29 August 2010

Girlfriends, Ukay Finds and Long Weekends

I am going to say this over and over again. I love my girlfriends!!! They are like my happy pill. I would go insane without them. Seriously. Actually, I was just supposed to meet up with Banj for coffee but then Ria popped a message on my facebook wall saying that she's here in Manila. I decided to text all the girls; it's more fun to discuss chismis with everyone around anyway. Hehe.

We had to do Saturday in installment because Ria and Ana had to leave to attend to other stuff so Banj and I were left to wait for Lizelle. Oh dear that foodfest at Friday's was just horrifying. Picture our faces when the humongous pile of nachos was placed on the table. Well, I enjoyed my mojito tremendously. *hic* Girls let's plan Bohol na please?

Well, what's a long weekend without shopping right? I did bargain hunts and ended up buying the following at a tiangge (bazaar for those who do not have any idea what that is) at the 2nd floor of Circle C along Congressional Avenue. Damn they are pretty good knock-offs of branded clothes. Last week, I even saw a replica of a shirt I bought at H&M during my Hong Kong trip. 

boyfriend shirt - PhP 99
striped cover up - PhP 120
gray smock - PhP99
cropped top - PhP 79
I'm following a couple of fashion blogs and that got me inspired to go back to ukay shopping. The treasures you find in your local thrift shops are just endless. I was informed that the thrift shops in Anonas have really good items. I have never been there but then again I'm your friendly neighborhood Dora the Explorer so the unfamiliar would not stop me if my mind is fixed to doing it. And boy did I score some really good items, including a Zara blazer for PhP80!

This is a favorite. My mom even loved it.
Authentic Zara men!

Oh and I scored shoes also! I love it!

Total damage? Equivalent to one boring Kamiseta top. Damn I'm really happy. Cheers to long weekends!

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