15 July 2010

Hong Kong - Macau Diaries: Cafe de Coral


Well we all know that Hong Kong would be overflowing with a lot of Chinese restaurants. I wanted to savor true blue Chinese cuisine (and no Chowking is not considered as such) which will not burn a hole in my pocket. In my quest for cheap perfumes, I discovered Cafe de Coral by accident.

The branch which we visited was located on the 3rd floor of the CKE Mall in Nathan Road. I've read reviews about it online and apparently it is the largest fastfood chain in Hong Kong and they have expanded all over the world. They are the same company which brought Oliver's Super Sandwiches here in the Philippines.

Although Cafe de Coral is considered a fastfood, the meals they serve do not resemble anything that was cooked in such a short span of time. They also have a wide array of choices and take note: their lunch and dinner menus are different from each other. Unlike here in the Philippines wherein you are given a number and you lazily lounge on your seat and wait for your order to be served, it is a different story at this place. Upon placing your order at the cashier, you give your order slip to the adjacent counter and that is the only time they will make it. That way, you are assured of a freshly cooked meal always. I just had difficulty conversing with the cooks because I don't think they can communicate in English. Practice your acting skills people they will really be helpful. Trust me.

Anyway after about 15 minutes we got our food.

Chicken and Pork Barbecue Rice (29 HKD)

Barbecue Pork with Rice (26 HKD)

Steamed Rice with Octopus, Mushroom and Chicken (31 HKD)

Strawberry and Taro with Tapioca (+ 8 HKD to the above meals)

I love the variety that this restaurant has to offer that you would not get that "umay" factor. It would take probably more than a week before you can taste everything their menu has to offer. Their prices are reasonable and their servings are hefty. Props to the chicken barbecue! That's my favorite!

Cafe de Coral is everywhere in Hong Kong making it accessible to anyone and this should not be missed by if you plan to visit so better sharpen your chopstick skills!

Verdict: 4 chopsticks

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