26 July 2010

Maxed Out

Sweat. Tears. Blood. And depletion of my bank account.

I decided to finally get a laptop and I had the perfect model in mind. I just wanted to buy one before my dad returns abroad on Friday for two reasons: 1) so that he could check whatever needs to be checked and 2) I'm too chicken to buy something with 5 digits on the price tag. I was supposed to get the Asus K42JK-VX027R but an hour and what felt like a gazillion stores after, there were no more in stock. I decided to adjust but these 3 should remain: the Core i3 processor, 14" screen and DDR3 RAM.

Now I was left choosing between the Dell Inspiron 1464 and the Lenovo G460. Both have the 3 specs mentioned above but what got me leaning against these 2? Well for one, Dell has the 1464 in pink and it was cheaper (but not that much than the Lenovo.) Plus it comes with a free Canon Pixma printer and Rudy Project eyewear. However, I decided to go for the Lenovo even though it has the most boring color ever...which is black. Now why so?

Lenovo G460 was the only model I checked which fitted the criteria and was equipped with Windows Home 7 Premium, the others could only go as far as the Home Basic. If I get the Dell Inspiron, I would have to add an additional PhP7,500 and that would end up costing more than the Lenovo. Plus the sales guy installed the Microsoft Forefront Client Security and added additional programs such as Microsoft Office (though I believe this is not licensed), Adobe Photoshop CS3 (woohoo! Now I can stop using my Photoshop 7.0), and Stardock (which provides my laptop with that pseudo-Mac feeling).

The painful part: it burned a hole in my pocket amounting to 40,500 peysows.

I also bought a DLink D600 router in my attempt to lessen the squabbles and to never hear my sister wish me dead again just because of who's using the internet connection.

I was actually cursing this device last night because it was eating me up whole. It was not supposed to be that difficult to install a router but somehow I could not make it work. I gave up because I was too sleepy to function like a normal human being so I returned the connections to where they were before the alien device came into the picture. Stupid me. Apparently it was not the router; I had no effin' internet connection last night. Again. No thanks to Smart.

Current situation: Both credit cards maxed out plus a 25,000 company loan and I'm counting the days to November for the 13th month pay. Yes that translates to I'm in deep shit of debt.

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