24 August 2010

Back to Regular Programming

Yesterday's meltdown is now so...well yesterday. I've done some tweaking; signal's good and I am oh so back to regular programming. What better way to elevate dampened spirits but to don something bright. Yellow perhaps?

Ironic that I didn't plan to dress up today because I was running late for work and yet I ended up looking all polished and corporate. My boss even made a comment on how I looked, thinking that I had a date and all. Dear boss, this is when I do not make an efffort. How much more when I do? It's just funny because i forgot that he came from somewhere which is a shirtjack nation. So I guess being dressed up is something new to him.

Truthfully, I don't get the commotion about yellow, or the more correct term mustard. You just don't know your fashion dude. I'm actually disappointed because I had high hopes that you could distinguish at least 4 shades of the same color family, being...okay I'm shutting my mouth now. Good vibes...good vibes. Teehee.

Dress: Bayo
Jacket: Mango
Shoes: Lewre at CMG
Sunglasses: Fly

Photo credits to Welai.

P.S. Venus Raj placed 4th at the Miss Universe pageant today. She may have messed up the interview question pretty bad but she lifted the Filipino spirits up after the tragedy yesterday and that's what matters. Can we please stop the "major major" remarks now? Why don't you try strutting your half-naked body in front of global television? Hello Jessica Zafra.

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