31 August 2010

The Best Things in Life are Free...Well at Least Most of Them Today Are

Don't you just love getting things for free? Today was one of those days when the universe was showering me with a lot of gifts.

Sesame Biscuit from Macau

Wee special thanks to my friend Lia who just got back from the egg tart land. I would have wanted authentic egg tarts but then asking for that would be just ridiculous. I love Pastelaria Koi Kei!

Accesories from Drowning Equilibriums
I won these as consolation prizes from Aisa's birthday giveaway. That girl sure got a lot of sponsors for her loot bags. I'm happy to just have been picked for it. Thanks girl!

Jollibee Chickenjoy
Crispylicious, juicylicious chickenjoy! We didn't know that Jollibee was promoting their chickenjoy to working people and all you need to do is give them your business card and show them your ID. I'm wondering why they need to do such when everyone has probably eaten their chicken more than ten times in their lives. Well who cares, as long as we get something for free. Too bad the promo ends today.

Step Up 3D
Image found here
This was one hell of a dance movie and it made me miss dancing a lot. Thank you Shella and Citibank for the free movie tickets. The soundtrack is cool also and I envision myself running to it (I mean if I can't dance might as well run right?). This flick is awesomeness! Never mind the story, just concentrate on the dancing and that will make you happy.

My day started pretty bad having to endure a 3-hour travel from home to work but universe, you sure know how to make amends.

The Weirdest Rain Ever

Yesterday, Ria decided to have her brows threaded at Browhaus at Serendra. Don't you find it weird that we now have a salon specializing on contouring your brows? Normal threading costs around PhP 580 while the full brow reconstruction is pegged at a whopping PhP 35,000! Whoa that's a price of a laptop already. Well anyway I'm not here to talk about that, though her brows look nice and clean after. For me, I'd rather clean my brows on my own and pay myself 580 pesos.

Were you out when that weird rainfall happened? Banj and I decided to head towards Bonifacio High Street and wait for Ria ang Lizelle at Coffee Bean when the rain started pouring really hard; the thing was, the sun was really shining brightest. No we are not talking about a light drizzle here, the rain was hardcore. Talk about extreme. We were wearing sunnies because the sun was hurting our eyes while crossing the street with an umbrella. Seriously something's wrong with our climate. No wonder paracetamols are a hit nowadays. Good thing I was dressed for both.

I love the skirt I'm wearing for two reasons: 1) it's pink and 2) I got it for 90% off. I bought it at IT Store, which does not sell any electronic stuff, at Citygate Mall in Hong Kong. The print on the waist is also cute.

I had difficulty explaining to Lizzy why I had to have my photo taken that she even asked me if it was my first time there. ROFL. I don't go to The Fort often though. Most of the time I'm there it's either because I'm running or I was signing up for a run. Oh and yes when I was doing my grocery duties for the office. Good thing that when we transferred to the new office, the grocery was just in front of it.

I feel like we're growing old up. We used to obsess about clothes, accesories and shoes (well yeah we still do) but now we are getting excited in decorating our own homes. I'm far from having my own space though. We are now loitering inside home furnishing stores. Speaking of, this chair is interesting but what the hell is so special with it that it is priced PhP 30,000?!

I think the Philippine weather nowadays is just as unpredictable as the vehicle traffic along EDSA. How about you? How do you dress yourself for it?

tank top: Bench Body
cardigan: Tomato
skirt: Cacharel
shoes: Shoe Gallery
accesories: Forever 21 and Jean and Rosz
bag: borrowed from Mom
Photo credits to Banj.

Foodie: Old Vine at The Venice at Piazza McKinley

I have never been to McKinley Hill. I know a few friends who work there but my knowledge of Bonifacio Global City is limited to (and bounded by) Bonifacio High Street, Serendra and Market Market; beyond those is totally untouched territory. 

Today being a holiday, the girls and I decided to have lunch but since Lizelle's company is not covered by Philippine holidays we had to go somewhere near her office, which is at McKinley Hill. We ended up at The Piazza at Venice which is a really nice place. It kind of reminds me of Eastwood City in the 90's when it wasn't infested with a lot of people yet. It even has the same bell tower fixture. The only problem with this place is you won't be able to reach it if you do not have your own mode of transportation; or money for a cab.

