23 July 2010

Hong Kong - Macau Diaries: New Macau

Now that we have conquered the cobbled streets of Macau, it is high time that we go back to the modernized areas of the country. After lunch, we decided to head towards the Macau Tower from Senado Square...ON FOOT.

Background story:
While dining at Estela, I asked the Filipina waitress how to get to Macau Tower. She said that we could head there on foot. Just walk towards Metropole Hotel then turn right.

And that's what we did. What I did not know was that she thought we would just like to see the tower from afar while our plan was to go inside the tower. After walking for about a kilometer and realizing that we were not getting anywhere nearer the tower, we gave up and just took pictures instead.

We went after to the Macau Tourist Center to see the Grand Prix and Wine museums. From my research I knew that there was going to be an entrance fee and I was already asking for money from my mom. However, the person manning the ticket booth was apparently a Filipina so she let us in for free. That was very nice of her.

We rode the bus 3A (bus stiop is just in front of the Tourist Center) to go back to the ferry terminal where the free shuttle buses going to the Venetian Macao, the famous hotel and casino which is a must see. The owners of this hotel are the same as that of Venetian Las Vegas. I loved the pseudo-Italy effect!

Oh and I saw this cute Hello Kitty inspired bag and the sales person told me that photos were not allowed. Too bad for her. *evil laugh*

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