10 August 2010

Comatose Friday

There are only three things that could perk me up whenever I could feel that the universe is eating me up whole: chocolates, shopping and making myself pretty.

I was on comatose mode after I got back from Cebu. Exhaustion is an understatement; I was practically dead. There were are a lot of things going on inside my head which is probably the reason why I have this migraine for days now.

I don’t know why my yellow mustard shoes are so controversial; or at least Bob always, always comments about them. But then he’s a guy, what could he probably know about shoes? Aren’t they pretty? I got those during my Malaysia trip in 2008. I think you could probably guess from which store. *winks*

Pardon the veins.

I really need a break...or probably a new job.

Top: Topshop
Skirt: Tomato
Clutch: Landmark
Belt: Celine
Headband (used as necklace): Kamiseta
Shoes: Vincci (VNC)

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