05 August 2010


For some reason my Sony Ericsson P1i, Sun Cellular and Cebu are not friends. I've been to Cebu 3 times and still, my Sun phone does not function at all here. Since I was to stay for a week, I was just agitated that my phone is paralyzed for that long. Reason why I bought this one:

Presenting the Cherry Mobile P1. For 999 it can call, it can text, it's handy and it's malandeh. It's pink for crying out loud. I just love it! I've gotten over that stage wherein my phone had to have a camera, radio, games and a parachute. I bought this one at a stall at the Ayala Center Cebu. Well it's covered by a one year warranty but then duh, I happen to be based in Manila and if ever this one malfunctions it's much more practical to just buy another one. I wonder if teachers are aware of the existence of this gadget. It can disguise itself as a calculator and then used for extracting answers from someplace else to your heart's content. Do that for five exams and you have already maximized the amount you paid for this phone.

Anyway Cherry is the newest member of the family.

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