30 May 2010

Switching the Lights Off

Today was insane; way, way insane. Highlight of the day was the Nature Valley Run but I'm going to post a separate entry for that as soon as the photovendo pics become available. Anyway, bottomline: I am very, very disappointed.

The moment I saw those incriminating pictures, I knew right there and then that you are not the kind of guy that I need. Let me rephrase that, you are not the kind of guy who deserves me. Were they to feed your ego? You know the need to tell the whole world that you scored goal? Yes, you are single and it is none of my freaking business to tell you how to live your single life or whose pants you get into, but I'm sorry I could not just shake that image those images off my mind.

It is bad enough that you have this habit of disappearing into oblivion when things seem fine. It's a good thing that I discovered this early on; at least there's no pain. some twitching perhaps but no earth-shattering pain.

And with that I am shutting the lights out on you. This is hopeless.

Let's play Jennifer Paige shall we?

*sings* I see the you I never knew now it's finally sinking in.

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