12 August 2010


Change is such a BIG word. Some people welcome it with open arms while most, including me, are afraid of it. Who likes being pulled out of their comfort zone anyway? I mean, change is risky and it takes a hell lot of courage to make one. Oh well I wish I could talk about more serious stuff such as job transitions or that I've finally landed a job writing for Cosmo; but no this will be one shallow post which will talk about shampoos and facial care.

Anyway when I had my hair colored about a month ago, I did not realize that I should be doing more than the typical shampoo-conditioner-rinse routine; or that I can still do the routine but I have to divert from the usual bath products that I have been using. I have been loyal consistently (just because I go astray every now and then) using Pantene for years now (and I was so falling for the mystery shampoo campaign) because my hair has developed a very good relationship with it. Well there were times that I used the competition because hair also gets the "umay" factor and it gets to be stiff when it gets used to one shampoo.

Rigorous research, which translates to the August issue of Cosmo, told me that shampoo strips off hair color and as you may know, a good salon color does not come cheap. Sorry Pantene but we might not see each other for a while. I'll attempt to develop a friendship with these guys for the meantime.

I've been using L'Oreal shampoo and conditioner for three days now coupled with the leave-on ceramide repair I've purchased months ago. So far I'm not getting the silky feeling that I get with Pantene but I would like to give these products a chance. Let's just say that we are still at the adjustment period.

I made a more drastic and bold move when I purchased these last night:

I am not gifted with beautiful skin. It would have been nice if I was given microscopic pores, but no I wasn't. My skin has always been problematic since my teenage years. Six cleansers, two dermatologists and a couple of hormone pills after, I still had breakouts and acne. My recent dermatologist told me that my acne could be triggered by restless hormones.

I have read about Mario Badescu in magazines, blogs and other online forums and people, including celebrities, have been swearing by the effects of their products. I realized that I have been spending a lot on clothes and shoes but I have not been investing on facial care and it's high time that I do. My previous mentality was that I do not want my skin to get used to those high end brands but I've come to the realization that my skin is THAT sensitive and will never go for the drugstore brands. Let's see after two months if they live up to my expectations because geez they are pretty damn E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E. Now I am still on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer.

I'm highly optimistic about these. *crosses fingers*


  1. on moisturizers - have you tried VMV hypoallergenics? they have this really good moisturizing lotion. saved my skin from the harshness of sub-zero office temp. plus they specialize in sensitive skin, like yours. :)

  2. I've considered VMV pero I'm also looking into Shiseido :) I'm still researching hehe.

  3. joanna, if your hair is hiyang to pantene don't switch! :)for colored hair, try using treatment once a week to maintain the shine/glow in your hair. i would recommend the pantene 3 minute miracle or pantene night miracle leave on serum. you'll love it! :)

    On moisturizer...shameless plugging here, but try Olay Regenerist MICROSCULPTING CREAM. If you have allergy prone/sensitive skin (I do, and hence moisturizer creams always wreak havoc sa skin ko), try using a serum instead RG Serum (ask Ella) is super nice.

    - Anj :)

  4. Haha Anj! Marketing kung marketing :P But really I would like to try that night serum (and not because you're a friend and you're from P&G hehehe).

    Hmmm RG Serum...where can I get those? :D


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