After passing by all the restaurants and reading their menus (and chatting with uber persistent waiters) we decided to feast on steak and wine at Old Vine Grille. It was a cozy place with not so many people and the perfect ambiance for juicy gossip and catching up with each other. Well probably because the food is quite expensive. Teehee. It was just stupid of me that I left my camera's SD card inside my laptop's card reader so I had to make do of my phone's camera. Darn.

On to what we ate *drumroll*:

Poelle Lamb Spareribs - PhP 395
I wasn't able to taste this but Ana did not complain about it so I guess it's good. The spareribs came with salad and vegetable risotto.

Baked Cream Dory - PhP 350 
I was actually tempted to have this one but knowing that we had casseroles full of pesto pasta inside the fridge stopped me from doing so. The dory had mushroom filling and it was yummy!

Grilled Salmon Tranche - PhP 420
I have always loved salmon and the tomato salsa and rice went perfectly with it.

Churrasco Beef Tenderloin - PhP 650
I will never forget the chumichuri. Or is it chimichuri? Or chimuchuri? The hell this costs 650 pesos! But then according to Ria it's delicious (but I would still not pay 650 for meat hehe)

Peppered Steak French Style - PhP 420
I found my food not worth the price. Pfft. It tastes good but it's juts not worth it. I wished for more mashed potatoes.

Oh and we had red wine at 750 per bottle. We could not care less that it was practically 30 degrees outside. 

There were hits and misses. Everything tasted good but I could just not find some worth it for their prices. Oh well you have to eat something gold every now and then. I enjoyed lunch with my girls so I don't mind. Do come to this place with a hefty wallet.

Verdict: 4 wine glasses

Old Vine is located at the ground floor of The Piazza at Venice, McKinley Hill, Taguig City.

29 August 2010

Girlfriends, Ukay Finds and Long Weekends

I am going to say this over and over again. I love my girlfriends!!! They are like my happy pill. I would go insane without them. Seriously. Actually, I was just supposed to meet up with Banj for coffee but then Ria popped a message on my facebook wall saying that she's here in Manila. I decided to text all the girls; it's more fun to discuss chismis with everyone around anyway. Hehe.

We had to do Saturday in installment because Ria and Ana had to leave to attend to other stuff so Banj and I were left to wait for Lizelle. Oh dear that foodfest at Friday's was just horrifying. Picture our faces when the humongous pile of nachos was placed on the table. Well, I enjoyed my mojito tremendously. *hic* Girls let's plan Bohol na please?

Well, what's a long weekend without shopping right? I did bargain hunts and ended up buying the following at a tiangge (bazaar for those who do not have any idea what that is) at the 2nd floor of Circle C along Congressional Avenue. Damn they are pretty good knock-offs of branded clothes. Last week, I even saw a replica of a shirt I bought at H&M during my Hong Kong trip. 

boyfriend shirt - PhP 99
striped cover up - PhP 120
gray smock - PhP99
cropped top - PhP 79
I'm following a couple of fashion blogs and that got me inspired to go back to ukay shopping. The treasures you find in your local thrift shops are just endless. I was informed that the thrift shops in Anonas have really good items. I have never been there but then again I'm your friendly neighborhood Dora the Explorer so the unfamiliar would not stop me if my mind is fixed to doing it. And boy did I score some really good items, including a Zara blazer for PhP80!

This is a favorite. My mom even loved it.
Authentic Zara men!

Oh and I scored shoes also! I love it!

Total damage? Equivalent to one boring Kamiseta top. Damn I'm really happy. Cheers to long weekends!

28 August 2010

Lola's Closet

I was late (again) yesterday morning but knowing me, Fridays are meant for dress-up so that was not a reason to look like trash.

Friday was kind of eventful. We had Jason's despedida at A Veneto at lunch. I love that place because their food is so cheap but it can feed you really good. I am especially a fan of their Nut Pesto with Chicken and Buffalo Wings. I'm stopping now because I'm writing this without breakfast and this is making me hungry. I'm really sad (and envious haha) that Jason's leaving the company; and no one would take my pictures anymore hehehe.

Come evening I had to be a receptionist / promo girl for the Petron Expo. It was fun only that we weren't given chairs for a solid two hours. Poor feet of mine.

