03 July 2010

Forever 21 is Luuuurve!!!

I've mentioned in my previous post how excited I was that Forever 21 was finally opening in Manila. Yesterday, the moment my boss finally allowed me to leave work, after holding me down to my seat for what seemed like eternity because she was rushing to have materials released to the big bosses last night, I rushed across the street to SM Megamall to start shopping!

It was insane! Never had I seen such long lines for a store opening. I actually told myself that I would not wait in line just to enter the store and wait for another day instead, but being gifted with such a low EQ I turned around and found myself standing there; waiting for the bouncer-like security guard to tell me that it's time to get in.

Oh my effin' god! It was the utmost test of EQ! To everyone please, please bring loads of that if you plan to go because I guarantee that it is impossible not to find anything that would fancy you. I was in awe seeing all those affordable accessories, clothes and shoes that I almost cried with joy.

I spent 2 hours inside the store, which I did not notice because I was not wearing a watch. Hell, I would have probably stayed longer if only I had not worn heels. My feet were practically crying in agony. Anyway here's what I got:

Mini-dress (PhP 595)

And look at the ribbon details at the back.

Tunic (PhP 695)

Gold necklace with floral detail (PhP 368.50), Lot of earrings (PhP 308.50), Vintage necklace with pink stone (PhP 368.50)

Feet aching and all but I am very very happy with my loot. Forever 21 is so fashion forward but it won't create a hole in your pocket. I was even given a 100 PhP voucher which I can use on my next purchase. I must say, I predict that this is going to be a start of a very beautiful friendship.

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