20 July 2010

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Infused Cappuccinos

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf  has new offerings.

Credit to the CBTL website

Banj sent me a message (after her interview toinks) that she was at the office because she just had an interview with San Miguel. She actually swung by my area but I was at the restroom that time, busy coloring my cheeks, so I called her and met up with her at Amici Megamall instead. After stuffing myself (because she had lunch with her dad already) with pomodoro and pizza we, after what felt like a gazillion years, had coffee at CBTL.
I decided to try the Cinnamon Mocha while she had the Spiced Honey. My coffee was okay but I'd rather have cinnamon on my rolls rather than my drink. Banj said hers was a tad too sweet. We have yet to try the Salted Caramel, I think it's interesting.

But then again you might like the new cappuccinos better than I did. So go to your nearest CBTL branch now!

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