31 July 2010

Pass the Salt Please.

I got to watch Salt before it was shown on screen last Wednesday because of this post. I was the 21st blogger in the list of 70 who got 3 free premiere night tickets from Nuffnang Philippines. I took Bob and Shella with me.

What did I enjoy most about the movie? My Ranch Chicken burger and fries from NYFD. Plot was nothing new and this flock was waaaaaaay predictable. It was kind of The Da Vinci Code sans the religious connotations.

Long story short: Evelyn Salt is a Russian spy planted as an American (she becomes a CIA agent) to create turmoil and destroy America's relations with all the nations and to restore Russia as the world's only superpower. But then she fell in love and emotions got in the way of the plans and they had to kill the husband and she gets angry and she plots revenge and she kills her master and she gets arrested but she finds a way out by being some sort of a vigilante. The end.

The only selling factor of this movie was Angelina herself. Had it been any other actress, the role has Angelina written all over the script, it would have been more disastrous. I was sure glad that I did not spend good money on this one.

But I still hated that I went on to watch this one because after the movie, the rain was just pouring like there was no tomorrow and I got stuck at Trinoma: drenched with a bulky laptop on my shoulder and squishy shoes which got infiltrated with water. And oh boy were the taxi lines looooong that I was crying in self pity.

Pass on this one folks. Better watch it on DVD and plop on the comforts of your couch instead.

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