18 July 2010

Hong Kong - Macau Diaries: Citygate Outlet Mall and Disneyland


This is the part where I was most excited for this trip. The part where I finally would get to meet Mickey. I believe that Disneyland is every child's dream destination, or at least for the children of my generation. Come to think of it, Mickey Mouse is not at all visible lately. I wonder if children today still get excited at the thought of him. Everyone recommended that in order to enjoy Disneyland the most, you should allot the whole day for it. Supposedly, that is the only activity for our second day itinerary. I'll be honest here. Since I was the one who made the itinerary for this trip, I made it sure that I'd be able to visit the outlet stores that Hong Kong is known for. Reason why I included the Citygate Outlet Mall; disguised as the lunch place for the day since we all know that everything is gold inside Disneyland.

How to get there from TST:
Take the MTR Tsuen Wan line and get off at Lai King then interchange at the Tung Chung line. Exit at the Tung Chung station and the mall is connected there

Citygate is heaven!!! It carries outlet stores of signature shops such as Coach, DKNY, Armani Exchange, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lancel and many more! But then again, I'm not really the type to splurge so much on clothes, shoes or bags. It just pains me to spend double digits with triple zeros on one. Still, I enjoyed window shopping, though most of the stores were still closed. Hong Kong is such a country with no morning persons. I think I would fit here perfectly. Most stores open at around 11:30 and close near midnight.

After we had lunch, we took the MTR back to the Sunny Bay station to take the interchange to the Disneyland Resort line. Entrance tickets to Disneyland cost 350 HKD per adult. After a few minutes, voila! Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Disneyland is divided into areas called Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Adventureland. To get to them, you would first pass by the Main Street wherein shops and information centers are located. I really liked that store with all the shimmering crystals and glass especially this one:

Tomorrowland has this futuristic theme. My sisters and I were able to try that saucer ride, which apparently was over before we knew it. I enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters wherein you hit targets using laser guns while riding a sort of train. Cool! Well I just happened to aim at the target and shoot at god knows what until the target falls. This is also where the Space Mountain, an indoor roller coaster-like ride which simulates space, is located. Dear Lord, I had tears after this one. Though it had no loops which will invert you, still it was very fast that I was really dizzy afterwards. We also enjoyed Stitch Encounter and talking to Stitch.

Fantasyland, as the name implies, is all that rainbows and butterflies; basically the fairy tale stuff. It is where It's a Small World is located; a boat ride which traverses a path surrounded by children of all races, cultures and some even were kid versions of the Disney characters we've grown up with; and yes, they were singing "It's a small world after all..." in all languages.

Pinay pride! =)

Disneyland has parades everywhere and since it's summer they have this wet parade wherein the characters spray water to the crowd, My mom had her umbrella ready haha! I still got wet a bit though.

The star of the show!

Childhood dream fulfilled!

We were also able to catch The Golden Mickeys. This is a must see show in Disneyland. No wonder people were really lining up to see it. well pictures were not allowed but I was too stubborn to listen :P

As for Adventureland, we were able to try the river cruise. The "english" tour guide was a delight. Trust me. He has got to have the most high-pitched male voice I've ever listened to. Anyway, the river was full of mock animals. You would not want to encounter a real-life hippopotamus would you?

Disneyland experience would not be complete if you would not stay for Disney in the Stars, the fireworks display of the park every 8PM. It was so beautiful and it lasted around 20 minutes! Talk about spending for fireworks! I would want to post the video here but it is too large that it might take me a year to upload it.

I have one dream fulfilled crossed off my life's checklist: to see Mickey Mouse. =) How about you?

Hong Kong - Macau Series

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