01 July 2010

I Don't Get It

The long queues, the advance tickets and the eyeliner hungry teenyboppers. This Eclipse phenomenon, I don't get it.

I wanted to watch Letters to Juliet yesterday with Ayen and Ghe so I went to check Clickthecity for the showing times. To my surprise (and utter disappointment), around 75% of the theaters in Quezon City were showing Eclipse. In SM North EDSA alone, 6 of their 10 cinemas were accommodating this very bland movie. My friend Ana sent me an SMS (just because "texted" is not a verb) at around 4 PM yesterday saying that she was at Trinoma buying tickets for the 10 PM showing and she was asking if I wanted to watch the film. I declined.

I watched Twilight; I read the book even. I almost gagged. My Sweet Valley High books were far better written than this one. So no, I did not bother getting in line and waste my money on the next installment which was New Moon. My sister borrowed a DVD months after and guess what? I chose to sleep instead of watching that garbage.

I hate Bella and her anemia. If only I could send her loads of ampalaya and iron supplements I probably will. And oh yes she was not contented with being frail physically that she also had to have a weak personality. Everything about her screams "Hey I'm a damsel in distress. Save me! Save me!" Pampam.

The only reason that would probably get me to go inside the cinema are Taylor Lautner's abs. Rawr.

But then I could always have my Taylor fix on google and I don't have to shed out 200 pesos for it. I'd rather get a glimpse of this kid's muscles.

Well I must admit that sculpted biceps do not really go well with Jaden Smith's 12 year old body (well it was kind of freaky quite frankly) but at least Karate Kid had a much much better storyline which is not about a girl's neverending turmoil of choosing between a werewolf and a vampire.

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