30 June 2010

Raves, Rants and Blah Blah Blah

I've been really ridiculously busy lately trying to get my report released after a gazillion revisions, which yay I finally was able to last week. I'm still trying to find out where to get my daily dose of coherence so pardon this post for being a smorgasbord of gibberish thoughts.

Today I finally brought to the office the Japanese chocolate I bought from Duty Free as a pasalubong for my officemates. Hell, it only costs a little over a dollar. Well, at least that was what I had in mind before I opened one.

Long story short: no I'm not giving them to anyone. I now have a new Japanese chocolate pal; because you know I only have one and his name is Meiji.

I'm on cougar mode.
'Nuff said.

Thinking of July 2 makes me happy! Well aside from the fact that it falls on a Friday and it is my parents' 27th wedding anniversary, Forever 21 opens its first flagship store in Manila!
Credit to chuvaness

There were Forever 21 stores before but I did not know that they were using the sacred name of the original one. My gawd that is blasphemous! They continue to thrive but under a different name and sad to say, I don't think anyone's that interested in what they are carrying. Karma sucks right?

Boo that we are 500 meters away from Pasig because they are on a holiday on Friday. Boo more that I am just one tumbling away from SM Megamall, my office is practically just in front of the supermarket entrance. How pitiful is that? The first 250 who show up get a 200 peso gift voucher. I'm heading over after work (I hate it!), rumor has it that all their merchandise do not go over 2,500 PhP! Eat that Mango and Zara!

I was noticed by one of the Vice Presidents yesterday: for wearing a short dress. Good heavens! I refuse to accept that when my skirt just falls a little above the knee while one of the secretaries looked like she just came out from one of those Bring It On movies. The frilly cheerleading skirt does not suit you when you are in your 40s. Please keep that in mind.

Sorry for having long legs ma'am. Kindly blame my genes. Thank you very much.

Let's all welcome the new president of the republic.

She's going out. Now ain't that a reason to celebrate?

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