04 July 2010

The Annual Hair Makeover: The Piandre Experience

When life becomes too stressful that shopping does not help that much anymore, it only means one thing: I have got to touch the hair. I haven't had something done with my hair for 6 months, probably the reason why I have been feeling well that empty feeling resembling a doughnut hole. My last cut and treatment was done at Regine's Salon in December 2009.

Six months later, this was now how my hair looked:

Your typical long hair. Bow.

I actually wanted to have a digiperm at Regine's just because I have this 20% off coupon from my Belle de Jour planner. Oh alright I really wanted curls again for the simple reason that I don't have to worry about getting those waves on my straight hair. Besides, I don't need to comb my hair after that. But then I realized that I still have to grow my hair about 4 inches more to have the perfect length so I would probably wait until December, so that plan was thrown into oblivion. I decided to try another salon just because Regine's is just too far away from my home. It was a different story then when my office was still located in Makati. I just have to find another which is a) located in a convenient place (translation: Trinoma or SM) and b) will not mock my hair as if it was made of hay just so that I would try out all their other treatments (Why hello there Bench Fix!). Since people were raving about Piandre, I gave it a try

So what did I have in mind?

1.I wanted a haircut but not so drastic; I just want a trim which would define the layers and get bangs.
2. Hair color. I had my hair cellophaned (and I must say the color of the cellophane did last six months. Props to Regine's!) but I want real color now. Something natural looking but obvious. Most importantly nothing artificial. I'm not for the agua oxigenada look.
3. Treatment. My hair reminds me of walis tambo already.

I got an appointment over the phone and arrived at the salon at around 4 PM. The staff were friendly and they gave me free iced tea. They also have updated magazines but I'd rather that I was given local chismis mags instead of those Brit ones wherein I do not even know half of the people they were talking about. My stylist's name was Cecile, forgot how she was called but I decided that I'm just getting one of those midrange cutters since I'm just getting a trim anyway. After 3 hours this was what I had:

1. More defined layers and full bangs. My cut actually was the tamer version of Cecile's.
2. Hair color in Mahogany; just enough hues of red and brown. I like it!
3. Clear cellophane. I was supposed to get the Powerdose treatment but in order to maximize the effect of the color and to give my hair gloss and shine, Cecile recommended the cellophane.

Sorry for the grainy pic. I did not use the flash of my camera because it would only emphasize how haggard I looked. Hair color is only evident on the crown of my head (again blame the non-usage of the flash).

I just spent a whopping 5135 pesos on my hair alone! Well knowing me who once spent 1,700 pesos for a haircut from no less than Alex Carbonell, this comes as no surprise. I must say I have found my salon sanctuary in Q.C.

Cut: 450
Color: 2140
Cellophane: 2400
That "Ang ganda ko maglaway ka ngayon" feeling: PRICELESS!

Birthday greeting:

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