to those who confirmed and did not attend! Boo!!!!

Anyway your loss because we had fun. You missed this:

Props to Jo Anne for coring the tomatoes and stuffing them with tuna. Yum!

And the TGIS photo. *sings* Nananananananananana...

But most of all this. The root of all chismis.

Question of the night: What is the most outrageous lie you have ever told?

That like embodies the whole grade school experience. Nuff said.

3. Career shift GIGANTIC EPIC FAIL. This got my tear ducts dehydrated. Now if this is the case, let's gauge the level of my unhappiness with work shall we? Kids do the math.

Dear universe: Since you deprived me of my career, kindly balance my lovelife please? Don't be selfish.

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