31 July 2010

Pass the Salt Please.

I got to watch Salt before it was shown on screen last Wednesday because of this post. I was the 21st blogger in the list of 70 who got 3 free premiere night tickets from Nuffnang Philippines. I took Bob and Shella with me.

What did I enjoy most about the movie? My Ranch Chicken burger and fries from NYFD. Plot was nothing new and this flock was waaaaaaay predictable. It was kind of The Da Vinci Code sans the religious connotations.

Long story short: Evelyn Salt is a Russian spy planted as an American (she becomes a CIA agent) to create turmoil and destroy America's relations with all the nations and to restore Russia as the world's only superpower. But then she fell in love and emotions got in the way of the plans and they had to kill the husband and she gets angry and she plots revenge and she kills her master and she gets arrested but she finds a way out by being some sort of a vigilante. The end.

The only selling factor of this movie was Angelina herself. Had it been any other actress, the role has Angelina written all over the script, it would have been more disastrous. I was sure glad that I did not spend good money on this one.

But I still hated that I went on to watch this one because after the movie, the rain was just pouring like there was no tomorrow and I got stuck at Trinoma: drenched with a bulky laptop on my shoulder and squishy shoes which got infiltrated with water. And oh boy were the taxi lines looooong that I was crying in self pity.

Pass on this one folks. Better watch it on DVD and plop on the comforts of your couch instead.

28 July 2010


                              Hey Korean guy. You look awfully familiar.                              

27 July 2010

I Covet Thee

I am just so in love with fruity floral scents. 

I'm too old to still be having acne for crying out loud. I've been procrastinating getting this for so long. It's about time that I do.

Because espadrilles are back and Toms are just ridiculously priced.

I don't want a bag that screams "There is an effin' laptop inside me!"

This is the future of shoe storage. And this would ensure that my shoes would have a future.

Now if only I am not so dead broke. Pffffft.

26 July 2010

Maxed Out

Sweat. Tears. Blood. And depletion of my bank account.

I decided to finally get a laptop and I had the perfect model in mind. I just wanted to buy one before my dad returns abroad on Friday for two reasons: 1) so that he could check whatever needs to be checked and 2) I'm too chicken to buy something with 5 digits on the price tag. I was supposed to get the Asus K42JK-VX027R but an hour and what felt like a gazillion stores after, there were no more in stock. I decided to adjust but these 3 should remain: the Core i3 processor, 14" screen and DDR3 RAM.

Now I was left choosing between the Dell Inspiron 1464 and the Lenovo G460. Both have the 3 specs mentioned above but what got me leaning against these 2? Well for one, Dell has the 1464 in pink and it was cheaper (but not that much than the Lenovo.) Plus it comes with a free Canon Pixma printer and Rudy Project eyewear. However, I decided to go for the Lenovo even though it has the most boring color ever...which is black. Now why so?

Lenovo G460 was the only model I checked which fitted the criteria and was equipped with Windows Home 7 Premium, the others could only go as far as the Home Basic. If I get the Dell Inspiron, I would have to add an additional PhP7,500 and that would end up costing more than the Lenovo. Plus the sales guy installed the Microsoft Forefront Client Security and added additional programs such as Microsoft Office (though I believe this is not licensed), Adobe Photoshop CS3 (woohoo! Now I can stop using my Photoshop 7.0), and Stardock (which provides my laptop with that pseudo-Mac feeling).

The painful part: it burned a hole in my pocket amounting to 40,500 peysows.

I also bought a DLink D600 router in my attempt to lessen the squabbles and to never hear my sister wish me dead again just because of who's using the internet connection.

I was actually cursing this device last night because it was eating me up whole. It was not supposed to be that difficult to install a router but somehow I could not make it work. I gave up because I was too sleepy to function like a normal human being so I returned the connections to where they were before the alien device came into the picture. Stupid me. Apparently it was not the router; I had no effin' internet connection last night. Again. No thanks to Smart.

Current situation: Both credit cards maxed out plus a 25,000 company loan and I'm counting the days to November for the 13th month pay. Yes that translates to I'm in deep shit of debt.

23 July 2010

Balancing Act

Wednesday was "fieldwork"/cross path with the pseudo-ex/Inception on a rainy night with Banj and Set day. And yes I did this all in 24 hours. I do have a life.

Top and Shoes: H&M
Skirt: Banana Republic
Accessories: Forever 21

I just really wanted to look pretty and girly because of the second "slash." Was I not going to be doing that then I would have probably been in jeans and tee.

Plus I really wanted to wear my pink flats. They're uber cute and uber comfy. Plus they come with studs.

