20 June 2010

Rafael's Farm

Just outside Tacloban City, Rafael's Farm is one of the must go and must eat places in Leyte. Located in Babatngon, Leyte it is a vast land of green, green and more green!

My sister and I were taken out to lunch by my aunt, uncle and cousins to this wonderful place during our visit to Tacloban last week. It is difficult to reach by public transportation, although I saw a jeep passing by the road. The main restaurant can hold a maximum of 70 people, just enough to keep it cozy.

I loved the place to bits I even took a picture of the CR. Harhar.

And the wash area.

But most important, let us talk about the food. Rafael's Farm offers a variety of cuisine and everything can satisfy the foodtripper's palate. Prices are affordable, plus their servings could serve 2 to 3 people.
Farmer's Salad PhP150
Classic Baby Back Ribs PhP280
Humba PhP250
Grilled Herbed Chicken PhP220
Fish Tinola (was not able to get the price)
Pancit Canton PhP130
Refreshing Lemon Lime (by the pitcher) PhP120

Personal favorites were the Farmer's Salad, Classic Baby Back Ribs and Grilled Herb Chicken. I like anything infused with herbs. I even put basil in my sandwiches, even if the bread is just your good old pandesal. The baby back ribs was also divine!

If at anytime you plan to visit Tacloban, you must not miss Rafael's Farm. I tell you, everything is worth the travel.

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