15 June 2010

Why the Hell is It Called Coralview?

When there were hardly any corals!!!

My department spent the first weekend of June for our last summer hurrah at this resort in Morong, Bataan called Coralview Beach Resort. It was nothing spectacular: gray sand, ordinary rooms (and by the way our room's shower heater was busted), ordinary food, small pool; but I was surprised that it was jampacked for that weekend. But then again there were probably 2 companies having their team building activities so there goes the explanation for it.

If there was one thing notable about this resort was that it has a very looooooong stretch of shallow waters. Very good for those who cannot swim even if their lives depended on it. 250 meters off the shore and water was still chest level. There was nothing to see underneath though, just irritating patches of sea grass.

As I've mentioned, the resort has ordinary food but it has ridiculously priced grilled squid! Imagine charging us with 600 pesos for a medium sized squid which by the way gave me an idea on what it felt like to masticate on rubber bands. So you just have to find your happiness someplace on something else.

See? I look every inch happy.

Some interesting stuff along the way include a troop of mini Coopers:

And can someone please explain to me what the hell is a SOUP SODA?

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