24 May 2010

Underneath the Fertility Tree

Since I cannot find my soul anywhere in the vicinity, I decided to do some more searching a little further south. I have always seeked salvation in the arms of Maria Makiling whenever I felt that everything is getting too much for me to handle. When the malls cannot serve their purpose of lifting my spirits, then go to Los BaƱos; it's only a two-hour ride from Manila anyway.

I brought Mori (who was like a kid left alone inside Willy Wonka's chocolate factory) for her first Elbi experience; which reminds me, this is the first time that I get to pose with Oble:

I wonder why I haven't done this EVER.

And I introduce you to the "Fertility Tree":

Well the fertility tree is just a HUGE acacia tree inside the UPLB campus famous (or infamous whichever way you take it) because it is a nook for lovers who a) cannot tame their urges or b) do not have any money to go someplace else. Seriously, don't they find this tree icky for hanky-panky? Well maybe they contribute to the health of the tree *winks*

Last time I went here, I was amazed by the changes already. I was definitely not ready for this:
I was stunned for a moment there. It was a full-blown Havaianas outlet. LB is getting zashal more and more as time flies!

I did say that I was looking for my soul, well a little help from friends really does the trick. IC's Cafe is still one of the coziest drinking places for me.

And oh yeah this:

Five years and I still consider this place home :)

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