20 July 2010

Hong Kong - Macau Diaries: Estela Portugese Cuisine


After a long and tiring walk, it was just but natural that our tummies would be screaming "Feed me! Feed me!" in all their high-pitched glories. While in the cab going to the ferry terminal, the driver told us that we should eat Portugese food in Macau which makes sense. While we were strolling, for the nth time, we again passed by a McDonald's and I reiterated that never in this lifetime would that be considered Portugese. My attention was caught by this Macanese restaurant which was at the third floor of the building but it did not make that "kaching" sound so we went to the lower floor and found Estela.

While reading the menu which was placed on a stand at the entrance, we were greeted by this lady who suggested the restaurant's specialty. It did not take long before she realized that we were Filipinos and she spoke to us in Tagalog. Had she not been the one who entertained us, we might have not eaten at this place. The kababayan charms works wonders.

Estela's interiors are like that of a fancy restaurant. It was cozy and quiet. We were actually wondering why there were only a few eating there. Maybe we had gone to the wrong place. I was crossing my fingers because this was my idea.

Ate (just because I was not able to ask for her name) suggested that we have one dish each of pork or chicken, fish and vegetable. Since we have no idea of what to order, we got the following:

Brocolli with Cheese Sauce (58 HKD)

Charcoal-grilled Pork Spareribs with Herbs (85 HKD)

Charcoal-grilled Sea Bass with Macanese Flavor (138 HKD)

I did not enjoy the pork so much because it was kind of dry. The sea bass was something new to me but we were able to finish it to the bones. My favorite would be the brocolli because brocolli is up there in the list of my favorite vegetables plus the fact that I am a cheese fanatic so combine both and that is just perfect for me.

Overall it was not really extraordinary for me. Food was decent and the place was clean but let me put it this way, I was not jumping up and down with joy for it. Although it was refreshing to divert from the MSG-laden food that we have been ingesting days before that. Props to ate. Really she was very good in "salestalking" us.

Verdict: 3 chopsticks

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