13 August 2010

Hot and Cold

Hey you Mr. Weather, stop being so fickle. Yesterday you were pouring and I was anticipating some more today but you just had to have the sun shine so brightly. I mean I hate thinking of what to wear in the morning.

But I was glad to have worn a thick cover up because my area is very reminiscent of the arctic circle. I had to go up my desk and cover the aircon vent right above my head.

Would you believe I ran along the roads wearing this? I'm so talented I know.

I wonder what I'll be wearing tomorrow? Or maybe I should wonder how the weather would be first?
Tank Top: Topshop
Smock: Tango
Jeans: Her Bench
Belt: Landmark
Earrings: Wade
Ring: Tomato
Shoes: Leaveland

Photo credits to my friend Jason.

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