But because it was raining so hard, I traded the flats for my ever dependable Havaianas. I don't want to ruin these poor cuties.

Photo credits to my friend Monette.

Nuffnang and HEAVEN Ice Cream invite you to a special screening of ‘SALT'

Divine ice cream pleasure is HEAVEN Ice Cream.

    Give in to the richest, smoothest, and creamiest by NESTLÉ Ice Cream. Revel in the exquisite goodness of its four sophisticated flavors---Belgian Chocolate Bliss, Strawberry Dream, Vanilla Almond Secret and Butter Pecan Obsession. HEAVEN Ice Cream is made with only the finest ingredients and contains no artificial food colors. Available in 800mL(Php 175) & 450mL(Php 115) tubs across supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores nationwide.

Hong Kong - Macau Diaries: New Macau

Now that we have conquered the cobbled streets of Macau, it is high time that we go back to the modernized areas of the country. After lunch, we decided to head towards the Macau Tower from Senado Square...ON FOOT.

Background story:
While dining at Estela, I asked the Filipina waitress how to get to Macau Tower. She said that we could head there on foot. Just walk towards Metropole Hotel then turn right.

And that's what we did. What I did not know was that she thought we would just like to see the tower from afar while our plan was to go inside the tower. After walking for about a kilometer and realizing that we were not getting anywhere nearer the tower, we gave up and just took pictures instead.

We went after to the Macau Tourist Center to see the Grand Prix and Wine museums. From my research I knew that there was going to be an entrance fee and I was already asking for money from my mom. However, the person manning the ticket booth was apparently a Filipina so she let us in for free. That was very nice of her.

We rode the bus 3A (bus stiop is just in front of the Tourist Center) to go back to the ferry terminal where the free shuttle buses going to the Venetian Macao, the famous hotel and casino which is a must see. The owners of this hotel are the same as that of Venetian Las Vegas. I loved the pseudo-Italy effect!

Oh and I saw this cute Hello Kitty inspired bag and the sales person told me that photos were not allowed. Too bad for her. *evil laugh*

Hong Kong - Macau Series

22 July 2010

What Did I Wear?

From now on, I'm going to start posting about how do I mix and match my clothes and came up with an ensemble and tag it "what did I wear". I've realized that clothes on a hanger are just as unappealing as raw meat with uncooked veggies on a chopping board. To begin this one, let's review what was I in while strutting the streets of Hong Kong and Macau.

I so effin' wanter to wear my boots but since in the Philippines it is a piece of clothing which is not customary, I feel uncomfortable whenever I do. Hong Kong became the perfect location to finally wear them...and I do not care that it was like 30 degrees outside.

Top: Forever 21
Leggings: Zara
Belt: Celine
Suede Boots: Primadonna
Eyewear: Fly

I actually packed a lot of summer clothes but here in Manila you cannot walk in a mini skirt without getting stared at as if you are wearing no article of clothing at all. There's just too many bastos people here that wearing short skirts are at your own risk.

Top and necklace: Forever 21
Denim Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Flats: Celine
Bag: Bayo

I think I had this dress hanging in my closet for weeks because I cannot find an occassion to wear it. Then a light bulb suddenly came on and I realized that the dress would look really good in pictures hahaha! So there's the story why I was wearing it in Macau.

Dress: Tango
Necklace: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Fly

Ocean Park would involve a lot of walking so I decided to just wear shorts and flats. I love love my Steve Madden flats (which I got for a really cheap price) because it's so durable. I actually wear it a lot to work. Oh and I am beginning to have this penchant for wearing shorts because I like my long legs a lot. Teehee!

Top: Plains and Prints
Shorts and Bag: Mango
Flats: Steve Madden
Necklace: Forever 21

How about you? What have you been donning lately?

20 July 2010

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Infused Cappuccinos

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  has new offerings.

Credit to the CBTL website

Banj sent me a message (after her interview toinks) that she was at the office because she just had an interview with San Miguel. She actually swung by my area but I was at the restroom that time, busy coloring my cheeks, so I called her and met up with her at Amici Megamall instead. After stuffing myself (because she had lunch with her dad already) with pomodoro and pizza we, after what felt like a gazillion years, had coffee at CBTL.
I decided to try the Cinnamon Mocha while she had the Spiced Honey. My coffee was okay but I'd rather have cinnamon on my rolls rather than my drink. Banj said hers was a tad too sweet. We have yet to try the Salted Caramel, I think it's interesting.

But then again you might like the new cappuccinos better than I did. So go to your nearest CBTL branch now!