Trivia: the top I was wearing was something I unearthed inside my grandmother's closet. I think if she was alive she'd be really happy that I was able to put to it to good use. It was actually a part of a skirt and blouse ensemble but I thought it would look good with jeans as well. What do you think?

Oh and I fell in love with Angelina Jolie's side french braid that I attempted to do it. It's actually easy; don't fret about the loose hair. Mess adds character in my opinion.

Now I'm really excited to explore more of her closet. Vintage is luuuurve!!!

Top: old from grandmother's closet
Jeans: Her Bench
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: VNC
Necklace: Tomato
Bangle: Bazaar

Photo credits to Welai. (P.S. I don't know what you are going through but hang in there ok? :))

25 August 2010

I Just Had to Come Back for This

I saw that inside VNC while loitering around the mall yesterday. It was a perfect fit and it was on sale from 1730 to 519 pesos. The humongous price chop was like kryptonite. I didn't buy it then because I was holding on to my EQ. Well so much for EQ; it was 1200 pesos off for crying out loud. So there I came back for it today. Happy me.

I found this set of rings from Forever 21 earlier. I was actually planning to buy a cropped top but I wasn't able to find one. It reminded me of the rings which I did not purchase at H&M and that, my friends, I consider as one of my greatest regrets in life. No need to think about it anymore and I can sleep peacefully at night now.

Funny that I thought I would be able to rely on baby oil to take off my eye makeup but 3 days into it and I can no longer take the greasy feeling around my eyes. I bought the Maybelline Makeup Remover to do this tough job.

A little math here. This bottle I purchased costs PhP 99 and is amounting to 80 mL. Meanwhile the larger bottle of 140 mL was priced at PhP 199. come to think of it, if you buy two 80 mL bottles it would total to 160 mL which is 20 mL more than the larger bottle. Whoever thought of this pricing strategy was really smart; and a cheat. I've used it and I don't have any complains. It sure did deliver for a measly price.

Oh and the quest for moisturizer ends because I'm going back to this one:

I've used L'oreal UV Perfect years back and I really don't know why I've stopped when I didn't develop any bad reaction with it. It is moisturizer, makeup base and sunblock all in one. I vowed to protect my face from the sun and I have been doing it for years now and damn and this is SPF 50. How much sun-proof could you get?

Oh and before I forget today's highlights. Lunch at Bubble Tea with Shella and Jason. I luuurrved what I ate and the carrot butterfly was just adorable.

Creamy Chicken Pesto and Strawberry Green Tea :)
Err don't mock me now but I was signed up for the Duel of the Duets which is basically your amateur singing contest corporate style. All SMC's subsidiaries will send a representative on the singing battlefield for PhP 20,000 but before you reach the finals, eliminations will be held first and whoever gets in would get to go with PhP15,000. Not bad huh? Okay this is not really my idea but since there was money involved, and that translates to an awful lot of shopping, alright I'm in. I'm just praying that I don't get sick like what happened before when I was practically croaking on stage.

Fifteen minutes of ka-cheapan for 15,000. I'm just going to ingest a good volume of tequila.

24 August 2010

Back to Regular Programming

Yesterday's meltdown is now so...well yesterday. I've done some tweaking; signal's good and I am oh so back to regular programming. What better way to elevate dampened spirits but to don something bright. Yellow perhaps?

Ironic that I didn't plan to dress up today because I was running late for work and yet I ended up looking all polished and corporate. My boss even made a comment on how I looked, thinking that I had a date and all. Dear boss, this is when I do not make an efffort. How much more when I do? It's just funny because i forgot that he came from somewhere which is a shirtjack nation. So I guess being dressed up is something new to him.

Truthfully, I don't get the commotion about yellow, or the more correct term mustard. You just don't know your fashion dude. I'm actually disappointed because I had high hopes that you could distinguish at least 4 shades of the same color family, being...okay I'm shutting my mouth now. Good vibes...good vibes. Teehee.

Dress: Bayo
Jacket: Mango
Shoes: Lewre at CMG
Sunglasses: Fly

Photo credits to Welai.

P.S. Venus Raj placed 4th at the Miss Universe pageant today. She may have messed up the interview question pretty bad but she lifted the Filipino spirits up after the tragedy yesterday and that's what matters. Can we please stop the "major major" remarks now? Why don't you try strutting your half-naked body in front of global television? Hello Jessica Zafra.

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