23 August 2010


I've been sporting this headache for two days now. Blame it on the 3 buckets of San Mig Super Dry which we drowned ourselves in last Friday. Anyway that was a happy buzz and I would sure like to repeat it again. Friday was supposed to be KTV night with Petron batchmates but due to the sudden turn of events, we just pulled whoever can be pulled to join us. Attendance for the night included me, Bob, Nax, Paul and Rose and we ended up at Chicago KTV at Metrowalk.

He got drunk. Swear. LOL.

Nax is the coolest pregnant friend ever!

Rates were not bad. We got the package worth PhP 2000  which can be consumed to drinks and food and we got to stay in the room  for 2 hours. But then we all know that 2 hours is not enough for videoke action, so we extended 2 hours more. By the time we finished we were all bloody intoxicated that we decided to walk from there to Robinson's Galleria. Boy was that a long walk. Bob and I were supposed to visit my boss who just had an operation the following day, but neither of us could get up at 9 AM so we decided to go in the afternoon instead. There was I thinking that a good 10 hours of sleep could make up for the hangover but that sure was one hell of a wishful thinking. I still had headache up to the evening. 

This only means one thing. I am out of practice.

On other matters...loot post. I got 2 belts, one in black and the other in brown because for heaven's sake a garrison belt is just pitiful to be seen worn by a working woman like me. I just don't buy belts, the ones which are worn to hold up your pants and not the decorative types, because they don't get to be seen anyway. I have always had a problem with pants because I have huge hips and it is not proportional to my waist. I hate my hips by the way.

The moment I saw the brown belt from Dorothy Perkins, I knew that very moment what I was going to be pairing it with. For some reason, it was very plain and it is your typical brown belt but it waved at me frantically that I had to buy it. My EQ said hello as well. The black one? It's a skinny belt from YRYS which was dirt ass cheap at 50 pesos. I don't know where I would wear it but it is 50 pesos come on!

I also saw this pair of earrings from a store named Inches.

Oh and I have a new best friend. I ran out of make up remover and this is the best substitute for it. it does the job of removing my mascara pretty well. Most of all, it only costs 15 pesos.

Okay this is ridiculous but I still get that buzzed feeling. I ought to get some sleep now.

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