Hong Kong - Macau Diaries: Estela Portugese Cuisine


After a long and tiring walk, it was just but natural that our tummies would be screaming "Feed me! Feed me!" in all their high-pitched glories. While in the cab going to the ferry terminal, the driver told us that we should eat Portugese food in Macau which makes sense. While we were strolling, for the nth time, we again passed by a McDonald's and I reiterated that never in this lifetime would that be considered Portugese. My attention was caught by this Macanese restaurant which was at the third floor of the building but it did not make that "kaching" sound so we went to the lower floor and found Estela.

While reading the menu which was placed on a stand at the entrance, we were greeted by this lady who suggested the restaurant's specialty. It did not take long before she realized that we were Filipinos and she spoke to us in Tagalog. Had she not been the one who entertained us, we might have not eaten at this place. The kababayan charms works wonders.

Estela's interiors are like that of a fancy restaurant. It was cozy and quiet. We were actually wondering why there were only a few eating there. Maybe we had gone to the wrong place. I was crossing my fingers because this was my idea.

Ate (just because I was not able to ask for her name) suggested that we have one dish each of pork or chicken, fish and vegetable. Since we have no idea of what to order, we got the following:

Brocolli with Cheese Sauce (58 HKD)

Charcoal-grilled Pork Spareribs with Herbs (85 HKD)

Charcoal-grilled Sea Bass with Macanese Flavor (138 HKD)

I did not enjoy the pork so much because it was kind of dry. The sea bass was something new to me but we were able to finish it to the bones. My favorite would be the brocolli because brocolli is up there in the list of my favorite vegetables plus the fact that I am a cheese fanatic so combine both and that is just perfect for me.

Overall it was not really extraordinary for me. Food was decent and the place was clean but let me put it this way, I was not jumping up and down with joy for it. Although it was refreshing to divert from the MSG-laden food that we have been ingesting days before that. Props to ate. Really she was very good in "salestalking" us.

Verdict: 3 chopsticks

Hong Kong - Macau Series
8. Hong Kong - Macau Diaries: New Macau
9. Hong Kong - Macau Diaries: Ocean Park, Avenue of Stars and Canton Road

Hong Kong - Macau Diaries: Old Macau


We decided to cross to Macau since it is just a one hour ferry ride from Hong Kong and it does not require getting a visa. Why not hit two birds with one stone right? There are ferries leaving Hong Kong every 30 minutes, both from the Tsim Sha Tsui and the Central terminals. We left at 8:30 AM aboard the New World First Ferry. Below are the ferry rates for NWFF:

Macau's currency is called the Pataca (MOP) but to lessen the hassle, Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) are widely accepted. In fact, they even like it when they are paid HKD since the exchange rate for MOP to HKD is 1:0.97. Macau used to be a Portugese territory but it is getting fame for being the Las Vegas of Asia. This China territory is a pretty good mix of the old and the new. We first headed for Largo Do Senado or Senado Square.

It was scorching hot! It would have probably been nicer to walk around had it been around December or January. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the scenery. Walking a little more we arrived at the famous landmark that Macau has become associated with: Ruins of St. Paul.

Since my father has difficulty walking and my sisters, well, are both as lazy as clams, my mom and I were the only ones who made it through the last step of the ruins. Many thanks to our legs which were strengthened by kilometers of walking (mom) and running (me). See? Moving around and getting physical truly helps! Too bad that they were not able to see the Macau Museum which was also up there.

Funny story. We were taking pictures with the flash on when this guard approached and told us "No flash." So my mom and I continued taking pictures (this time without flash) and started conversing in Filipino that the pictures look blurry and dark when the same guard said "Ok lang po yan magaganda naman kayo." (That's ok, both of you are beautiful anyway) and smiled. The guard was a Filipino and there were 3 of them inside! It was a delight to see a kababayan there.

My mom and I went back to the rest of the pack and found them devouring egg tarts. OMG! Egg tarts (7 HKD) are just one of the best Macanese creations!

The streets are just packed with food to devour and things to see! I am in love with the cobblestones and pebbles of the streets. And of course still the egg tarts. Teehee!

Anyway you should not leave this place without getting anything from Pastelaria Koi Kei, the famous pastry shop of Macau. This is the perfect place to buy pasalubong. There are 3 stores on the way up to the ruins so you won't miss it. The good thing about this store? You'd get to sample all their products, that way you could decide which ones taste good. Buy almond cookies! It's their bestseller.

Aching feet and getting scorched by the sun was a small price to pay in exchange for the experience. Save for the taxi drivers which has solidified the communication barrier by having nil knowledge of English, Macau is a beautiful country.

Can't wait to share with you my adventure on the "new" part of this region.

Hong Kong - Macau Series
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