18 June 2010

Old School

My cousin Siegfred and his girlfriend Diane are getting married!!!

As evident on the three exclamation points in the previous statement, I am very much excited for the two of them.

I am going back to Tacloban on January 8, 2011 as I am going to be one of th secondary sponsors. Anyway, before everything else, my sister and I went with aunt,uncle and kuya for the traditional "pamamanhikan." Assuming that someone who does not have any idea of what that is stumbles upon this entry, pamamanhikan is the customary asking for the bride's hand in marriage by the groom and his family. Honestly, I didn't know how this goes until that night. I thought that it was just going to be a simple dinner wherein both families sit down and talk about the ins and the outs of married life. I did not know that this was necessary:

To my future groom wherever you may be: you need to bring this to me or else no wedding would take place. Intiendes?

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