22 July 2010

What Did I Wear?

From now on, I'm going to start posting about how do I mix and match my clothes and came up with an ensemble and tag it "what did I wear". I've realized that clothes on a hanger are just as unappealing as raw meat with uncooked veggies on a chopping board. To begin this one, let's review what was I in while strutting the streets of Hong Kong and Macau.

I so effin' wanter to wear my boots but since in the Philippines it is a piece of clothing which is not customary, I feel uncomfortable whenever I do. Hong Kong became the perfect location to finally wear them...and I do not care that it was like 30 degrees outside.

Top: Forever 21
Leggings: Zara
Belt: Celine
Suede Boots: Primadonna
Eyewear: Fly

I actually packed a lot of summer clothes but here in Manila you cannot walk in a mini skirt without getting stared at as if you are wearing no article of clothing at all. There's just too many bastos people here that wearing short skirts are at your own risk.

Top and necklace: Forever 21
Denim Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Flats: Celine
Bag: Bayo

I think I had this dress hanging in my closet for weeks because I cannot find an occassion to wear it. Then a light bulb suddenly came on and I realized that the dress would look really good in pictures hahaha! So there's the story why I was wearing it in Macau.

Dress: Tango
Necklace: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Fly

Ocean Park would involve a lot of walking so I decided to just wear shorts and flats. I love love my Steve Madden flats (which I got for a really cheap price) because it's so durable. I actually wear it a lot to work. Oh and I am beginning to have this penchant for wearing shorts because I like my long legs a lot. Teehee!

Top: Plains and Prints
Shorts and Bag: Mango
Flats: Steve Madden
Necklace: Forever 21

How about you? What have you been donning lately?

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