01 August 2010

Airplanes, Koreans and How Not to Eat Buffet Breakfast

So I'm currently thrown here in Cebu (again) for yet another gas girl duty. It's somewhat different from what I've previously done. Apart from doing tank soundings, which in layman's terms are getting levels of fuels and converting them to volume (that's the most "layman" it could get), I got to climb 6 tank trucks inside the airport yesterday. I mean, I got to go inside the airport not as a passenger but as someone on official business. Cool huh? And there's just something so mesmerizing with airlines taking off the runway that I got really distracted, mouth open wide and all, and the top of the truck is not really the best place for someone to lose focus.

Anyway, I'm staying at the Waterfront Airport Hotel in Mactan which is a half tumbling away from the departure area of the airport.

So I do need the night sky to wish on airplanes and pretend that they are shooting stars. See the view from my room? I can even choose between domestic and international.

Commercial: Calling Ann! You probably should live this near to the airport. *winks*

Waterfront's kind of old, as evident on the elevator buttons and the surge of deepwell water on the first few seconds of opening the shower. Nonetheless, it's fine with me. It's still above average as compared to the other hotels I've stayed at. Of course coming from that icky apartelle I've slept at during my Batangas assignment, this is just fabulous! The hotel's fully booked and I am pretty sure that The percentage of Filipinos staying here is close to 5; that includes me already. The other 95%? Well, I saw about 4 blondes earlier. The rest happened to be Koreans. They are so effin' many that they ought to have a consulate here already. Well, I've swooned over Joo Ji Hoon for about two months that I finished 30+ episodes of Princess Hours in 3 days just so I could get on with reviewing for the board exams.

credits to asianpopcorn

credit to jkdrama

Apart from that and teaching sequences and series to this Korean student (I had no idea how I managed to do that but I did notice blood dripping from my nose after each session), I practically have no interaction whatsoever with them. Fine by me as long as we all live in harmony and I'm apathetic to their race anyway. Well, not until yesterday evening.

Annoying Korean story: So I just got back from work and decided to do some wifi-ing (everything could be made into a verb now, I just love it). I chose an empty table at the hotel lobby, plopped on a chair, settled my things on an empty chair and moments later I was eating this chocolate cake peacefully:

Best chocolate cake I've tasted in a LOOOOOOONG time! I swear!
This middle-aged Korean lady approached and started talking to me; IN KOREAN. I figured out after a few seconds that she was asking if she can share the table with me and well I don't really care so I told her it was okay. Now minutes later a second Korean lady sat at the table. This was the part where I was beginning to feel uncomfortable because I felt that my privacy was slowly being disturbed already but still I told her it was fine. But then Korean lady number 2, again in Korean, later on told me to remove my things to make room for Korean lady number 3. Well of course I do not understand effin' Korean but I did get that from her pointing at my things while holding on to the chair. What the hell?! I was there first; you do not get to to tell me to remove my things and move them to the floor.

First, you do not speak in your native tongue when you visit a foreign land because last time I checked English was still the universal language. Second, kindly brush up on lessons about respecting other people's privacy. On second thought, brush up on respect. Period. We Filipinos are known for being hospitable; now you tourists at your end should learn the culture and values of the country you are visiting. I mean, in Hong Kong I did move to the right side of the escalator because I know that the left side is for those who are in a hurry. I did that even when in my country we do follow the "who-cares-if-you-are-in-a-hurry-I-get-to-position-myself-where-I-want-to-be-on-the-escalator" mentality. I know that you are contributing really well to the Philippine economy as proven by the number of you checked in at this hotel and the presence of kimchi at one breakfast buffet table. As a matter of fact, I feel kind of lost in a crowd of droopy and at the same time chinky-eyed troop as I'm probably the only Filipino during breakfast. Nevertheless, that does not give you the upper hand. We are both paying here.

Speaking of breakfast, I was really in awe seeing so much food in the morning because my first meal of the day is defined by, uhm well, coffee. Folks, this is the proper way to waste a good buffet breakfast:

Salad for breakfast. Who eats salad for breakfast?!

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