31 August 2010

The Best Things in Life are Free...Well at Least Most of Them Today Are

Don't you just love getting things for free? Today was one of those days when the universe was showering me with a lot of gifts.

Sesame Biscuit from Macau

Wee special thanks to my friend Lia who just got back from the egg tart land. I would have wanted authentic egg tarts but then asking for that would be just ridiculous. I love Pastelaria Koi Kei!

Accesories from Drowning Equilibriums
I won these as consolation prizes from Aisa's birthday giveaway. That girl sure got a lot of sponsors for her loot bags. I'm happy to just have been picked for it. Thanks girl!

Jollibee Chickenjoy
Crispylicious, juicylicious chickenjoy! We didn't know that Jollibee was promoting their chickenjoy to working people and all you need to do is give them your business card and show them your ID. I'm wondering why they need to do such when everyone has probably eaten their chicken more than ten times in their lives. Well who cares, as long as we get something for free. Too bad the promo ends today.

Step Up 3D
Image found here
This was one hell of a dance movie and it made me miss dancing a lot. Thank you Shella and Citibank for the free movie tickets. The soundtrack is cool also and I envision myself running to it (I mean if I can't dance might as well run right?). This flick is awesomeness! Never mind the story, just concentrate on the dancing and that will make you happy.

My day started pretty bad having to endure a 3-hour travel from home to work but universe, you sure know how to make amends.

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