25 August 2010

I Just Had to Come Back for This

I saw that inside VNC while loitering around the mall yesterday. It was a perfect fit and it was on sale from 1730 to 519 pesos. The humongous price chop was like kryptonite. I didn't buy it then because I was holding on to my EQ. Well so much for EQ; it was 1200 pesos off for crying out loud. So there I came back for it today. Happy me.

I found this set of rings from Forever 21 earlier. I was actually planning to buy a cropped top but I wasn't able to find one. It reminded me of the rings which I did not purchase at H&M and that, my friends, I consider as one of my greatest regrets in life. No need to think about it anymore and I can sleep peacefully at night now.

Funny that I thought I would be able to rely on baby oil to take off my eye makeup but 3 days into it and I can no longer take the greasy feeling around my eyes. I bought the Maybelline Makeup Remover to do this tough job.

A little math here. This bottle I purchased costs PhP 99 and is amounting to 80 mL. Meanwhile the larger bottle of 140 mL was priced at PhP 199. come to think of it, if you buy two 80 mL bottles it would total to 160 mL which is 20 mL more than the larger bottle. Whoever thought of this pricing strategy was really smart; and a cheat. I've used it and I don't have any complains. It sure did deliver for a measly price.

Oh and the quest for moisturizer ends because I'm going back to this one:

I've used L'oreal UV Perfect years back and I really don't know why I've stopped when I didn't develop any bad reaction with it. It is moisturizer, makeup base and sunblock all in one. I vowed to protect my face from the sun and I have been doing it for years now and damn and this is SPF 50. How much sun-proof could you get?

Oh and before I forget today's highlights. Lunch at Bubble Tea with Shella and Jason. I luuurrved what I ate and the carrot butterfly was just adorable.

Creamy Chicken Pesto and Strawberry Green Tea :)
Err don't mock me now but I was signed up for the Duel of the Duets which is basically your amateur singing contest corporate style. All SMC's subsidiaries will send a representative on the singing battlefield for PhP 20,000 but before you reach the finals, eliminations will be held first and whoever gets in would get to go with PhP15,000. Not bad huh? Okay this is not really my idea but since there was money involved, and that translates to an awful lot of shopping, alright I'm in. I'm just praying that I don't get sick like what happened before when I was practically croaking on stage.

Fifteen minutes of ka-cheapan for 15,000. I'm just going to ingest a good volume of tequila.

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